XRob - Robotic assistant for hand

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XRob - Robotic
assistant for handling and inspection
Research for Industries
Custom-tailored robotic system can be easily configured for new
The system enables inspection of small lot sizes
In many cases automatic handling and inspecting of components in
small quantities is not economically efficient. Therefore, PROFACTOR
developed a custom-tailored robotic system – XRob. The system enables efficient automation of manual inspecting and handling tasks and is
suitable for flexible production.
XRob is designed to easily be commissioned on the line by the workers.
Additionally, the system can be programmed and refitted for new task in
few minutes. It is highly flexible, scalable and affordable. XRob can be
provided with both gripper and sensor.
The system is designed for completeness checks or checking plug
connections. It records the 3D point cloud of an pulg connection as reference using a 3D structured light sensor. Consequently, a CAD model of
the component is not required.
Project example:
The Austrian Research Promotion
Agency (FFG)
DI (FH) Helmut Nöhmayer
[email protected]
XRob detects the working environment by means of low-cost reconstruction
PORFACTOR has developed a technology, which is able to easily create a model of the working environment during commissioning and thus
to avoid collisions automatically. ReconstructMe is a 3D-documentation-software using low-cost 3D sensors. The software creates a model
of the working environment and thus, a model of the collision contours
around robot, to be used to commission the system in seconds.
Safety is ensured
XRob does not need any safety enclosures (protective fences). All components of the system (tools, torque of the robot arms... ) are designed
for maximum safety for the workers. Additionally the robot has an integrated path planning and active collision monitoring to prevent contacts
with workers and objects.
The advantages of XRob:
»» Small cell dimension, Base-area of around 800 x
800 mm
»» Mobile usable platform
»» Programming in a short time by the operator himself
»» Onboard-3D-sensor for inspection, handling and
fitting tasks
»» Automatic path-planning to avoid collisions
»» Simple user interface for quick process creation
»» Reconfigurable software framework based on IEC
»» Use of different grippers and sensors
»» No CAD Model for inspection task
»» Secure interaction with people
Technical data:
Robot: Universal Robot UR10 (10 kg payload)
Gripper system: as required
Clock cycle depending on process < 12 s.
3D-Vision-System: Low cost sensors to High-End
Control system: PC-based / WIN 7 / 8