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HandBags of Hope believes a woman’s handbag is a very
personal possession, usually carrying a small world inside!
Imagine what happens when you have to run for safety in the
middle of the night, oŌen taking only the clothes on your back and a child in your arms.
HandBags of Hope provides basic necessiƟes, educaƟon, support and advocacy - through
community collaboraƟon - to end domesƟc and sexual violence, and to promote a safe
environment for all.
Eƒ‘« ěó ÊÙ ¦›Äã½ù çݛ— ÖçÙݛ ãçÙÄÝ ®ÄãÊ Êě HƒÄ—Bƒ¦ Ê¥ HÊ֛!
Items are listed in order of need and
are all travel-sized.
Manicure Sets
Memo Pads/Pens
Lip Balm
Body Wash/Soap
Shampoo & CondiƟoner
Other items can include:
Razors/Shaving Cream
Hand SaniƟzers
Sample-sized items (i.e., Mary Kay, Avon)
InspiraƟonal or handwriƩen note
cards or words of encouragement
If you would like to donate a purse, HandBags of
Hope will accept the following:
Clean and stain-free
All hardware including zippers, snaps, and
buckles are in working order
No clutches please
(remember we have to fit all 10 items in each bag)
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ÄÊ ½ƒã›Ù ã«ƒÄ FÙ®—ƒù, O‘ãʐ›Ù 3, 2014.
DÊăã®ÊÄ Êø ®Ý ½Ê‘ƒã›— __________________________________________
For more informaƟon please contact Ronda Danielson, UAW-Ford Digital Media at (313) 392-7182 or (651) 399-9783.
June 23, 2014
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