Messages from Tohoku March 2012

Messages from Tohoku
March 2012
When asked what they would like people in North Texas to know now that one year has passed since the
Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, people in Tohoku sent the following messages. Special
thanks to members Tim Jones for obtaining the messages and Atsuko McCulley for the translations.
Kentaro Hosokawa
Hairstylist, originally from Furukawa City, Miyagi
3 月 11 日の地震から 1 年が経ちます。この 1 年日本、日本人はこれまで見て見ぬ振りをしてきた現状を
知りました。そして、何が大切なのか気づいたと思いま す。それは人との繋がり、一人じゃないという
事です。現代の社会では忘れかけていた助け合うことを、3 月 11 日の地震によって思い出すことが出来
たので す。亡くなった方の分まで、子孫に恥ないような世界にできる様に日本は歩んでいきます。それ
One year will have passed soon since the earthquake on March 11. Over the past year, Japan and the
Japanese people had to face the reality that we had pretended not to see, and then I think we have
realized what is truly important, which is the connection with others. In other words, we are not
alone. We were reminded by the earthquake to help each other, which we had almost forgotten in this
modern society. Japan will keep moving forward to make this world such a place we can proudly pass on
to our children, working extra hard for those who lost their lives. I believe that will be the real recovery.
Tomomi Takahashi
Owner of Stationery Store, Sendai City, Miyagi
I would like to convey “thank you” and “I am sorry.”
When I think of the ones who I can never see again, these two regrets hit me so hard: " I should have
said thank you" and "I wish I had apologized properly." So from now on, I am going to make sure I
express these two things, since I survived that day and will continue to live.
Yuka Saito
Office Worker, originally from Sendai City, Miyagi
I am so grateful for the warm support from all over the world. Thank you so much. I will work hard
toward the restoration with hope.
Noriko Memezawa
Miyagi University of Education, Sendai City, Miyagi
Thank you so much for the various support after the Great East Japan Earthquake. Please keep the
devastated areas in mind and think of them sometimes. Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
Kazuya Hatakeyama
Miyagi University of Education, Sendai City, Miyagi
Let’s keep the “honest feeling” we had at that time. "One world." Sadly it was the greatest tragedy that
got us to think of it. However, what is more important is that we will never forget it. I would like to shout
out again: “one world!"
Miu Yamanouchi
Office Worker, originally from Natori City, Miyagi
I recently read in a Japanese newspaper about an American city which made an excellent recovery from
a hurricane attack. According to the paper, the power of the community and the power of young
entrepreneurs played key roles in the restoration. Sendai would also like to rebuild with grass-roots
effort. I would appreciate your support.
Mayumi Kudo
Asia-Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU), originally from Shibata-machi, Miyagi
3 月 11 日の地震を通して、そんな当たり前の日々がとても大切だということに気づかされました。そし
て、世界中の遠くにいる方からも、たくさんの支援がありました。 毎日の生活や周りの人やつながりを大
You have a home, food, and friends to laugh and chat with, and maybe you go to school or work like it's
nothing special. Then one day they all disappear suddenly. The earthquake on March 11 made me
realize that such ordinary things are so precious. Also, even people in far away places all over the world
gave us a lot of support which I feel grateful for. I would like to cherish everyday life, people around me
and the connection with others.
Akiko Nakada
Asia-Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU), originally from Sendai City, Miyagi
As the first anniversary of March 11, 2011 approaches, here are a few things that I would like the people
in world to know.
・Never forget it.
・I became strongly aware that it is important to keep in mind and be grateful that we exist by grace of
・I really appreciate the various support we received from all over Japan and the world.
The kind of support that Japan really needs is money. An enormous amount of money is needed.