2014 10-week winter session - Japan-America Society of

The Japan-America Society of Washington DC
春期講座 2014
April 18, 2014
The Japan-America Society Language School, now in its 54th year, is the oldest Japanese language school in the area. All
teachers are native Japanese speakers. Classes meet once a week (for 1.5 hours) and are conducted in the evening in
the Society’s language classrooms at 1819 L Street NW, conveniently located near the Farragut North and Farragut
West Metro stations in downtown DC.
Holiday Class Closings: Classes will not be held on
May 26 (Memorial Day). Make-up classes for these days
will be held during the make-up week (7/7-7/11) or
another date that is optimal for the teacher and the
Registration Deadline: April 18, 2014
Payment for tuition & books MUST be received by the
close of business (5:30pm) on this date. A $25 nonrefundable late fee will be charged after the deadline. If
textbooks are not ordered by this date, there is no
guarantee there will be a textbook on the first day of
Class Confirmation: You will receive an e-mail by
Apr 25, 2014 confirming your class placement.
$200 for JASW members
$275 for non-JASW members.
Membership: $25 Students (full-time undergraduate
or high school with valid school ID) $40 Senior citizens,
$60 Individual, $80 Family, $150 Sustaining
(*Membership is not required to register) Memberships
are valid for one year from date of payment.
You may pick up your textbooks on
the first day of class. If you wish to pick up beforehand,
stop by JASW between 9:30am-5:00pm (M-F).
Textbooks/workbooks/cannot be returned once
purchased. There is no guarantee we will have textbooks
on the first day if not purchased at the time of
To Register: Register online at www.jaswdc.org
or mail in with payment or fax with credit card
information to Japan-America Society at: 1819 L St. NW,
B2, Washington DC 20036 / FAX (202) 833-2456.
Class Size:
Minimum of 4 students & maximum of 12 students.
Cancellation: Cancellation/refund requests must be
received by E-MAIL by 4/18/14 for full refund, or from
4/19/14 to 5/2/14 for 50% refund. No refund after
5/3/14. There is NO CREDIT for classes you miss.
Waiting List Policy: Students will be placed on a
waiting list if the class is full at the time of registration.
Students will be notified if they are on a waiting list and
when (and if) space becomes available. If space does
not become available, JASW will refund any tuition
payments made unless the student is placed in another
 There is no prorated tuition. Should you be absent,
there will be no make-up classes or refunds, and you
are responsible for any class you missed. We do not
offer private tutoring for missed classes.
 If a class has fewer than 4 registrations, it will be
cancelled. If this happens, you may transfer to
another class as long as space is available, or you may
request a refund.
 The teacher may change class schedules due to
personal reasons, holidays, etc. She/he will schedule
a make-up class by discussing the optimal date with
the class.
 You may change your class after the semester starts,
as long as there is space available in the chosen class.
Any changes must be approved by JASW.
 A letter of class completion will be issued upon
request only when a student’s attendance is 60% or
 This is an adult language school and is open to
persons 14 years and older. If a student is 14 or 15
years old, an adult must accompany them to and
from class.
Class Placement:_______
We will consult you to choose a suitable class for you. Please stop by our office between 9:30am-5:00pm. We are also
able to consult over the phone, so please call us. (202-833-2210) If you feel that you have chosen the wrong class after
the semester starts; you can change to another class, provided there is space available. JASW must approve the change.
Class Schedule: (Instructors are subject to change.)
This class is not required, but it
would be very helpful if you have
no previous experience taking
Japanese 101 Prep :
Required Textbooks:
Let’s Learn Hiragana, Let’s Learn Katakana
Textbook for Hiragana ($ 12) Textbook for Katakana ($12)
Japanese 101 Prep:
Tuesday 5:20-6:50pm
Ms. Nakagawa*
*Ms. Nakagawa classes will not be
held on April 29th, 2014.
First day will be on May 6th and last
day will be on July 8th.
Dates of make-up classes will be
discussed in your class.
 Learn writing system of Hiragana and Katakana
 Enhance your reading skills
 Increase your knowledge of vocab
Japanese 101-104 (Beginner)
Required Textbooks:
Genki 1 Second Edition (The Japan Times)
Textbook ($ 54) Workbook ($27) CDs Included
Japanese 101:
Genki 1 [Chapters 1, 2, 3]
Section A Monday 7:00-8:30pm
Ms. Yoshida
Section B Tuesday 5:20-6:50pm
Ms. Hunter
Section C Wednesday 7:00-8:30pm Ms. Shiozawa
Previous Japanese study experience is not required.
 Japanese alphabets, characters and numbers
(hiragana, katakana, basic kanji)
 Basic Conversation (functional conversations,
basic questions)
 Noun, Demonstrative こ/そ/あ/ど、Particles
 Present tense verb, Verb conjugation
Time/Age、Verb Conjugation, Word order
Japanese 102:
Section A Tuesday
Section B Thursday
Genki 1 [Chapters 4,5,6]
Ms. Hunter
Ms. Koga
Continuation of Japanese 101
 Expressing Existence ~があります/います、
 Adjectives, Degree Expressions いい、わるい、
 Te-form (verb), Reasons ~てください、
 Counting, Days/Weeks/Months/Years, Directions,
Particles も/と
Japanese 103:
Genki 1 [Chapters 7, 8, 9]
Thursday 5:20-6:50pm
Continuation of Japanese 102
Ms. Hunter
 Continuous form, Future tense
 Te-form (Adjective)
 Short Form (Present) + Casual form,
~と思う/ 言う きれいだ+と思う/言う
 Counter suffix
Japanese 104:Genki 1 [Chapters 10, 11, 12]
Thursday 7:00-8:30pm
Ms. Koga
Continuation of Japanese 103
 Comparison ~の方が、~がいちばん
adjective/noun+の/なる 大きいの、大きくなる
 Expressing desire, experience, intention,
suggestion, reason, mandate
Japanese 201-204 (Beginner II)
Required Textbooks:
GENKI 2 Second Edition (The Japan Times)
Textbook ($ 54) & Workbook ($ 27)
Japanese 201: Genki 2 [Chapters 13, 14, 15]
Japanese 203: Genki 2 [Chapters19,20,21]
Thursday 7:00-8:30pm
Continuation of Japanese 104
Ms. Hunter
Potential verbs ~できる、話せる、行ける
Giving and Receiving あげる/くれる/もらう/ほしい
Volitional forms of verbs ~しよう、飲もう、
Expressing suggestion, possibility ~したらどうですか、
number +も、number+し
Continuation of Japanese 202
Ms. Floyd
Honorific Verbs, Extra-modest expressions, Humble
Passive sentences ~される、~られる
Indirect question どこにあるか分からない、
Other Verbal Expressions ~ないで、~やすい/
Japanese 301-304 (Intermediate)
中級の日本語-An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese ($ 50) Workbook ($23)
Japanese 301:
[Chapters 1- 3]
Ms. Yoshida
Continuation of Japanese 204
Japanese 302:
[Chapters 4-6]
Equal emphasis will be placed on the four functions
of listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as
reviewing grammar that is covered in the previous
Wednesday 5:20-6:50pm Ms. Shiozawa
Continuation of Japanese 301
Japanese 401-403 (Advanced)
上級へのとびら- Gateway to Advanced Japanese Learning Through Content and Multimedia ($ 58)
Japanese 401:
[Chapters 1 - 3 ]
Continuation of Japanese 304
Ms. Floyd
This level will focus on advanced and comprehensive
Japanese skills through reading, writing, and
discussion as well as reviewing grammar that is
covered in the intermediate class. Students must
possess a strong command of Japanese grammar.
Japanese 501, 502, 503 (Advanced)
Textbook: TBD
Japanese 501,502, 503: NOT OFFERED THIS SEMESTER
Advanced , Special & Review Classes
(Japanese Contemporary History):
Thursday 7:00-8:30pm
Tuesday 7:00-8:30pm
Ms. Asano
Ms. Nagasaka
Japanese Contemporary History: It has been 3 years
since the Great East Earthquake occurred. While
recovery is still underway, nearly 270,000 people are
still taking refuge. We will discuss the impact of the
Great East Earthquake and the slow recovery process.
In addition to the Great East Earthquake what else is
Contemporary History will answer this question by
discussing current social and political issues including
nuclear plants and radiation; stratified society (Kakusa
shakai); aging society (Koreika shakai) and declining
birth rate (Shoshi-ka); depopulation in rural areas; loss
of political ideas among politicians and bureaucrats;
collapse of business ethics; an increase in crime;
increasing child abuse at home and bullying at school;
This class will use newspaper articles, essays written
by popular Japanese contemporary authors, and other
relevant excerpts of publications. The class will also
concentrate on using idioms and words in proper
context as well as learning subtle nuances of Japanese
words. As the highest class offered at JASW, a phone
interview is required to enroll. Please email JASW
([email protected]) for appointments.
Textbook: 絵でわかる日本語使い分け辞典1000 ($38)
Bunpou 文法 Review:
Wednesday 5:20-6:50pm
Ms. Floyd
and other issues.
This class is for students in the advanced beginner level
looking to review grammar before moving on to
intermediate level Japanese.
Textbook: 山川詳説日本史図録 第 6 版($20)
Level: JLPT 1 or at least JLPT 2
Textbook: 文法が弱いあなたへ-Bunpou ga yowai
anata e- ($26)
Mail to: Japan-America Society of Washington DC, 1819 L St NW, B2, Washington DC 20036 OR fax to: 202-833-2456
or register on-line at www.jaswdc.org
April 18, 2014
The Japan-America Society of Washington DC
2014 年
10 WEEK Spring SESSION: 4/28-7/3
(Make-up class week*: 7/7-7/11)
You can register online at www.jaswdc.org
Name: {Mr./Ms.} __________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________
City: _______________________ State: _____________
Phone :{H/W/C} ____________________
Zip Code: ________________
E-mail: _______________________________
(Please print clearly)
Class Choice: 1st Choice _____________________ 2nd Choice ______________________
(Please specify class time if there is more than 1 class offered at that level)
$ __________ Tuition {$200 or $275}
$ __________ Non-refundable late fee {$25}
$ __________ Textbooks/Workbooks
(See course chart for prices)
$ __________ Membership dues**
(See below for prices)
Payment Method:  Cash Check (make payable to JASW)
 MasterCard  Visa
Credit Card #: ______________________________
Exp.:___ /___ Sec Code: _____
(3 digits on the back of card)
Card Holder’s Name: _____________________
$ __________ Total Amount Enclosed
Membership**: {New / Current / Renewing} for {Student $25 / Senior $40 / Individual $60 / Family $80 / Sustaining
$150}. **Memberships are valid for one year from the date of payment.
*When a class is cancelled (Holidays, teacher’s request, etc.) it will be rescheduled to the make-up class week or
to another date that is optimal for the teacher and the students.
Office Use Only
Text(s) Picked up on _____/_____
Current / NM
New / Renewal DB entered on _____/_____