News 1-19
A Pain in the Mouth
(1) Lucy visited the dentist’s office today because she had a toothache on the right side
of her mouth.
(2) She bought some medicine at the drug store, but it didn’t stop the pain.
(3) Her last dental check-up was six years ago.
(4) Since she was a small child, Lucy has been scared of dentists.
(5) She avoids them as much as possible.
(6) X-rays of her teeth showed that she had three cavities.
(7) The dentist drilled two of the cavities, but he had to pull out the tooth with the third
(8) It was too big to fill.
(9) That was also the tooth that was causing the pain.
(10) Every time the dentist started the drill, Lucy shook with fear.
(11) The dentist told her to relax, but she couldn’t.
(12) Afterward, her mouth was very sore.
(13) The dentist advised Lucy not to eat hard or chewy foods for 24 hours.
(14) He recommended that she eat foods such as soup, yoghurt and jelly.
(15) Unfortunately, Lucy doesn’t like any of these!
(1) toothache 歯痛
(3) check-up 健康診断
(4) scared 怖がる、おびえる
(5) avoid 避ける
(6) x-ray レントゲン写真 cavity 虫歯(の穴)
(7) pull out 引き抜く
(8) fill 歯に詰め物をする
(10) shake with fear 恐ろしさでぶるぶる震える
(12) sore 痛い
(13) chewy なかなかかみ切れない、よくかむ必要のある