Delegates of the Continental Assemblies at the 6th

Delegates of the Continental Assemblies
at the 6th Mission Synod of Mission 21
Basel, 10-12 June 2015
African Continental Assembly (ACA)
Beatrice NGEH
Presbyterian Church of Cameroon
Beatrice Ngeh serves as the Coordinator of the African
Continental Assembly (ACA) since 2014 and she is the coordinator
of the women’s work of the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon
(PCC). The goal of the PCC women’s work and the women’s
groups is to enable women to participate in the society of
Cameroon with equal rights, especially in decision making
processes concerning health, economy, social matters and
Beatrice Ngeh has been working as an English and history teacher
for 25 years and has been leading church-based and women’s
groups for 28 years. She studied social sciences at the University
of Yaounde, as well as pedagogy, history and geography, and
holds a diploma in Biblical studies.
Susan MARK
Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria (EYN)
Susan Mark has been the ACA Women Coordinator since 2014.
Born in 1966, she holds a bachelor and master (2005) in
theology. Susan taught at Kulp Bible College (1993–1996) and
was Principal at the Michika Bible College (1999–2003). In 2014,
she returned to teach at Kulp Bible College.
She has been the director of the women’s department since 2009.
Susan is married and has five children and five foster children.
Richard OFFEI
Presbyterian Church of Ghana
Richard Offei is the Youth Coordinator of the ACA since 2014.
Before assuming this role, he held various positions in the
Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG). Richard previously served as
National President of the Young Peoples Guild of the PCG, the
youth department of the church. He held other positions such as
Chairperson Committee on Youth Ministry of the Church and the
Youth Representative on the General Assembly Council of the
Richard is accountant by profession and works at the Bible Society
of Ghana. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting
from the University of Professional Studies (UPS) in Accra, Ghana.
Delegates of the Continental Assemblies at the 6th Mission Synod of Mission 21 - Basel, 10-12 June 2015
Communauté Evangélique au
Kwango (CEK), Democratic
Republic Kongo
Alfred Mbuta Kabamba is the ACA treasurer. He is one of the
legal representative of the Evangelical church of Kwango. He
works for the Protestant Federation of Democratic Republic (DR)
Congo as a National Director of Chaplaincies in the National
Evangelical Department. Alfred Mbuta is a National Founder of the
NGO «Congo Action of the young at risk». Furthermore, he is a
trainer and supervisor in a Pastor’s training program.
Presbyterian Church of South
Sudan (PCOSS), South Sudan
Rev. Peter Shabak is the treasurer of the PCOSS and member
the board of the Presbyterian Relief and Development Association
(PRAD) with seat in Nairobi. Born in 1967, he obtained a Bachelor
of Social Sciences in Economic and Finance Management from
National College of Khartoum. He was the manager of the
Thonyour-Bible School until 2006, after having worked as a
primary teacher in PCOSS schools for many years. The PCOSS has
been working in the area of reconstruction for many years. The
peace agreement of 2005, which put an end to the long civil war
in the South of Sudan, was also concluded thanks to the peace
work of the Sudanese churches. However, even after the end of
the war, the situation remains very difficult for the people
concerned, especially the women, the children and the old. The
PCOSS offers help through different projects in the areas of the
advancement of women and of youth work and performs essential
work for peace and reconciliation.
Asia Fellowship of Mission 21 (ASF)
Thomas TSANG
Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong
Kong, (TTMHK)
Thomas Tsang is the Coordinator of the Asia Fellowship (ASF).
The former vice-president of TTM of Hong Kong serves as school
administrator of the Shatin Tsung Tsin School and is
represented in numerous church panels. He holds leading
positions, e.g. as the director of the Christian Family Service
Centre, the Care and Love Foundation, the United Christian
Hospital and the Amity Foundation (Hong Kong Office), or as a
member of the Hostel Management Committee of the Chinese
YMCA of Hong Kong. Thomas Tsang is interested in the history
of Basel Mission and the Hakka Churches in China. He
frequently takes groups from Germany and Switzerland to visit
the Hakka churches in China. TTM of Hong Kong was founded
by Basel Mission in 1847; it was the third mission field of Basel
Mission. Today, TTM runs projects such as the counselling and
service centre for social justice for migrants and industrial
workers, the theological formation in a Chinese context or the
prison chaplain service.
Delegates of the Continental Assemblies at the 6th Mission Synod of Mission 21 - Basel, 10-12 June 2015
Lucy KUMALA (Tjioe Lan Lie)
Basel Christian Church of Malaysia,
Rev. Lucy Kumala was born in 1954 in Jakarta, Indonesia and is
a pastor of the Malay-speaking community in Tenom, Sabah,
Malaysia. She has been the women’s coordinator of the Asian
Continental Assembly of Mission 21 since 2006 and is also the
head of the Women's Ministry of the Malay General Council Basel
Christian Church of Malaysia. Lucy Kumala directs various choirs
and is very active in the area of fair trade, for example as the
coordinator in the Theodora-Craft-Shop of the BCCM. Lucy Kumala
graduated in 1980 from the South East Asia Bible Seminary in
Malang, Indonesia. After her graduation for the GKI Bungur she
worked in Indonesia. She married in 1984 and moved to Sabah
(East-Malaysia). After receiving her diploma in sacred music from
the Theological University Jakarta in 1990, she worked as a
congregation pastor of the Malay Interior II Parish Council of the
BCCM until 2005. Lucy is married and has three daughters.
Gereja Masehi Injili Minahasa
(GMIM), Indonesia
Junita Arne Politon has been the Youth Coordinator of ASF since
2006. After obtaining a degree in English, she enrolled in Manado
State University in Management of Education for a postgraduates
program. She now works as a high school teacher. Junita is
involved as a youth leader in her church. She has participated in
different ecumenical continued education courses for youth
Margaretha DAMUS
Gereja Kristen Pemancar Injil
(GKPI), Indonesia
Margareta Damus heads the women’s commission of the GKPI
in Tarakan, North Kalimantan, and represents the women in the
synod. The GKPI offers legal assistance for the indigenous
population of the Dayak whose living area is shrinking due to the
exploitation and destruction of the forest and of other natural
resources. GKPI also runs a training centre for young adults in the
area of agriculture. She was a teacher of business administration
and management in vocational high school with a specialisation in
tourism. Later, she became the Principle of a school for physically
handicapped students. She is currently moving on to embrace
new challenges in the Department of Education. Margareta Damus
was born in 1963 and is a member of the Dayak.
Delegates of the Continental Assemblies at the 6th Mission Synod of Mission 21 - Basel, 10-12 June 2015
Hsiu-Chuan LIN
Presbyterian Church of Taiwan
Hsiu-Chuan Lin has been working as an editor, writer, and
translator for more than 20 years.
She works as editor and translator for Christian publishing houses
in Taiwan and she writes material for children’s Sunday-school
education and women’s spiritual formation for the Presbyterian
Church of Taiwan (PCT). Also, she is the former Director of the
International Bible Society of Taiwan and the former President of
Taiwan International Bible Publishing Company.
Hsui-Chuan’s main concern has always been how to share the
Good News of Jesus with those who do not know Him yet.
Gereja Kristen Papua (GKI),
Rev. Matheus Adadikam is the General Secretary of the GKI
Papua (2011 to 2017). He studied at the theological seminary
I.S. Kijne in Abepura Jayapura and worked from 1991 until 1999
as vicar in Waropen, North Papua. After this, he was appointed as
congregation pastor and, soon afterwards, as superintendent for
26 congregations in Timika, a region in the South, until his
election as General Secretary. In his work, Matheus fights for
human rights and the rights of the indigenous population in
Papua, and he supports the protection of the environment and the
climate. Over the past years, he has participated in several
international and national programmes on these topics (training
for the defence of human rights in Geneva, advocacy training in
New York). He was elected delegate to the Mission Synod at the
meeting of the Asian Continental Assembly in Hong Kong in 2012.
Matheus was born in 1964; he is married and has three children.
Communion of Churches Indonesia
(CCI), Indonesia
Frenki Tampubolon was born in 1977 and is a theologian. He is
the executive secretary of the department for adolescents and
young adults of the Indonesian Church Council.
In this function, Frenki develops activities for the ecumenical
community in order to support young people and promote
education. His tasks include the organisation and publication of
discussion series for youth, regional and national consultations on
the topic of youth and politics, work camps and creativity camps
for teenagers. The young people in the member churches are also
supported by means of thematic radio programmes on HIV/Aids,
for example, or by means of interreligious networks operating on
local and international levels.
Delegates of the Continental Assemblies at the 6th Mission Synod of Mission 21 - Basel, 10-12 June 2015
Presbyterian Church in the Republic
of Korea (PROK), Korea
Huh Joonhyuk, born in 1980, is working at a local church of the
PROK, whom he represents as a delegate at ASF. He graduated
from theological seminary and is currently preparing to be pastor
at PROK. Previously Huh was the general secretary of the national
youth ministry of PROK, which is focused on a continuous renewal
and the promotion of justice and peace.
The PROK is active in social-pastoral projects such as counselling
centres for women and migrants or after-school programmes for
children. In Cheongju, a centre for the human rights of women
migrants has been established. It supports young female
foreigners who are married to Koreans in their efforts to get
accustomed to the Korean culture.
Continental Assembly of Europe
Kontinentalversammlung Europa (KVE)
Daniel FREI
Pastorate for ecumenism, mission
and development, Basel (BL/BS),
Daniel Frei is the Coordinator of KVE. He is pastor of the reformed
church Basel-Landschaft and director of the pastorate for
worldwide church since 2007. Daniel Frei has a PhD in theology;
his areas of interest are the Pentecostal movement and migrant
Gunnar Herwig BRENDLER
Pastor in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
Gunnar Herwig Brendler is pastor in a Reformed Church in
Kreuzlingen. His interest in ecumenism, mission and development
dates back to his time as a student when he did research on the
contribution of the African church in the process «united in
mission» by the United Evangelical Mission. As a young pastor he
organized a «united in mission» youth movement with young
people from Africa, Asia and Europe. In his current position he is
responsible for the portfolio «ecumenism, mission and
development cooperation» and chairs the congregational
commission on development cooperation. In 2013 he started
working in the commission on mission by the Reformed Church of
the canton Thurgovia. Gunnar enjoys getting to know Christians
from all over the world and he especially appreciates being able to
work together with them for justice, peace and the preservation of
creation. He is married with a theologian and they have two
Delegates of the Continental Assemblies at the 6th Mission Synod of Mission 21 - Basel, 10-12 June 2015
Synod council of Reformed Church
Bern-Jura-Solothurn (RefBeJuSo),
Pia Eva Grossholz-Fahrni is a member of the Board of the
Continental Assembley of Europe (KVE). She has served as vicepresident of the synod council of the Reformed Church Bern-JuraSolothurn (RefBeJuSo) since 2007. She used to be synod
counsellor, heading the department of ecumenism, mission,
development cooperation and migration. Pia Grossholz studied
languages and worked as a high school teacher before holding
different leading positions in the private sector. With regard to
ecclesial offices, she has been particularly active in several
networks of the French-speaking Reformed Churches of
Switzerland. Furthermore, she was in the control committee of the
Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches and chaired the Social
Welfare Commission in the parish Muri-Gümligen. Pia Grossholz is
married and has two sons.
Union of Protestant Churches of
Alsace and Lorraine (UEPAL),
Enno Strobel is executive pastor at the office for Mission and
World Ecumenism of the Union of Protestant Churches of Alsace
and Lorraine (UEPAL), France. He maintains contacts to the
various partner organizations and coordinates the work of the
expert group «external mission», together with the church
leadership. Part of his work consists of speaking to congregations
about projects and getting them interested in missions. Previously
he was commissioned by his church to take care of ecumenical
relations in Europe. Besides his parish in the north of Alsace, he
has held various ecclesial offices such as synod counsellor of the
Protestant Reformed Church of Alsace and Lorraine (EPRAL) and
president of the reformed consistory Bischwiller.
Marcelina ZÜERCHER
Church Council Canton
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Marcelina Zürcher has been a synod counsellor for the
Reformed Church of the canton Schaffhausen since 2007 and is
responsible for the portfolio «development cooperation, migration
and minorities».
Marcelina Zürcher has always been interested in anything and
anyone that was «different» and, on a more general level, in
relationships and community. This was the main motivation
behind both of her decisions to study law and her current
occupation in the area of family mediation and church. Her
commitment is rooted in the conviction that the only way we can
discover a beautiful and peaceful world is through relationships
that are characterized by continuous renewal and healing.
This attitude flows into her work as a mediator in conflict
situations as well as her involvement in church politics.
Delegates of the Continental Assemblies at the 6th Mission Synod of Mission 21 - Basel, 10-12 June 2015
Continental Assembly of Latin America
Asamblea Continental Latinoamericana (ACLA)
Silvia Regina DE LIMA SILVA
Departamento Ecuménico de
Inverstigaciones (DEI),
Costa Rica
Silvia de Lima Silva is ACA Coordinator and director of DEI in
Costa Rica. A theologian by training, Silvia is currently working on
a PhD in cultural and societal studies at the University of Costa
Rica. She works with intercultural hermeneutics (Lectura Popular,
Hermenéutica Negra y Feminista Latinoamericana) and she is
particularly interested in the fields of ecumenism and
decolonization. Silvia also enjoys working as a pastor as part of a
Mennonite community. She originally comes from Brazil, is
married and has a 17-year-old son.
Juan de Dios MALTES
SEPADE, Santiago
Juan de Dios Maltés is the national director of the programme
for civic involvement in the evangelical development service
SEPADE. He heads a small team of six co-workers in Santiago and
is responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of
SEPADE’s activities. He also works as a professor at a faculty for
educational sciences and as director of the Open Centre for
Children, Sol Naciente, by the Foundation Missio. Previously, he
worked as principal in agricultural-technical training centres.
Educationalist by training, Juan specialised in the organisation and
management of educational institutions. He was born in 1957, is
married and has two children.
Sócrates ENDARA
Sócrates Endara is a medical doctor (surgeon) who specialized
in public health, development, quality management and
evaluation of health systems as well as community development.
He is the head of FUNDAPIM, Mocomoco, Bolivia. The Nongovernmental organization offers holistic medical care and health
training in 70 rural communities, serving a population of about
18'000 inhabitants. The health program has been complemented
by measures aimed at securing livelihoods and promoting a more
environmental factors, the NGO is able to support the population
in an integrated manner in areas that are central to quality of life,
such as health, nutrition, housing conditions and livelihoods.
Delegates of the Continental Assemblies at the 6th Mission Synod of Mission 21 - Basel, 10-12 June 2015
Iglesia Metodista, Chile
Gloria Angélica Mendoza Aravena represents the Methodist
Church of Chile–SEDEC in the ACLA. She is a certified social
worker, specialized in the area of family health. Gloria serves as
director of the Methodist Family Health Centre in Temuco IX
(Region of Araucanía), which has a mandate by the State of Chile.
Concerning ecclesial commitments, she is actively involved as lay
preacher in the segunda Iglesia Metodista in Temuco. She
furthermore serves as national president to the Methodist Health
Ministry (IMECH) and is member of the management of the
Foundation for Agricultural Education El Vergel. Gloria is married
to Pedro Palacios Pinto, a Methodist pastor and superintendent of
the South District, with whom she has four children.
Guillermo POMA
ADEP, Lima, Peru
Guillermo Poma is the executive director of Audiovisuales del
Perú (ADEP) since 2010. ADEP is a NGO working towards
empowerment in Peru that is modelled after the «option for the
poor». It does so since the 1990s through the use of audiovisual
materials in youth and women’s groups, people’s organisations
and church congregations. As director, G. Poma is responsible for
the planning and the implementation of processes in the areas of
education, socialisation, trust building and management as well as
human rights.
South-Andean Institute for
Research and Solidary Action
(ISAIAS), Peru
Etel Nina Caceres has been the director of ISAIAS since 2008.
She has a degree in theology and holds additional degrees in
social studies and pedagogy, as well as an MA in management
and administration in the educational sector. She has worked
many years as coordinator of educational programmes in Peru in
collaboration with churches, State and the university. ISAIAS is an
NGO with a Christian background and a clear «option for the
poor«» and the marginalised. In its work, ISAIAS focuses on
environmental resources and subsistence issues, human rights
and democratisation. In terms of education the priority lies on the
one hand in programs for civil society leaders, and on the other
hand in programs focussing on theological and social thought from
women’s perspective.
Fundación Uñatatawi (FUNDAWI),
Ana Maria Condori is a business economist by training and has
been focussing, in different contexts, on the topics gender,
colonialism, religion and ecology, marketing and organisation in
initiatives for and by small farmers, sustainable tourism and fair
trade for more than 20 years. She has been working for FUNDAWI
in the areas development and social issues for more than 10
years; since 2007 she has done so as executive director. She has
published different articles in magazines and books, has organised
events as well as radio and TV programmes and is a member of
various organisations in area of solidary economy and sustainable
agriculture in Bolivia. Ana Maria Condori has three children.
Delegates of the Continental Assemblies at the 6th Mission Synod of Mission 21 - Basel, 10-12 June 2015
Frederico Guillermo STEINFELD
Evangelical Institute of Higher
Education in Theology
(ISEDET), Argentina
Federico Guillermo Steinfeld represents the institution ISEDET
in the ACLA. Guillermo is Argentine (51) holds a Phd in
Theology and works as lecturer and director of ISEDET’s
extensive library. His theological interests range from
dogmatics to political theology, faith praxis, to institutional
violence and other topics. Besides lecturing in a dozen
theological schools, Guillermo has also served as General
Secretary of ASIT (Asociación de Seminarios e Instituciones
Teológicas del Cono Sur). He is currently attending classes in
information management. Guillermo is a member of the
Comunidad Anabautista Menonita de Buenos Aires, married to
Mónica and father of David (23).