Informationsanlass «eHealth Suisse» und IHE Suisse

Status by end of March 2015
Observed market situation
Usage of standards is widely welcome, accepted and also recommended by eHealth Suisse
• Required know-how for software vendors is extremely high
• In-depth knowledge of known standards are often missing
• Thus, the entry barrier is too high right now
An eHealth
Connector should
encapsulate as
functionality as
The project - spirit
Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)
Give and take
Enable interoperability
Reduce barriers
The project - yesterday
2012-08: HL7 CDA in Arztpraxissoftware - Konzept zur Integration
2013-11: Konzept zur Implementierung und API Spezifikation
2014-02: eHealth Connector - Proof of concept
Many thanks to
- Franz Marty
Documents in German, only:
eHC - Proof of Concept:
The project – End of March 2015
eHealth Connector – Release 201503
• Communication
• Support for Document Source Actor
• IHE Transaction „Provide & Register Document Set – b [ITI-41]“
(used in IHE ITI XDS.b and XDR)
• Support for Master Patient Index Client (MPI Client)
• IHE Transaction "Patient Identity Feed HL7 V3 [ITI-44]"
• IHE Transaction "PIXV3 Query [ITI-45]“
(both used in IHE PIXV3)
Many thanks to
• Content
- Ärztekasse
• Support for Swiss eVACDOC implementation guide
- eHealth Suisse
of eHealth Suisse (CDA-CH-VACD)
- Franz Marty
- HCI Solutions
• Serializing to file
- IHE Suisse
• Deserializing from file
- Viavac
The project - tomorrow
• Vendor products using the eHC will pass IHE Connectathon tests
IHE Suisse members get support
• Vendors plan to use the eHC:
 HCI Solutions – Triamed (
 My Vaccines (
 Open Source – Elexis (
 Viavac Clinical Decision Support System (
Evolution (upcoming releases)
• CDA-CH-EDES - Emergency Department Summary
• CDA-CH-SMTL – Shared Medication Treatment List
• IHE XUA Integration
Many thanks
in advance to
- Inselspital
Bern University Hospital
Geneva University Hospitals
- Infomed
Canton of Wallis
The project - incubator
CDA-CH-LRTP (Laboratory Reports in the Transplantation Process)
Bachelorproject Bern University of Applied Sciences, Medical Informatics Biel
Loosli Helen, 2014, “KIS-Integration mittels Open eHealth Connector,
Informationsaustausch rund um die Allokation von Organen für die Transplantation”
Managed by: Dr. Stephan Nüssli, Checked in: June, 16 2014, Status: stand-by
Author: Gerhard Schmutz, viavac
Checked in: November, 3 2014
Enhanced for Release 201503: by Axel Helmer (financed by HCI Solutions)
Status: Picked up for Release 201503
Please contribute – populate our incubator
Who is on stage?
medshare Ltd, Thun, Switzerland
Project Team
- Tony Schaller, medshare (Project Manager)
- Franz Marty, Medizinisches Zentrum gleis d (Health Professional)
- Axel Helmer, Open Connections, Oldenburg, Germany (Developer)
- Egger Oliver, ahdis Ltd., Switzerland (Developer)
- Michael Onken, Open Connections, Oldenburg, Germany (Development)
- IHE Suisse
- «eHealth Suisse»
Understanding and using the project logos
Main project logo:
Iconized logo:
Contributor indication:
User indication:
These Logos by medshare Ltd., Switzerland are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
The project - architecture
Implementing a CDA Template with MDHT
MDHT uses models to generate
• Application Programming Interface (API)
• Validators
• Documentation (Spec., Javadoc)
• Implementation
• Example: Available Methods for the
• PN Object
• Example: Available Javadoc for the Method
• PN.addDelimiter()
• Knowledge you should have
• RIM, CDA, HL7v3,
• Clinical Terminology, IHE,
• UML Modeling, Ecore Modeling,
Not convenient but mighty 
eHealth Connector – Convenience API
Convenience API
Fast results
• API is very easy to use
• Recommendation what should be implemented
• Guidance for application developers
• Javadoc that explains what you need to know
• Javadoc in your language
• Demo application for every template
• As few expert knowledge as possible
• Hide the complexity of CDA and MDHT
• But you can access underlying MDHT Objects at any time
Convenient and mighty 
The functions of Release 201503
eHealth Connector API
Integration scenario for CDA import
eHealth Connector API
Integration scenario for CDA export