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Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)
String Quartets Vol. 8
Quartets op. 50 No. 2, 3 & 6
Leipziger Streichquartett
1 CD
MDG 307 1898-2
Leipzig Clout
The Leipzig String Quartet continues its Haydn edition
with three more works from his op. 50, and once again its
members magnificently succeed in combining classical
perfection with surprisingly fresh esprit. By now it goes
without saying that the four string instrumentalists from
Saxony represent the best of historically informed
interpretation practice, and the use of bow models from
the eighteenth century also makes this latest release a
highly colorful musical experience leaving no listening
wishes unfulfilled.
Classy Riot
Haydn was a phenomenon. He elaborated the classical
form of the string quartet in a number of work cycles, but
at the height of perfection he went on to destabilize it
with completely unexpected ideas. Just listen to the
beginning of the sixth quartet. This piece begins on the
ninth with an element more like a concluding cadence;
only the cello then supplies pulsing eighths for the
necessary drive to get the movement going. During the
further course of the music daring harmonic feats
preclude any notion of harmless meticulousness. And
then the concluding movement: a wild bariolage that
gave the quartet its unofficial second name: the “Frog
Ring Cycle
The compact disc begins ornately as well as with ländler
robustness: rich embellishments and filigree broken
triadic chords particularly challenge the first violinist. The
fact that a veritable double fugue develops from these
figurations during the middle part once again documents
the subtle humor linking Haydn’s compositional mastery
to an absolutely boundless imagination. The quartets
were dedicated to the King of Prussia, who politely
thanked the composer with a precious ring.
Champions League
For more than twenty years the Leipzig String Quartet
has been playing in the Champions League of chamber
music. Showered with prizes and awards, this worldclass ensemble again and again has dazzled listening
audiences with its sensational recordings and concerts.
Its repertoire lovingly cultivating numerous classics of the
genre as well as the most recent compositions reflects a
stylistic spectrum of unmatched breadth and depth.
Vol. 1: Die 7 letzten Worte
unseres Erlösers am Kreuz
MDG 907 1550-6 (Hybrid-SACD)
Vol. 2: op. 50 Nr. 1, 4 + 5
MDG 307 1585-2
Vol. 3: op. 76, Nr. 2-4
MDG 307 1683-2
Vol. 4: op. 20, Nr. 2, 4 + 6
MDG 307 1706-2
Vol. 5: op. 64, Nr. 3-5
MDG 307 1732-2
Vol. 6: op. 33 Nr. 1, 3 & 5
MDG 307 1812-2
Vol. 7 : op. 42, op. 103, op. 77 Nr. 1 + 2
MDG 307 1860-2
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