TESLA Techn。ー。gy C。ab。rati。n

Memorandurn of Understanding
for the
TESLA Technology Collaboration
Energy Superconducting Linear
in the past, the fOcus Of the TeV‐
Accelerator(TESLA)collabOratton was on research and development
ray Free
(R&D)for a high energy Linear Collider with an integrated X‐
Electron Laser(XFELⅢ ).The WOrk has ied to the TESLA Technical
Design RepoR (TDR), publiShed in 2001
Fo1lowing the
recommendation of the international Technology Recommendation
Paneli the internattonal Committee for Future Accelerators(lCF
decided in 2004 that future work towards the international Linear
CoHider iLC should be based on the Superconducting RadiO
Several maiOr prOjects,such as the XFEL=and the lLC,are based on
the use of SCRF technoiogy,in the development ofwhich the TESLA
Ole during the past decade,
Collaboration has ptayed a Key「
The responsibility for these and possible other proieCtS ties in the
hands ofthe respective prdect Organisa8onst
Taking into account these deveiopments and facts, the TESLA
CoHaboration has redetned its mission as described below and has
changed its name to the TESLA Technology Co‖ abo「ation.
This Memorandum of Understanding(MOU)SetS fOrth the mission of
the TESLA Technology Co‖ aboration and the overatl guidelines
under which R witi operate.This MOU is not a contracti k is a
〃een scientists and institutions,
understanding beふ
=A‖ the work related to XFEL performed underthe aegis ofthis MoU w‖i be accounted
for along the rules edided in the art 5 ofthe XFEL MoU
Article l
Mission ofthe TESLA Technoiogy CoHaboration
(1)The mission of the TESLA Technology Collabora8on (the
C o l l a b o a「t t o n ) i S t O a d v a n c e S C R F t e c h n o l o g y R & D a n d r e l a t e d
accelerator studies across the b「oad diversity of scientific
applications, and to keep open and provide a bridge for
communication and sharing of ideas,devetopments,and testing
across associated prolects To this end
(a)the TESLA Test Facility(TTF),serVing as the basis for the
Vacuじ m Uttraviolet Free Etectron Laser(VUV―
Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron in Hamburg, other Test
Facilities,and module test stands wili continue to serve as test
beds for new developments and expettments in SCRF
technoiogy, beam and 119ht phySiCS, and associated
developments such as instrumentation and diagnostics
(b)the cOHaboration wi1l support and encourage free and open
exchange of scientific and technical knowiedge, expertise,
engineering designs,and equipment
Article 2 0rganisation
(1)The cOIlaboratton is based on cooperattve work on SRCF
accelerator technology by research groups at CoHaboration
Member's taborato「
ies and Test Facilities
(2)The organisaton rests on the fo1lowing structures:
・The Collabora8on Board
・ The Technical Boardt
Article 3 Coliaboration Board
(1)The coHabo「 ation BoaR」 (CB)Sha‖ set the overa‖policy of the
Collaboration in particularthe Board sha‖
(a)Review and approve,on behar of Members,new members of
the Co‖aboration,
(b)Take appropHate measures to aid in coordinaton of SCRF
research ettorts and to maximize their u81ity forthe based
a c c e l ea「
community atiarge,and
(C)COmmunicate wkh the relevant patties responsible for XFEL,
lLC, and other p「 引ectS COncerning the activLies of the
Co‖aboration so as to maxima‖ y contribute to thei「rapid and
ettective prdect eXecu8on
(2) The CB Shali be compHsed of a Director or a representa8ve
from each ofthe Allemberinstitutions.
(3) The CB Sha‖
be chaired by the Chairperson of the
( 4 ) D e c i s i o n s i n t h e C B s hbae‖t a k e n b y u n a n i m o u s v o t e
Meetings of the CB wili be held at least twice a year The
agenda and the documents relevantto the agenda wili be rnade
available to the coHaborating institutions at least two weeks
priorto the meeting
Article 4 Technical Board
(1) The activlies of the Collaboratton are structured into technical
areas of interest(eg caVky R&D,module development, RF
control,etc) The technicat areas sha‖
be defined by the CB,in
consuRatton wtth the leaders of the mttor prtteCtS u
technology,such asthe XFEL o「
the lLC
be composed of the
The TeChnical Board (TB) Sha‖
coordinators of the technical areas and the spokespersons of
the various Test Facilities or persons designated by them The
members ofthe TB are appointed by the CB
(3) The TB Shali provide advice to the Collaboratton on technical
activities toward reaching the goals of the CoHaboration
Mission To these ends,the TB willi
(a)COmpHe inforrnation on the technology activities in ditterent
technical areas,
(b)prOVide findings and recommendations to the CB
The reCOmFmendations described in 3) above Sha‖
considered as suggestions to the SCRF accelerator community
at iarge
(5) The TB Shali meet at each Co‖
frequently if need arises
aboration mee3ng or mo「
Article 5 Collaboration Membership
(4) instttu80ns which were members of the TESLA Collaboralon
(liSted in Appendix l)will become Members of the TESLA
Technology CoHaboration upon signing this MOU, vvithout
further action by the CB
(2) New insJtutions which desire to join the TESLA Technology
Collaboration wili present a proposal for their membership to
the CB and wili become members of the Collaboradon upon
approvai by the CB and foflowing receipt of the signature of an
authorized representative on page 6 of this MOU agreeing to
the MOU terms
(3) A Collabo「aHon Member may leave the Coliabora8on Details
of the termination of rnembership wili be worked out with the
Chair ofthe CB and approved by the CB
Articie 6 intellectual Property
(1) Suttect tO the provisions of iaws applicable to Member
insututOns and suttect tO the agreement of eventually invoived
third parties the Members wi‖make a‖ ettorts to make available
to each other free of charge, in writing or in any other
appropriate form,the knowiedge in their possession relevant for
the purposes ofthe Co‖ aboration They wili not hold each other
liable for exactness or completeness ofinformation,which they
wi‖transnlit according to thei「
best knowiedge
Each Member may use scientific or technical inforrnation
generated in the frame ofthe Co‖ aboration for its own internal
research and development purposes, free of chatte. Any
commercial use of any such informa8on shali be the
a separate agreement to be negotiated by the Members on a
case basis, Each of the Members may in principal
share information generated by work in the frame of this
Collaboration with other institutions, exceptproprietary
confidential inforrnation
Knowiedge, information, o「 material that is exp「
e ssty
designated and marked as“ Proprietary"or“
not be disclosed to any party without the explicit consent of the
proprietor Members shaH use best ettorts to prevent the
ized third parties of any suchoprietary
disclosure to unautho「
or Confidential inforrnation
(4) inventions developed solely by personnel of one Member
belong exctusively to that hllember
Joint inventions belong to each of the Members whose
personnet have made them.Such Members shall(a)diSCuSS
the circumstance ofthe」oint inventioni(b)prepare an invention
disclosure relating to the Joint lnvention, if not atready
accomplishedi and (c)if each of such Members deem it
appropriate, prepare and file one or more patent applications
covering the Joint lnvention. Such Members sha‖determine by
mutual agreement payment of costs for filing and maintaining
such patent applications
(6) The cOntttbulons of a Member having ieftthe Collaboraton will
remain at the disposal of the CoHaboration until the relevant
technology prolectis terminated.
Article 7 Pubiications
Members sha‖ adheR3 tO their own publication rules VVo「
k that has
been done by the CoHaboration as a whole,or represents the ettort of
ow fo‖
guidelines set by
several institutions of the CoHaboration,wili
the CB for publicaton in refereed joumals.
Article 8 Disputes
Disputes beS〃 een the Members concerning the application of the
present MOU wili be settied amicably by the CB
Article 9 Changes to this Agreement
This MOU can be amended by unanimous agreement ofthe C8
Articie 1 0 Entry into Force and Terrnination
This MOU sha‖enterinto force upon the date ofthe signature by the
Member and the Chair ofthe CB
Forthe TESLA Technology CoHaboration
Forthe Memberinstitution
Prof Dr Aibrechtヽ
村a g n e r
Atsuto Suzuki
Chair ofthe Co‖
aboration Board
Director Oeneral
6ync生rotron DESY
UniversRy Research insttule
キlご■ ││!1 1Ⅲ
1 3子t ii t illift
取ksstrdee 85‐22607 Harコしu「
9_1じ 1 040/89980
oh EnettyAccdettlorResearch
S i g n a t u r e , d a t′
2e 0卸あ
Signature,date so こ「ノ F