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invitation and preliminary program
1st International Conference
Sacroiliac Joint Surgery
Sept. 18th - 19th 2015
Meet with an International faculty of Pelvic Pain Experts for
round table discussion:
Medical Association for
Research into Diseases of
the Sacroiliac Joints and
their Treatment
Sacroiliac Medical Expert Group e.V.
Concepts of interventional Pain Management
SIJ Fusion Methods
Diagnostic Guidelines
Surgical Guidelines
Non-surgical treatment Guidelines
Concepts of Clinical Studies
Dear Collegues,
The SIJ topic is still underrepresented in the established medical orthopedic and spine
societies. After 6 years of clinical practice with SIJ conservative and surgical treatment
the founding members of the SIMEG feel it is the right time to invite international
experts for discussion.
The 1st International Conference on Sacroiliac Joint Surgical Treatment will be held at
the Dorint Hotel in Hamburg/Germany. We expect a number of 100 participants. The
concept will focus on ‘round table’ discussions opened by key lectures of internationally
acknowledged experts.
Recent studies talk about increasing case numbers of sacroiliac joint surgery. The
prognosis expects a case ratio of up to 20 % of all spinal surgeries within the next
5 years. Diagnosis, pathological variations, sensitive neurovascular structures, pain
generators are areas to be explored, surgical hypes must be routed into healing.
The venue offers the advantage of very close disctance to the airport and train station,
also it is directly linked to the area of the University Hospital of Eppendorf, where the
learning center of the Forensic Institute offers excellent training facilities. No need to
mention the well known touristic attractions of this metropole city of Hamburg.
We kindly invite you to join us and look forward to meet you for this first special
conference on SIJ surgery.
Dr. med. Volker Fuchs
President SIMEG e.V.
SIMEG is a „Medical Experts Association for Research into Diseases of the Sacroiliac Joints and their Treatment“ of casualty surgeons,
orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, neurologists, physiotherapists together with scientists and other persons, who work surgically and
conservatively in the treatment of the sacroiliac joints and of the pelvic girdle in hospital, practice and research. The association is independant.
Registered at the Federal Court of Cologne VR 18315. Tax no./AZ 230/5724/3251 KöZst, FA Leverkusen/Germany, acknowledged as non profit
organization acc. to §60a Abs. 1 AO
Böhme, Jörg, PD Dr. med. habil., Clinic for Orthopedic and Traumatologic Surgery, Spine Center,
University Hospital, Leipzig, Germany (5)
Dall, Bruce E., MD, Orthop. Division, Western Michigan School of Medicine, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Donner, Jeff, MD, Colorado Spine Institute, Loveland, Colorado, USA (13, 17)
Egund, Niels, MD, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus, Denmark (3)
Fuchs, Volker, Dr. med. , Orthopedic Dptmt, AMEOS Clinic St. Salvator, Halberstadt, Germany (12)
Graham Smith, Arnold, MD, FRCS, FACS, Jacksonville, Fl 32256 (16, 17)
Harms, Jürgen, Prof. Dr. med., Spinal Surgery, Ethianum Klinik, Heidelberg, Germany (11)
Kibsgard, Thomas, MD, Orthopedic Department, University Hospital, Oslo, Norway (17, 18)
Koga, Hiroaki, MD, Department of Orthopedic surgery, Kikuno hospital, Kagoshima, Japan (6)
Kurosawa, Daisuke, MD, Department of Orthopedic surgery, Low back pain and Sacroiliac joint
center, JCHO Sendai hospital, Sendai, Japan (9)
Laslett, Mark, MD, Registered Physiotherapy Specialist (Musculoskeletal),AUT University Shirley,
Christchurch, New Zealand (8)
Loh, Eldon, MD, FRCPC, Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Western University,
London, Canada (10)
Murakami, Eiichi, MD, Department of Orthopedic surgery, Low back pain and Sacroiliac joint
center, JCHO Sendai hospital, Sendai, Japan (17)
Neuhuber, Winfried, Prof. Dr. med. , Anatomic Institute, FAU, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg,
Germany (4)
Roberts, Shannon, PhD candidate, Division of Anatomy, Dept. of Surgery, University Toronto,
Canada (9)
Sieper, Joachim, Prof. Dr. med, Head of Rheumatology, Charité - University Hospital, Berlin,
Germany (7)
Sobottke, Rolf, PD Dr. med., Head of Orthopedic Dptmt, Medical Center, Würselen, Germany (2)
Stark, John Gregory , MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Backpain Clinic, Minneapolis, MN, USA (1, 15, 17)
Stuge, Britt, Senior Researcher, Division for Neuroscience and Musculoskeletal Medicine, Oslo
University Hospital,Oslo, Norway (19, 20)
Conference language: ENGLISH
Friday, Sept. 18th
08:30 h - Registration
Saturday, Sept. 19th
Lecture times: 30 min. incl. discussion
09:00 h – Session 1
14:00 h - Session 2
08:00 h – Session 3
7. SIJ Arthritis – an obliged group of patients to
receive arthrodesis, even at times of biologicals?
SIG- Arthritis – ein dankbares Patientengut für
eine Arthrodese selbst zu Zeiten von Biologicals?
8. SIJ examination – which test does what and why
do patients respond different? (Laslett)
SIG-Tests – welcher Test testet was und warum
reagieren die Patienten so unterschiedlich?
9. Recess or SIJ infilitration – do we need both, how
to perform it correctly and what response do we
require? (Kurosawa)
Recessus bzw. SIG Infiltration – ist beides nötig,
wie machen wir es richtig und welche Wirkung
fordern wir?
13. What are the different SIJ- and leg pain
generators and what is the physicians‘ view on
the appropriate therapy? (Donner)
Welche unterschiedlichen SZ-Generatoren am SIG
gibt es, woher kommt der Beinschmerz und wie
therapieren wir am besten aus ärztlicher Sicht?
14. There‘s more than the SIJ: Considerations for
when to operate on the sacroiliac joint(s) and the
lumbar spine at the same setting (Dall)
Es ist nicht nur das SIG: Überlegungen zur
einzeitigen Operation an SIG und LWS
15. Who is the SIJ fusion patient - or: how can we
avoid unnecessary interventions? (Stark)
Welcher Patient braucht eine SIG Arthrodese
– oder wie können wir unnötige Operationen
16. It´s not as simple as it seems: Complications
of sacroiliac fusion and salvage considerations
(Graham Smith)
Nicht so leicht, wie es aussieht: Komplikationen
und Revisionsoptionen bei SIG-Arthrodesen
Success and failure of SIJ arthrodesis – a history
review (Stark)
Erfolge und Misserfolge der SIG-Arthrodese – ein
historischer Überblick
2. National/international register of SIJ fusion – a
challenge for physicians and the medical device
industry! (Sobottke)
Nationales/internationales SIG-Fusionsregister –
eine Herausforderung für Ärzte und Industrie!
3. Update on anatomy and histology of the SIJ –
what do we really know? (Egund)
Update Anatomie und Histologie SIG – was wissen
wir wirklich?
10:30 h - Coffee Break
4. Innervation of the SIJ – are we sure it’s mainly
from dorsal ? (Neuhuber)
Innervation des SIG – wirklich hauptsächlich
5. SIJ biomechanics – which studies are the most
reliable ones (cadaver vs. in vivo vs. Finite
element models) - or are we all too different?
Biomechanik SIG – welchen Studien können wir
mehr vertrauen (Kadaver vs. in vivo vs. finite Elemente Modell) - oder sind wir alle zu verschieden?
6. Diagnostic imaging: X-ray, MRI, CT, scintigraphy,
SPECT-CT – What‘s the adequate individual
choice? (Koga)
Bildgebende Diagnostik – Röntgen, MRT, CT, Szintigrafie, SPECT-CT – was hilft uns wann weiter?
12:30 h - Lunch-Workshops
Industrial sponsors present the latest SIJ-medical
devices, clinical data and hands-on tutorial
15:30 Coffee Break
10. Denervation – but do it right! (Loh)
Denervieren – aber richtig!
11. SIJ braces – what’s the philosophy and do they
really help? (Harms)
SIG-Orthesen was steckt dahinter und helfen sie
09:40 h - Coffee Break
17:00 h - Round-table:
10:00 h – Pro/Contra:
12. Diagnostic algorithm for SIJ
pathologies: can we establish a gold
standard or shall we just continue to
try what we are used to? (Fuchs, All)
17. SIJ arthrodesis – when and why do
we use anterior, posterior or lateral
techniques – or do ‘many ways lead
to Roma’? (Dall, Donner, Graham
Smith, Kibsgard, Murakami, Stark )
Der Diagnose Algorithmus für SIG-Pathologien – wie könnte er aussehen – oder wollen
wir alle so weiter machen wie bisher?
19:00 h - Conference Dinner
SIG-Arthrodese – wann ventral, wann lateral,
wann dorsal? oder ‚viele Wege führen nach
18. Clinical studies on SIJ fusion – how true can we
get? (Kibsgard)
Klinische Studien der SIG-Fusion - wie nahe
kommen wir der Wahrheit?
11:30 h - Round-table:
19. What preoperative data and scores
do we need? How do we avoid
comparing apples with pears in the
future? (Stuge, All)
Welche präoperativen Daten und Scores
brauchen wir - oder wie können wir es
verhindern in Zukunft Äpfeln mit Birnen zu
20. What do we demand from a control group and
how do we validate the quality? (Stuge)
Welche Forderungen stellen wir an eine
konservative Kontrollgruppe und wie stellen wir
deren Qualität sicher?
12:30 h – Take home message
and end of Conference
14:00 h – 16:00 h – EXTRA offer:
Hands on: Physical examination – What is
THE pain? (Laslett/Stuge)
Cadaver Lab:
Intraoperative Imaging – how safe can we
get? (Koga/Stark)
The Conference is awarded with 18 CME credits by the Medical Association
(Ärztekammer) Hamburg
Industrial workshops and Exhibition:
Fees and Service:
Latest SIJ medical devices will be presented at the Lunch-Workshop.
Coffee breaks are hosted within the exhibition area
Bauerfeind AG
Pfizer Medical
SIGNUS Medizintechnik GmbH
SI-Technology, LLC
Martinistr. 72 / 20251 Hamburg /Germany
T +49 40 570 150 0 / F +49 40 570 150 100
Rooms for conference attendees are offered until Aug. 1 st, 2015. Please make your
reservations individually.
Forensic Institut, University Hospital UKE, 5 min. walk from the convention site
400 €
Registration full conference (2 days)
500 €
250 €
Physiotherapists/non surgeons
250 €
The conference fee includes
conference participation
physical examination hands-on workshop
coffee breaks
lunch on Friday
abstract download
download of conference audio/video protocol
Cadaver lab: Conference Dinner:
Dorint Hotel Hamburg-Eppendorf
Early registration, deadline July 31st
Organizing comitee:
Michael Dierks, Medical Device Consultant
Dr. med. Volker Fuchs, President SIMEG e.V.
Dr. med. Michael Kammal,
Learning Center, Forensic Institut, Othopedic University Hamburg UKE
100 €
60 €
DORINT Hotel Hamburg Eppendorf
Since 15 September 2011, Dorint Hotels & Resorts are once again present in Hamburg with a hotel for you to enjoy.
The new Dorint Hotel Hamburg-Eppendorf is located in the gorgeous city precinct of Eppendorf. It is a newly-built
building that is both modern and stylish, and it was opened in 2011 as a new contribution to the Hamburg cityscape.
Eppendorf is widely regarded as one of the trendiest parts of Hamburg – its art nouveau buildings, terraced houses
and numerous brick-built villas with ivy-ranked facades lend an incomparable flair to the district. The name Eppendorf
is derived from Old German and means “waterside village”. And that is what it essentially still is – with neat streets,
small and exquisite stores, galleries, antique dealers, cafés and pubs there to be explored beside Lake Alster.
At the heart of this trendy part of town, right next to the Hamburg-Eppendorf university clinic, the Dorint hotel is
ready to pamper you with luxury 4-star comfort. Thanks to its strategic location in relation to airport, city centre,
the Hamburg congress centre and the exhibition centre, it is the perfect starting point for each and every occasion.
Route from the airport
Starting at Hamburg Fuhlsbuettel (HAM): S1 - one station, exit the train at Ohlsdorf, change to U1 (direction: Ohlstedt
or Grosshansdorf) - five stations, exit the train at Kellinghusenstrasse, take bus 25 direction Bf. Altona, exit the bus
at 4th station -UKE-, the hotel is left to the main entrance of UKE.
Arrival by Train
Starting at Hamburg Central station: U3 - circle line - exit at Kellinghusenstrasse, take bus 25 direction Bf. Altona, exit
the bus at 4th station -UKE-, the hotel is left to the main entrance of UKE.
Medical Association for
Research into Diseases of
the Sacroiliac Joints and
their Treatment
Sacroiliac Medical Expert Group e.V.
Sacroiliac Medical Expert Group e.V.
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