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Law’s Pluralities – Cultures ǀ Narratives ǀ Images ǀ Genders
Pluralitäten des Rechts – Kulturen ǀ Narrative ǀ Bilder ǀ Genders
6-8 May 2015: Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany
Preliminary Schedule
Wednesday, 6 May
(Biologischer Hörsaal, Main Building)
6:00 p.m. Opening and Greetings –Professor Ansgar Nünning Organizing
6:30 Greta Olson (Giessen): Mapping the Pluralist Character of Cultural
Approaches to Law
7:00 Franz Reimer (Giessen): Der kulturelle Zugang zum Recht aus der
Perspektive der Rechtstheorie und Methodenlehre
8:00 Reception and Visit to the Exhibition “Law’s Pluralities”
The artistic exhibition “Law’s Pluralities” will be held parallel to the
academic discussions in the “Neuer Giessener Kunstverein”.
Thursday, 7 May
Session 1 Law’s Pluralities
9:00 a.m. Keynote 1: Rosemary Coombe: Neoliberalism and the
‘Proprietary’ Imagination: A Proliferation of Cultures ‘Before the Law’
10:00 Parallel German and Anglophone paper session I
a) Law’s Narratives I
Katrin Becker (Luxemburg, Paris): The Literary Voice of Law – A
Perspective on Literature’s Entanglement with Normativity
Kaleen Gallagher (Cambridge): The Role of the Law in the Writing of
Ingeborg Bachmann
Susanne Gruß (Erlangen-Nuremberg): “The detective: that is the role I am to
play” – The Sensational Narratives of Law in Eleanor Catton’s The
Luminaries (2013)
b) Law’s Pluralities: Citizenship and Sovereignty
Frans-Willem Korsten (Leiden): Beyond Apostasy: Dramatically Doing
Justice to Struggle(s) between Dutch-Moluccans and the Dutch State
Marie Beauchamps (Amsterdam): Denaturalization’s Narratives and the
Plurality of Nationality Law in France
Martin Ramstedt (Halle-Wittenberg): The Deontic Power of Origin Stories in
Bali’s New Village Jurisdictions
c) Pluralitäten des Rechts
Helena Whalen-Bridge (Singapore): Party Narratives in Adversarial Systems:
Partiality or Objectivity?
Ralf Seinecke (Frankfurt): Was heißt und zu welchem Ende studiert man
Sarah Leyli Rödiger und Dana-Sophia Valentiner (Hamburg): „Living
together“ – Rechtspluralistische Konflikte im Kontext religiöser und
moralischer Normativität in der Rechtsprechung des EGMR
11:30 Coffee break
12:00 Keynote 2: Anna-Bettina Kaiser: Verfassungsvergleichung als
1:00 Lunch
Session 2 Law’s Narratives
2:00 Keynote 3: Jeanne Gaakeer: The Perplexity of Judges Becomes the
Scholar’s Opportunity (Greta Olson)
3:00 Coffee
3:30 Keynote 4: Andreas von Arnauld: Norms and Narrative
4:30 Parallel German and Anglophone paper session II
a) Law’s Narratives
Angela Condello and Tiziano Toracca (Rome/Perugia and Ghent):
Exemplarity as a Normative Form: Remarks Made between Law and
Iben Engelhardt Andersen (Odense): Romeo and Juliet Are Sexting - Tragic
Teens in Law and Literature
Stephanie Law (Montréal): Law as a Cultural Construct and the Narrative of
Judicial Dialogue in the Europeanisation of Law: The CJEU’s Interpretation
of the Consumer
b) Law’s Practices
Katja Stoppenbrink (Cologne, Paris): Respect for Children’s Well-being as an
Evaluative Cultural Practice: Reconstructing German Jurisprudence and
Legal Practice at the Interface of Descriptive Ethics and ‘Law as Culture’
Tara Mulqueen (London): Co-operation and the Laws of Ordering
Samuel Kirwan (Bristol): On Good Advice: The ‘Taking Place’ of Legal
Consciousness within Citizens Advice
Ulrike Lembke (Hamburg): Gendered Sexualities in Public Spaces: Legal
Discourses on Street Sex Work and Street Harassment
c) Narrative des Rechts
Susanne Krasmann (Hamburg): Imagining Insecurity: Über Gefühltes im
Frederik von Harbou (Berlin): Von Rousseaus „Julie“ zum CNN--Effekt.
Medial erzeugte Identifikation und ihre Bedeutung für die
Sonja Arnold (Cologne): „Eu acredito, talvez até ingenuamente, no papel
transformador da literatura.“ Die Diskrepanz zwischen geschriebenem Recht
und Rechtspraxis und ihre mediale Repräsentation in Brasilien
6:00 Quick break
6:30 Plenary: Susanne Baer: Speaking about Law: Current Challenges
to the Protection of Fundamental Rights
8:00 Conference Dinner
Friday, 8 May
Session 3 Law’s Cultures
9:00 a.m. Parallel German and Anglophone paper session III
a) Law’s Cultures
Ann Goldberg (Riverside): Culture and Politics in the Making of German
Hate Speech Law
Ozan Kamiloglu (London): The Ethical Turn and New Aesthetics of Justice
Katharina Isabel Schmidt (New Haven): Unmasking “American Legal
Exceptionalism”: German Free Lawyers, American Legal Realists and The
Transatlantic Turn to “Liefe” 1903-1933
b) Law’s Materiality
Thomas Streeter (Burlington): Digitalization, Discourse Networks, and the
Law: The Move to Online Legal Databases, 1980—2000
Neloufer de Mel (Colombo): The Life of the Death Certificate: The Law,
Documental Regimes, and Gendering Justice in Post-War Sri Lanka
Yasco Horsman (Leiden): Legal Relics: On Films, Bones and Other Forensic
Meta-evidence at the Hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission
and the Nuremberg Trials.
c) Kulturen des Rechts
Jan-Christoph Marschelke
gerichtlicher Kulturtheorie
Jan Suntrup (Bonn): Personen, Dinge, Tiere, Unpersonen. Kulturspezifische
Differenzierungen in rechtlichen Prozessen der Personifizierung
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Keynote 5: Ruth Herz: Judicial Images as Narratives (Horst Carl)
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Parallel Anglophone paper session IV
a) Law’s Narratives: The US American Case (Silke Schmidt)
Sonja Schillings (Giessen): Rape, Murder and the Narrative Interpretation of
Judicial Discretion in Richard Wright’s Native Son
Silke Braselmann (Giessen): “The verdict is the reader’s job” – The JCSO
Columbine Documents in Multimodal School Shooting-Novels
Sabine N. Meyer (Osnabrück): From Domestic Dependency to Cultural
Sovereignty: Representations of the Law in Postmodern Native American
b) Law’s Genders and Sexualities
Barbara Kraml (Vienna): De/Legitimizing Juvenile Sexual Autonomy:
Narratives of Love and Abuse
Katharina Zilles (Giessen), Alexander Larsen (Stockholm): Beholding the
Hsiao-tan Wang (Taipei): Law's Gendering Practice in the Society of Law's
Pluralities in Chinese Culture
c) Law’s Images
Martin A. Kayman (Cardiff): Believing, Seeing, and Presence in Law
Giorgia Baldi (London): ‘Un-veil’ and ‘Re-veil’: The Symbology of the
Laura Sweeney (Canberra): Drawing Judgment: Law, Gender and
Aboriginality in Political Cartoons of the High Court of Australia
3:00 Coffee
Session 4 Law’s Sexualities/Genders
3:30 Parallel paper session V
a) Law’s Pluralities
Lando Kirchmair (Budapest): Descriptive vs. Prescriptive (Global) Legal
Pluralism: A Gentle Reminder of David Hume’s Is–Ought Divide
Antonio Marzal Yetano
Proportionality in EU Law
Ashley Sisco (Wollongong): The Legal Duty to Consult with Indigenous
Communities in Canada: Legal Pluralism or Neo-colonialism?
b) Law’s Performances
Marett Leiboff (Wollongong): Theatrical Jurisprudence and the Imaginary
Lives of Law in Pre-1945 Australia
Mi You (Cologne): Angels and Prophets on Trial: On Jelinek’s Das
schweigende Mädchen
Scott Veitch (Hong Kong): Contesting Images of the Rule of Law in Hong
c) Law’s Sexualities
Jen Higgins (London): Categories of Otherness: The Inclusion of LGBT
Groups under Hate Speech Protections
Mikki Stelder (Amsterdam): Politics without Rights: Human Rights
Discourse as Alibi and as Violence
Suncica Klaas: (W)Ri(gh)ting Wrongs: Human Rights and the Contemporary
American Autobiography
5:00 Break
5:30 Keynote 6: Konstanze Plett: Stories about Genus, Sex and Gender:
Legal Exclusion through Linguistics
6:30 Keynote 7: Leslie Moran: What’s Mr Kipling’s Bakewell tarts got to
do with it? Performing Gender as a Judicial Virtue in the Theatre of
Evening Activity
Saturday 9 May
Session 5 Law’s Images
9:00 a.m. Parallel Independent Panels
Panel I Leiden: Monsters and Icons: Objectification in Law and Justice
Anna Köberich: From Monsters to Men – Entering a Dialogue with
Perpetrators: The Possibility of Justice in the Case of The Act of Killing
Gerlov van Engelenhoven: Legal Closure and Cultural Re-opening: Exploring
Bobby Sands’ Iconic Status
Inge ’t Hart: Profiling the Monster: Visualizing Liminal Subjectivity and
Forensic Practices in Popular US Television Series
Tessa de Zeeuw: Frightening Creatures and Pieces of Proof: Invoking the
Theatricality of the Laboratory in Criminal Procedures – A Cross-Reading of
Frankenstein and the Case of Lucia de B.
Panel II Centre for Humanistic Legal Studies at the University of Bergen
Frode Helmich Pedersen: The Power of Narrative
Line Hjorth Buchholzer: The Significance of Archetypes in Courtroom
Arild Linneberg: The Prosecutor as Judge: The Role of the Media in
Miscarriages of Justice
Erling Aadland: Law and Outlaw in Some Bob Dylan Songs
10:30 Coffee
11:00 Keynote 8: Werner Gephart: Image-ing the Law: How 'Deontic
Power' Enters the Canvas
12:00 Keynote 9: Peter Goodrich: Lucifugous Laws: Excavations of
1:00 Wrap-up session
2:00 Closing Luncheon
Joint hike if weather is willing.