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Cisco Digital Media System for
Account Managers
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NO.1 Which is not a benefit of the Cisco Digital Media Player?
A. Security hardened device
B. Allows remote management of displays VIA RS-232
C. Low power consumption
D. It has a 3.4 year MTBF because of spinning components such as a hard drive and fan
Answer: D
NO.2 In-Store retail purchasing decisions are reduced by what percentage when customers
view digital
A. 20%
B. 100%
C. 50%
D. 1%
Answer: A
NO.3 The Cisco video portal does not support which feature below:
A. Advanced Player controls
B. Fully automated temperature settings
C. Slide Sync
D. User restricted content
Answer: B
NO.4 Which is not considered a business driver for DMS when targeting the Sports and
A. Ultimate Fan experience
B. New catering options
C. Safety and security
D. New revenue streams
Answer: B
NO.5 Which Cisco DMS solution(s) can use hand held remote control to select content?
A. Digital Signage
B. Enterprise TV
C. Desktop Media
D. Cisco TV
Answer: A