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St. Stephen’s
Catholic Church
April 19, 2015
Vol. 33 No. 36
4601 Neely Avenue Midland, Texas 79707 (432) 520-7394
Fax (432) 520-7395
Monsignor James P. Bridges, Pastor
Assistant Pastors: Fr. Gilberto Rodriguez & Fr. Anthony Bala
Deacons: Leonard Hendon, Luis Mata, Fidel Saldivar, Larry Salazar
Co-Directors of Religious Education: Gretchen Lara & Patty Chick
Youth Director: Carlos Garcia
Music Director: Gabriel Salgado
From Our Pastor
Dearly Beloved,
Some thirty years ago from my concern that Odessa Catholics needed to do
more for the needy came Catholic Charities. I hired Sister Mary Thomas as our first
Director. Blessed by her deep compassion for the poor and marvelous organizational
skills soon Catholic Charities became a leading benevolent organization. Then Director
Sister Mary Thomas called Fred George, Barbara Johnson, Joanne Flynn and me to a
brainstorm session on how we could develop new and better ways to serve the local
poor? From that luncheon came the idea of establishing a Food Bank for the Permian
Basin. Fred provided the needed trucks, Joanne and Barbara undertook the tireless
task of obtaining a charter and forming the Food Bank into an actual organization, and I raised tons of money
and acquired the use of the old Gibson storage building as our first Food Bank location. All of us were stanch
Catholics. Sister cautioned us to be sure our Food Bank was completely non-sectarian. From the start it has
always been a community project supported by everyone who wanted to help provide food for the hungry.
When the territory served grew to nineteen counties extending all the way to El Paso the name was changed
to the West Texas Food Bank. In hiding our Catholic identity we also hid ourselves as founders. We have
been called out of hiding to thank all of you who have and are sacrificing to make West Texas Food Bank the
number one in the nation in getting food to the hungry. Let us pray! God our Father, open our eyes to see
your hand at work in the splendor of creation especially in the beauty of human life. Touched by your hand
our world is holy. Bless in a special way those who express their gratitude by sharing your goodness to them
with our hungry brothers and sisters so that when the battle of life is over they may all reassemble, without
the loss of anyone, to experience the joy of life in the kingdom of your love and glory. Alleluia! Alleluia!
Joyfully yours in the Lord,
Msgr. James P. Bridges
On the occasion of the groundbreaking ceremony of the new Midland facility of the West Texas Food Bank I
was asked to write the above concerning the foundation of our Food Bank.
Please be advised that the First Communion date and times has changed to the following:
English — Saturday, May 2, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. Mass instead of 11:00 a.m. Mass
Spanish — Sunday, May 3, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. Mass instead of 1:00 p.m. Mass on Saturday
For any questions, please contact DREs Gretchen Lara or Patty Chick at the Parish office 520-7394.
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APRIL 19-26
Regular ........................................ $ 48,923.57
Building Fund ............................. $
Financial reports are available in the parish office
The Catholic Home Missions
Appeal will take place next
week. One way that this appeal
works to strengthen home
mission dioceses in the United
States is by funding seminarian
formation in poor dioceses. The
blessing of seminarians places
a financial burden on these
dioceses, where educating each
seminarian costs $35-40K per
year. Your support is needed for these young men
so that they might go back and serve their parishes.
Please strengthen the Church at home by making a
generous gift to next week’s appeal.
Blanca Morales, Luis Raul Torres, Lucia Palomino,
Irene Jakl, Cynthia Lujan, Cynthia Acosta, Ruben
Martin, Guadalupe Marquez, Alexandrina
Hernandez, Avelardo Aguilar II, Connie Holloway,
Pricilla Ann LeBlanc, Ruben Belloc, Dominga Belloc,
Luis Aranda, Ricardo Valadez, Manuel Molinar, Dora
Perches, Roberto Gomez, Jesus Jaquez, Maria
Mendoza, Melanny Huerta, Larry White, Daniel
Kirwan, Isaac Sabedeg, Alonzo Rios, Dayton
Martinez, Bonifacia Marquez, Joven Luis Anaya,
Gabriel Beltran, Lucia Nevarez, Familia Munoz,
Teresa Kiser, Lupita & baby Yamilet Pinon, Alexia
Aguirre, Lee McMullin, Paula Molina, Eva
Talamantez, Tyler Keeton, Martha Ross, Janice
Cozart, Fran Thetford, & Joan Midkiff.
Email [email protected] or call the office at
520-7394 to be added to the prayer line
The St. Stephen's Guadalupanas are inviting you
to have breakfast / brunch after the 8 a.m. and
10:30 a.m. Masses every last Sunday of the
month in the Parish Hall/Gym.
Sunday, April 19 - 3rd Sunday of Easter
8:00 am Anna Noble ~by Margarette Robson
10:30 am Jeff Leggett ~by Leggett Family
12:30 pm Matt Meloni ~by Family
Spanish Mass
5:00 pm Manuela Armendariz de Gonzales ~by Husband & Kids
6:30 pm Raymond Haag ~by Joanna Haag
Spanish Mass
Monday, April 20
7:00 am Jeff Leggett ~by Leggett Family
12:15 pm Jim Clements ~by Helen Smith
Milo & Venicio Gonzales ~by Grandparents & Family
5:30 pm Johnny Suarez ~by Family
Romulo Dagdag ~by Gloria Dagdag
Tuesday, April 21 - St. Anselm
7:00 am Jeff Leggett ~by Leggett Family
12:15 pm Remie Ramos ~by Family
5:30 pm Mary Kenny ~by Family
Wednesday, April 22
7:00 am Jonathan Foster & Tammy Tanko ~by Linda Foster
12:15 pm Priscilla Ann LeBlanc ~by Family
5:30 pm Nicholas Ryan Gutierrez ~by Parents
Thursday, April 23 - St. George; St. Adalbert
7:00 am Frank Hernandez ~by Kiro
12:15 pm John Martinez ~by Family
Jonah Carabellow (Happy Birthday) ~by Smith Family
5:30 pm Tony Contreras (Happy Birthday) ~by Parents
Tina Bautista (Happy Birthday) ~by Parents
Friday, April 24 - St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen
7:00 am Rose De Cicco
12:15 pm Jane & James McNally ~by Susan
5:30 pm Cynthia Acosta ~by Delma Chavez
Stephanie McDaniel ~by Sonia Belcher
Saturday, April 25 - St. Mark
8:00 am Camilo Chavez, Sr. ~by Fr. Frank Chavez
5:00 pm Paul Campbell & Lew Schaefer ~by Phyllis Schaefer
Roy Parson ~by Grace Parson & Family
Sunday, April 26 - 4th Sunday of Easter
8:00 am Charles Dobbs ~by Kiowski Family
Florence Romero ~by Mr. & Mrs. P. Flores
10:30 am Isabel M. Granado ~by Family
12:30 pm Camilo Chavez, Sr. ~by Frank Chavez
Spanish Mass
Vacation Bible School
June 8th-12th ~~ 8 a.m.-noon!
Registration will be held after all
Masses this weekend!
5:00 pm John Paul Dagdag (Happy Birthday) ~by Gloria Dagdag
6:30 pm Daniel Weeks
Spanish Mass
12:30 p.m. & 6:30 p.m. Sunday Masses are in Spanish
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Del Padre Rodriguez
FELICIDADES - A los niños que van a hacer su
Primera Comunión el sábado 2 de Mayo,
‘Felicidades” también a los papas que han tenido
a bien, traer a sus hijos a que conozcan más de
Dios en la doctrina. A todas las mamitas que
durante el año han estado viniendo a las Clases de Biblia… en
lo que a mí respecta, me han hecho sentir verdadero sacerdote
impartiéndoles esta clase.
LOS MATRIMONIOS - Que celebran Aniversarios, 25, 30, 35,
40, 45, 50 etc. Nuestro Obispo Miguel Sis, desea celebrar con
ustedes sus respectivos aniversarios, celebrando la Eucaristía
en la Catedral de San Ángelo, Texas. Cuándo? Mayo 17
(domingo) 2015 ¿a qué horas? 3:00 p.m. Hagan planes, para
mayor información, llame a nuestra oficina (432) 520-7394. El
Obispo desea que ustedes se registren, porque les tiene una
sorpresa para dicho día.
CURSILLO DE CRISTIANDAD - Para mujeres. ¿Cuándo? Del
14 al 17 de mayo. ¿Dónde? Parroquia de San Miguel, en
Midland, Texas. Pida su aplicación hoy mismo al Señor Juan
José Álvarez al tel. 599-0794 o pídala directamente a nuestra
oficina al 520-7394.
ULTRELLA CURSILLISTA - Todos los que han vivido un
Cursillo, vengan los lunes a las 7:00 p.m. Recuerden, la Ultrella
es el termómetro de todo buen Cursillista. VENGAN, los
GRUPO DE ORACIÓN - “El Buen Pastor” los invita a todos a
las juntas de Oración que están teniendo todo los viernes a las
7:00 p.m. Leemos la Biblia, la comentamos y cada viernes
tenemos personas autorizadas que nos hablan de Dios.
Además oramos por personas necesitadas de Oración.
NUEVA MISA EN ESPAÑOL - Todos los domingos a las 6:30
p.m. Gracias a Dios, cada día están viniendo mas familias.
Pero también estamos necesitados de Ministros de la
Eucaristía, Lectores y monaguillos. Para mayor información,
favor de comunicarse con Verónica Jaquez después de Misa.
Q108 FM RADIO - Todos los Sábados, a las 8:45 a.m.
Escuche el mensaje Divino en la voz de nuestro Obispo, Miguel
Sis, sucesor de los Apóstoles, durante el programa del Padre
Gilberto, de las 5:00 a las 10:00 a.m.
April 19
Morgan Callendar
Juan Contreras
Juan Martinez
Marguerite Miller
Katherine Moreno
Sebastian Navarrete
Jaime C. Ramirez
Salvador Ramirez
Cristian Vasquez
April 20
Dianna Armendariz
Jay Blanco
Sofia Carrasco
Timothy Dzida
Paul Garza
Andrea Trujillo
April 21
Everardo Fierro
Tony Graham
Bella Lara
Lilliana Marquez
Richard Mast, Jr.
Arian Mendoza
Melanie Ronquillo
Lupe Sainz
Rebecca Sorzla
Irene Torres
Ronald Wallin
April 23
Jorge Dominguez
Tom Heiting
Rose Ornelas
Erik Villalobos
April 24
Roberto Franca
Mariah Franco
John Pallanes
Shirley Stephenson
Angela Wiesman
Thomas Williams
April 25
Gloria Anchondo
Jose Baeza
Jesus Benavidez
Christie Carrasco
Sandra Garcia
Michael Naydock
Cindy Pfile
Christine True
April 26
William Bernreuther
Paul Breithaupt
Kristin Paz
Arturo Ponce
Brian Williams
April 22
Brenda Garcia
Meagan Navarrete
Aimee Nolen
Cruz O. Rubio
St. Stephen necesita unas buenas hombres y
mujeres para server en el Consejo Parroquial.
Tenemos cuatro 4 posiciones de apertura.
Si te sientes llaman a server, por favor Ilene un
formulario sobre la mesa en la
La próxima semana realizaremos el Llamado para las Misiones
parte trasera de la iglesia y
Católicas. Una manera en que este llamado funciona para
colocarlo en el cuadro
fortalecer a las diócesis misioneras en Estados Unidos es
otorgando fondos para la formación de seminaristas en las
diócesis pobres. La bendición de los seminaristas pone una
carga financiera en estas diócesis en donde la educación de
cada seminarista cuesta entre $35 a 40 mil dólares al año. Su
apoyo es necesario para que estos jóvenes puedan regresar y
servir en sus parroquias. Por favor, fortalezca la Iglesia en casa
dando una generosa donación al llamado de la próxima semana.
Si usted no se siente llamado,
pero conoce a alguien que
podría ser genial en el
Consejo. Por favor envié su
nombre (después de
conseguir su permiso).
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Mother’s Day Corsages
The St. Stephens Women’s Organization
Is taking orders for Mother’s Day
Corsages After all Masses in the Foyer
Cost for a single Orchid is $10.00 each
Deadline to order is 4 PM on Monday,
May 4th
Corsages are to be picked up on Saturday, May 9th
From 9 AM to 12 Noon in the Foyer
After that, corsages will be placed in the refrigerator in
the little kitchen
For any questions, please contact Chairperson, Gladys
at 934-7927 or at Parish office at 520-7394
Club Dance
Friday, April 24, 2015
7:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.
St. Stephen’s Catholic Church, 4601 Neely
Gloria Denman Ballroom
Cost / Attire: $25.00 per person / Casual Dress
Band: “CPR” (Country, Pop, & Rock)
Caterer: Felix with Catering Express
Menu: Breakfast Buffet: Lasagna al Forno, Chicken
Fettuccine Primavera, Italian Blend Vegetables,
Spinach Salad, Garlic Bread, Red Velvet Cake,
Lemon Cream Cake, Pistachio Ice Cream, Tea and
Reservation Deadline: Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Reservations may be mailed to:
CLUB DANCE, P.O. Box 7421,
Midland, TX 79708-7421
Or contact Deborah Magness at 432-703-6673 or
[email protected]
***NOTE - All Club Dance functions at the
Gloria Denman Ballroom are BYOB***
Please indicate if you are a St. Stephen’s member
or a Club Dance member
Registration for the 2015-2016
Religious Education School Year will
be taking place in the Parish Hall after
all Masses this this weekend!
Please help stock the Baby Crib
that is located in the church foyer
for the Life Center
“My Lord and My God!”
CONFIRMATION Retreat is scheduled for Friday May
8th and Saturday May 9th. Confirmation students will be
notified via regular class time.
EDGE Youth Night (7th- 8th Grade)
Every Tuesday Food, Fellowship, Fun – Bring a friend,
we begin at 7:30pm and go to 9:00pm.
LIFETEEN Youth Night (9th-12th grade)
Every Wednesday Speakers, games, food, fellowship.
Bring a friend, we begin at 7:30pm and go to 9:00pm.
Join us every Monday in the youth building beginning
at 7:30 pm, for faith study, fellowship and food! We are
planning a trip in early June to Guadalupe Mountains.
Contact office for details!
High School Seniors!
All graduating High school seniors and college
graduates the date for the graduation Mass has been
set for Sunday May 24th at 10:30am. Also we have a
planned Senior Trip 2015 to a great location for a
weekend getaway of fun and relaxation. If you attend
St. Stephen’s then you can join us for the trip planned
for May 15th – 17th. In order to be eligible for the trip
you must sign up or contact the parish office by May
6th. Contact Carlos for more details.
We will be holding our second TEEN ACTS at the
CIRCLE 6 ENCAMPMENT in Stanton, Texas. This
youth retreat will take place on July 30 –August 2nd. It
will be for those students entering the 9th grade thru
12th grade. It is a co-ed retreat and is limited to the first
25, teens that sign up, cost is $ 180.00 per student.
Some scholarships are available. Please contact the
office for more details.
Steubenville West Youth Conference
We are again planning on attending a Catholic youth
conference in Tucson, Arizona! The conference will
take place on the campus of the University of Arizona
and will be July 10th -12th. The conference includes
talks from dynamic catholic speakers, and music,
Mass, Adoration of Blessed Sacrament and
Confession during the retreat. The cost is $225.00 per
Adult/youth. If you are an adult and willing to be a
chaperone for this great weekend please contact
Carlos for details! We would love to take a bus full to
this great weekend!
Page 6
Two weeks ago,
we celebrated the
Rite of Initiation at
the Easter Vigil
Bill Berry
Mass. It was
such a special time for our parish. We had
80 adults qualify for full initiation into the
catholic faith through Baptism, Confirmation
and Holy Eucharist. Praise God! They are now called
Neophytes for one year.
Eucharistic Adoration Openings
Tuesday: 2:00 a.m. & 11:00 p.m.
Wednesday: 8:00 a.m.
Thursday: 4:00 a.m. & 2:00 p.m.
Friday: 3:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m.
Head Coordinator
Linda Foster: 432-559-8888
Hour Coordinators
Angela Gonzales: 432-889-2619 (8 a.m. to Noon)
Veronica Jaquez: 432-634-7457 (1 p.m. to 5 p.m.)
Linda Foster: 432-559-8888 (6 p.m. to 5 a.m.)
The Sunday morning Bible
study will meet this Sunday for
our study on the 4th chapter of
James and our lessons on
Mystagogy. This class is for
EVERYONE. Please come join
us from 9:15-10:15 a.m. in the Church parlor for
coffee and snacks as we learn our wonderful
Catholic faith.
St. Stephen’s needs a few good men / women to
serve on the Parish Council. We have four (4)
positions openings.
If you feel called to serve, please fill out a form on
the table in the back of the Church and place it in
the box provided.
If you do not feel called, but you know someone
who could be great on the Council. Please submit
their name (after getting their permission).
Mon.-Fri. 6:45 a.m.-7 a.m.;
12 noon-12:15 p.m.; & 5-5:30 p.m.
Saturday 7:45 a.m.-8 a.m.; 4-4:45 p.m.
Sunday ~ 20 minutes prior to each Mass
And anytime, by appointment
The members of Team RCIA devoted a considerable amount
of prayer, time, talent, patience, love, grace, and elbow grease
for nine months to serve our Lord through Team RCIA.
Please take a minute to thank these folks for their service
when you see them:
Monsignor Bridges & Father Anthony for their leadership,
guidance and weekly participation in RCIA.
Gladys Qualls and the St. Stephen's Women's Organization
for preparing dinner for over 400 RCIA participants before the
Easter Vigil. It was wonderful!
Team RCIA: Bill and Lisa Berry (RCIA Directors), Suzette
Doria, Fernando Espino, Gayle Fincher, Billy and Kim Foster,
Linda Foster, Crystal Huerta, Anne Hobbs, Harry Hopkins,
Rosa & Fino Martinez, Juana Mesa, Robin Parsley, Arnold
Perez, Selina Reeve, Bobby & Elsa Torres, Tom VanVranken,
Marcos & Gina Ybarra, and Jesse and Gail Zertuche
RCIA Teachers: Monsignor Bridges, Bill Berry, Tom Van
Vranken, Dcn Luis Mata, Dcn Larry Salazar and Mike
Childcare Team: Rosa Pena, Perla Carreon, Julie Gomez and
Debbie Sanchez.
Office Team: Gladys Qualls, Kathy Wells, Nikki Sanchez,
Patty Chick and Gretchen Lara.
Special Thank-You's: Lisa Berry for doing whatever it took to
get the job done, Linda Foster for everything, Anne Hobbs &
Kim Foster for service above self, Harry Hopkins for always
arriving early and staying late to help with preparations and
clean up, Arnold Perez & Fernando Espino for volunteering to
do the job no one else wanted to do, Gladys Qualls for all she
does, Tom Van Vranken & Billy & Jennifer Foster for helping
to clean up each week, Rosa & Fino Martinez for the salsa,
Gail and Jesse Zertuche for all their years of faithful service
Special Recognition: Cristin Hobbs for her positive example of
suffering with joy and perseverance. As always, we dedicate
each RCIA year to our dear friend in the Lord, Denis Robson.
RCIA stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. RCIA
is the method by which adults enter the Church. The
meetings are free and childcare is provided. Our next RCIA
year will start in August. Contact me at [email protected]
if you are interested in receiving the Sacraments of Initiation or
if you would like to learn more about our wonderful Catholic
faith. We would love to have you join u
Page 7
Helping Hands
of Midland
1301 Brinson Lane
(432) 520-8900
Because we feel it is important that you know how and
where your donations to Helping Hands are spent, here
is what was done in the past week:
3 families
$ 963.35
5 families
$ 649.65
3 families
$ 571.20
15 families
1 family
2 people
The recent rains that we experienced
brought back memories of a young boy that we
met a few years ago at Helping Hands. We would
like to share that experience with you again:
Oftentimes God gives us blessings in multiple ways. While our store is only open three days each
week (Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.), there are so many donations coming in to
us (thank You, Lord!) that we must have a crew at Helping hands every single day of the week – even on
Sundays and holidays! The majority of the work is done by men and women performing community service,
either to gain credit for college tuition assistance through the Abell-Hanger Foundation, or people who have
had minor skirmishes with the law and have the opportunity to make good through performing good works.
These people are the lifeblood of our organization, and we are truly grateful to have them as part of our
family. We could not operate without them, and we thank God every day for sending them our way.
Some of the people performing community service are young parents. If their children are well
behaved we have no problem with letting them come with mom or dad, and many times they do a great job
of helping out as well. This past Sunday, when the work was over and we were checking the community
service workers out for the day, a young boy of perhaps 4 or 5 years of age came to us excitedly holding a
pair of rubber boots. “Please, please, please…can my mom buy these for me? They fit me just perfect!
Pleeeease?” He held the rubber boot up to his shoe to show it was the correct size. How eager he was to
have them!
We jokingly asked him if he was going to wear them in the bathtub, because rain in West Texas had
pretty much become a thing of the past. But then we looked outside at the clouds in the sky. Maybe, we told
him, he might get lucky and get a few drops to test out his new boots. We told him that we would pray that it
would rain just for him and his new boots.
And lo and behold! Just a few hours after we had closed down for the day the heavens opened and
the rains came! Streets were flooded. While we were all thankful for the gift of rain that day, those of us at
Helping Hands were especially joyful for that little boy who had the blessed opportunity to try out those new
rubber boots in the most magnificent way!
Yes, God is good. Good to Helping Hands for the men and women who choose to do their
community service with us; good to all of us here in West Texas for the gift of that much needed rain; good
for the loving mom who takes such wonderful care of her happy child; and especially good for the opportunity
that little boy had to spend his Sunday splashing around in those much cherished new boots. Thank You,
Lord….You are good indeed!
Young Professionals Ministry
Adults only mid 20's - 39
Join us every first Friday of the month
in the Conference Room at St.
Stephens at 7 p.m. for an opportunity
to grow in your Catholic Faith and
Christian friendship with other young
professionals. Activities vary monthly.
For more information contact Mary at
432-269-9698 or email
[email protected]
Marriage Jubilee 2015—All couples who are
celebrating their 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, and
above sacramental wedding anniversaries in the
calendar year of 2015 are invited to the
Diocesan Marriage Jubilee celebration on May
17, 2015, at 3:00 p.m. in the Sacred Heart
Cathedral, San Angelo. Families and friends are invited to
accompany our jubilarians to this celebration. Renewal of
vows will take place within the Mass. This celebration ill
conclude with a reception in the cathedral gymnasium to which
are all invited. For registration information, please contact St.
Stephen’s Parish Office.