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Studentische Verwaltung – Chamber Music (M.Mus.)
Information for the audition 2015
Master of Music (M.Mus.) Chamber Music
Study discipline
Piano (for pianists without an established ensemble)
Ensemble (piano trio, piano quartet and string quartet)
Lied (art song) interpretation (singers, pianists and established duos)
Candidate Information
If you would like to participate in the entrance audition you must fulfil the requirements stipulated under
heading no. 1 (Application requirements) and send the completed application form to the student registration office (Immatrikulationsamt der Hochschule) by 15th April 2015 (the deadline refers to the
date of postage).
Auditions are held between 13 June and 21 June 2015. On receiving your completed application, the
registration office will send a written invitation with the exact notification of the date and location.
Once the entrance examinations are over the audition panel will meet. You will be notified as
soon as possible
of the result of your audition by letter. This will state whether you have achieved the
standard expected and if so
whether you have obtained a study place. Please be aware that, due to the limited number of places available, we are regrettably unable to offer all candidates that successfully pass the entrance audition a place.
If you have been accepted, enrolment will take place for the winter semester (1st October 2015).
During your studies you will be expected to pay a confirmation fee (Rückmeldebeitrag) of approximately 330 Euro each semester.
The confirmation fee covers the cost of transport tickets for Hanover (Semesterticket) and Lower Saxony (Niedersachsenticket). It also pays for the student associations (AStA and Studentenwerk) and
certain administration costs.
There will be no extra fees anymore from winter term 2014/15. However, there will still be fees for
students exceeding the regular study period of 7 semesters. The fee will be 500 Euros per term.
Any queries concerning the application requirements or the audition date should be directed to the
Immatrikulationsamt der Hochschule (Tel.: +49(0)511/3100-7223 or -7224 E-mail: [email protected]).
If you have any queries relating to the audition procedures and requirements, or concerning the
course in general, please contact the Head of the Study Program–
Prof. Markus Becker (E-Mail: [email protected])
Januar 2015
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Studentische Verwaltung – Chamber Music (M.Mus.)
Information for the audition 2015
1. Application Requirements
If you wish to take part in the entrance auditions the following documents will need to reach us in the
Registration Office by 15th April 2015 (deadline refers to the date of postage):
Detailed curriculum vitae in tabular form including an outline of education and experience in
1 passport photo
Proof of payment – 30 Euro application fee (see below)
If applicable, evidence of completed relevant courses and proof of acquired examinations from
other academic institutions
Any relevant references and supporting documents which verify past music training
Copy of school leaving certificates and final report
Copy of your Bachelor graduation certificate, or respectively, your leaving certificate from a
comparable academic study course or evidence of enrolment in your present Bachelor course
which should be relevant to your chosen Postgraduate study
Transcript of records from current Bachelor course or evidence of your up to date progress/examination record from your present study programme
Additional requirements for International candidates
If German is not your first language you should either bring to the audition or enclose in your
application papers some form of confirmation concerning sufficient language skills. This can
be, for example, a copy of the TestDaf- result, level 3 (TDN 3) or the German language test
required for admittance to a higher education college (DSH-1). An equivalent certificate proving German language proficiency will also be accepted by our institute.
Candidates can apply online at:
After completing, please print out the application form and sign it! This should then be sent together
with the documents mentioned above to the Hochschule für Musik, Theater and Medien Hannover by
15th April.
Application Fee
The Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover will take a fee of 30 Euro from all candidates for entry and registration costs. This applies to all courses.
Please note that the application fee is due from all applicants regardless of the audition results. Candidates that are not offered a place or wish to withdraw their application will not be entitled to a refund.
The fee is due with the application. Please ensure that you submit this fee as we regret that we are
unable to proceed with your application if you fail to do so. If you pay the application fee by bank transfer please enclose proof of payment by sending a copy of the transfer form (or a screen print if the
transfer was made online) along with the other required papers and documents.
Payment to be made to:
Postbank Hannover
Account Name: Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover
Account Number (Konto): 988 674 304
Sort Code (BLZ): 250 100 30
IBAN Number: DE83250100300988674304
Januar 2015
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Studentische Verwaltung – Chamber Music (M.Mus.)
Information for the audition 2015
Reference (Verwendungszweck): in order to help us identify the
payment when it reaches our account, the applicant should state as a
reference the surname (family name), then first given names, date of
birth and chosen course.
Your application should be addressed to the registration office:
Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover
Emmichplatz 1
30175 Hannover
2. Entrance Standard, Audition Format and Requirements
Piano (pianist without an established ensemble)
You should prepare:
 a representative solo piano piece between baroque and classic modern, as well as a virtuosic
 sight reading
 a 60 minute chamber music recital program with your own duo partner or ensemble, which
should include at least three different styles and eras. One work should be from the Viennese
Classical Period
In exceptional cases a duo partner can be arranged in agreement with Prof. Markus Becker
([email protected]).
Ensemble (piano trio, piano quartet, string quartet)
Candidates should prepare, and send with their application documents, a minimum 60 minute recital
program which should include works from at least three different periods. An item from the Viennese
Classic Period is compulsory.
At the beginning, the audition panel will select a twenty minute recital program from your submitted
Lied interpretation
You should prepare:
a challenging piano piece, usually from the classic or Romantic Period
 a virtuosic etude
 eight `lieder´(art songs) from at least three different periods - two should be from Franz Schubert and one should be a vocal piece, composed after 1910 - outside the bounds of classical
 sight reading
You should prepare:
 eight `lieder´(art songs) from at least three different periods – two should be from Franz Schubert and one should be a vocal piece, composed after1910 - outside the bounds of classical
 a 10 minute song cycle
Januar 2015
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Studentische Verwaltung – Chamber Music (M.Mus.)
Information for the audition 2015
With regards to established duos, each candidate will be auditioned separately for the above
piano and vocal requirements. The `lied´ repertoire can be identical.
Single candidates should attempt to bring their own duo partner to the audition. However, in exceptional cases and in prior agreement with Prof. Schulze ([email protected]), a partner for the audition can be arranged.
Januar 2015
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