CURRICULUM VITAE TILL ROBERT DEMBECK, * 31 December 1976 EDUCATION 2007 PhD: University of Siegen, Germany; Faculty of Languages, Literatures and Media; German Litera-­‐
ture 2002 Bachelor: University of Freiburg, Germany; Faculty of Mathematics 2000 – 2001: Visiting Graduate Student, University of Washington, Seattle 2000 Magister: University of Bonn, Germany; German Language and Literature, Philosophy CURRENT POSITION Since 2013: Research Scientist (tenured position); University of Luxembourg; Institute of German Lan-­‐
guage and Literature and of Interculturality PREVIOUS AND DECLINED POSITIONS 2014: Assistant Professorship with Tenure Track (Juniorprofessur) for “New German Literature and Historical Semantics”; University of Siegen, Germany – offer declined 2011 – 2013: Research Associate (Collaborateur scientifique); University of Luxembourg; Institute of German Language and Literature and of Interculturality Research Project MULTILING: “The Construction of Identity in Multilingual Literature: A Comparison of Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands” 2009 – 2011: Director; Information Center of the German Academic Exchange Service, Riga, Latvia 2009 – 2011: Visiting Lecturer; University of Latvia, Riga; Faculty of Law 2007 – 2009: Research Associate (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter); University of Mainz, Germany; Fac-­‐
ulty of Philosophy; German Literature 2002 – 2004: Lecturer; University of Bonn, Germany; Special Training Programme for French Students of German Language and Literature (Programme d’Études Allemandes) 2002 – 2003: Research Associate (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter); Open University of Hagen, Germany; Faculty of Languages, Literatures and Media; German Literature FELLOWSHIPS 2003 – 2006: PhD Fellowship; University of Gießen; Research Training Group (Graduiertenkolleg) “Klassizismus und Romantik”; funded by the German Research Association (DFG) 2000 – 2001: Fulbright Scholarship RESEARCH INTERESTS German literary history, eighteenth century to the present (dissertation on eighteenth-­‐century German literature; more than 15 articles in scholarly journals and anthologies). A current book project (to be finished at the beginning of 2016) reads German lyric poetry from the long nineteenth century against the backdrop of the contemporarily emerging discipline of linguistics. Works in this field have increas-­‐
ingly included comparative perspectives. Multilingual philology (co-­‐editor of two substantial scholarly anthologies, six journal publications; co-­‐
editor of a compendium on multilingualism and literature under contract with the German publishing house Narr) Literary and culture theory (substantial parts of the dissertation, two recent programmatic articles in peer-­‐reviewed journals). T. D. has developed a theory on the function of paratext for (narrative) litera-­‐
ture (PhD dissertation), a theory of verse in its relation to language difference, and a (philological) theory of culture that also includes a concept of cultural politics (see an international conference or-­‐
ganised on the topic in 2014). Methodological work in the interrelation between literary form, histori-­‐
cal semantics and culture politics. Literature and media (co-­‐editor of a compendium on media of literature) History of philology and linguistics (see current book project; two contributions to scholarly antholo-­‐
gies) TEACHING ACTIVITIES About 50 courses taught on different positions from 2001 to the present, both Bachelor and Master level; introductory courses (theories and methods, literary history), courses on specific authors, epochs and genres (e. g., F. Schlegel, Büchner, Heine, Nietzsche; eighteenth-­‐ and nineteenth-­‐century and contemporary German literature; drama, lyric poetry, narratology), language courses (legal Ger-­‐
man); member of the newly founded Doctoral School of the Research Unit IPSE at the University of Luxembourg since 2014, currently teaching one seminar in the context of its programme. INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION Regular exchange with scholars from Germany (e. g., U Siegen, U Bochum), the USA (U of Washington, Princeton, Yale), Switzerland (U Basel); in the field of multilingual literature with researchers from Germany (U Duisburg-­‐Essen, U Mainz, U Bielefeld, U Hamburg), the USA (U of Illinois, U of Arizona, Macalester C), Switzerland (U Luzern), Belgium (KU Leuven), the Netherlands (U Leiden) and France (U Paris-­‐Est). CO-­‐ORGANISATION OF SCIENTIFIC MEETINGS 2014: Annual Conference of the Friedrich Schlegel-­‐Gesellschaft Topic: “The Culture Politics in/of Romanticism”, University of Luxembourg 2011 – 2014: Conferences of the Project MULTILING University of Luxembourg (2012 and 2014); University of Leiden, Netherlands (2012) 2013 – 2014: Panel Series at Annual Conferences of the German Studies Association Topics: “Theorie(s) of Philology” (2014, Kansas City, USA); “More or Less Lingualism” (2013, Denver, USA) 2008: Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Berlin, Germany; funded by German Research Foundation (DFG) Topic: “Philister – Problemgeschichte einer Sozialfigur der neueren deutschen Literatur” 2005: Conference of the Research Training Group “Klassizismus und Romantik”, University of Gießen INSTITUTIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES / COMMISSIONS OF TRUST Since 2014: External Member of the Faculty Council; University of Lorraine; Faculty of Arts, Literatures and Languages (Metz) Since 2013: Acting Course Director of the Trinational Master in the History of Literature, Culture and Language of the German Speaking Regions, University of Luxembourg 2014: Peer Reviewer for Bucknell University Press, USA 2013: Expert for the Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education (AERES), Paris, France 2011: Peer Reviewer for the International Scholarly Journal Orbis litterarum, Denmark MEMBERSHIPS OF SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES Friedrich Schlegel-­‐Gesellschaft, Mainz, Germany; since 2007 Member of the Board German Studies Association; Modern Language Association of America; Association for Intercultural German Studies LANGUAGES German (native), English (C2), Latvian (C2), French (C1), Luxembourgish (passive), Latin (passive) and Russian (B1) SELECTED PUBLICATIONS 1. PUBLICATIONS IN PEER REVIEWED JOURNALS, CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS AND COMPENDIA 1. “Oberflächenübersetzung: The Poetics and Cultural Politics of Homophonic Translation”. Critical Monolingualism Studies 3.1 (2015): 7–25. 2. “Was ist hier defekt? Sprachdifferenz und Laut in Gedichten Ernst Jandls und Oskar Pastiors” [Lan-­‐
guage difference and sound in poems by E. J. and O. P]. Herrmann, B. Ed. Dichtung für die Ohren: Litera-­‐
tur als tonale Kunst in der Moderne. Berlin: Vorwerk 8 2015. 163–185. 3. “Philologie mit mehr Sprachigkeit” [Philology with more ‘lingualism’]. LiLi: Zeitschrift für Litera-­‐
turwissenschaft und Linguistik 43 (2013): 72–75. 4. “Reading Ornament: Remarks on Philology and Culture”. Orbis Litterarum 68.5 (2013): 367–394. 5. “‘No pasaran’ – Lyrik, Kulturpolitik und Sprachdifferenz bei T. S. Eliot, Paul Celan und Rolf Dieter Brinkmann [Lyric poetry, cultural politics and language difference in T. S. E., P. C. and R. D. B.]. arcadia 48.1 (2013): 1–41. 6. “Auf Polnisch wird nur geflucht: Miszelle über Kulturpolitik und Sprachdifferenz im Jahre 1959” [Cultural politics and language difference in 1959]. Sprache und Literatur 43.2 (2013): 81–86. 7. “Vers und Lyrik” [Verse and lyric poetry]. Poetica 44.3–4 (2012): 261–288 [one citation]. 8. “Kulturpolitik und Totalitarismus: Zur deutschen Romantik” [Cultural politics and totalitarianism: On German Romanticism]. Merkur 2/2012: 170–176. 9. “X oder U? Herders ‘Interkulturalität’” [Herder’s ‘Interculturality’]. In: Heimböckel, D., Honnef-­‐
Becker, I. & Mein, G. Eds. Zwischen Provokation und Usurpation: Interkulturalität als (un)vollendetes Projekt der Literatur-­‐ und Sprachwissenschaften. München: Fink 2010. 127–151. 10. “Schibboleth/Sibboleth – Phonographie und kulturelle Kommunikation um 1900” [Phonography and Cultural Communication around 1900]. LiLi: Zeitschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik 36/142 (2006): 43–68. Not listed: 19 articles in scholarly journals and anthologies, 10 book reviews in scholarly journals and 12 articles in scholarly compendia and dictionaries. 2. RESEARCH MONOGRAPHS AND EDITED VOLUMES 1. Challenging the Myth of Monolingualism. Amsterdam: Rodopi 2014 (ed. with L. Minnaard). 2. Philologie und Mehrsprachigkeit [Philology and Multilingualism]. Heidelberg: Winter 2014 (ed. with G. Mein). 3. Zeitschrift für interkulturelle Germanistik [Journal for intercultural German studies] III.2 (2013) and following (ed. by E. W. B. Hess-­‐Lüttich, D. Heimböckel, G. Mein & H. Sieburg in coop. with W. Amann & T. D.). 4. Nach der einen Sprache [After the one language]. Vol. 65 of the journal kultuRRevolution, 2013 (ed. with L. Minnaard & R. Parr). 5. Handbuch Medien der Literatur [Compendium media of literature]. Berlin: de Gruyter 2013 (ed. with N. Binczek & J. Schäfer). 6. Dank sagen: Politik, Semantik und Poetik der Verbindlichkeit [Expressions of thank: The politics, se-­‐
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buch der Jean Paul-­‐Gesellschaft (2011), Das 18. Jahrhundert (2011).