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Hitachi Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) Solution
e-Procurement System (Web-EDI)
Hitachi e-Procurement System (Web-EDI) enables you to optimize the
procurement process, maximize production capabilities in the supply chain
cycle & reduce procurement operation costs.
Web-EDI Structure
Backend System
e.g) ERP
Cost-savings with Web-EDI based PO transaction
• Use Web-EDI based PO transactions to minimize the manpower costs, communication expenses and
miscellaneous fees. Web-EDI helps you assign important resources to core businesses, and improve the entire
procurement process and performance.
Minimize lead-time of Supplier Response and Acknowledgement
• Automatic Email alert function notifies suppliers to view PO immediately allowing buyers to manage overall PO
status of respective supplies in a single screenshot.
Minimum Implementation Downtime
• With rich features such as PO, materials order forecast, order balance, supplier performance management…etc,
you can easily modify the system to meet your unique requirements.
Enjoy a host of Advantages
Optimized Materials Delivery Control
• Optimize the materials delivery control by sharing
Buyer’s requested delivery date and suppliers’ delivery
schedule for greater efficiency in inventory and
production control.
Effective Supplier Performance Management
• Improve suppliers’ performance by analyzing the order
balance and number of rejected items delivered by
respective suppliers.
Enhanced Payment Process
• Quick recognition of suppliers’ production process and
increased visibility of the production status for efficient
production control.
Effective Material Inventory Adjustment
• Provides quick assessment and action for future materials
inventory adjustment by sharing the buyers’ demand forecast
& suppliers’ delivery schedule between buyers and suppliers.
Accurate Inventory Management
• Ability to activate early payment advice to suppliers to
eliminate delays in confirmation of orders.
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Visualization of Suppliers’ Production Process
• Provides gap analysis of material order forecast, actual order
results and actual results of materials supply. This analysis
enables you to assess suppliers’ production capabilities for
accurate inventory management.
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