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Pennsylvania Gun Collectors Association
Next Show:
January 17-18, 2015
Saturday: 9 AM-5 PM Sunday: 9 AM-4 PM
Shoppes at Northway
8000 McKnight Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 15237
November 2014 Show Report
The November show demonstrated a common annual pattern for our shows. Slower summer shows
develop into busier and busier fall and winter shows that cumulate in our best shows in January. The
November numbers again reflect this trend. Attendance through the door was markedly above
September’s. Table sales were greatly improved as well with over one hundred additional tables filled.
Vendor sales, although very hard to gauge at times, seemed up as well. Sales had been suffering from the
continued effects of the buying frenzy that followed the last presidential election as well as the economic
concerns of the past couple of years. Hopefully this trend will continue.
Site Search
After the March 2015 show, once again, PGCA will find itself without a site for its shows.
Of primary importance to PGCA is the search for a new home for our shows. The lack of a good long
term site has been the largest obstacle in our struggle to keep the association successful in the last 20
years. In order to grow and prosper, any undertaking needs the degree of stability that such a location
can provide. This is especially so for groups such as ours. Politics, personalities and economics, as well
as limited venues in our area, have all worked to keep PGCA moving to a new site every few years. This
is a cycle that we hopefully can end.
Every week, new possibilities are brought to our attention. Over the last few months, we have
investigated a number of possible locations without any real success. This in no way has lessened our zeal
to find the right home. We are actively engaged in discussions with other possible sites as this is written.
We still ask our membership to pass along any other possible new show venues that may come to their
Electronic Newsletter?
PGCA would like to hear from its members on the possibility of providing the newsletter via Email to
its membership. Although currently available on our web site, email transmission of the newsletter
would save PGCA the increasing costs of publishing and postage. Any final decision will depend on the
number of members who would desire this option.
PGCA is also setting up a higher profile on social media. We are looking into establishing both
Facebook and Twitter accounts. We feel this is an important step to counter much of the false
information spread by others on the web, but also to advertise our shows.
PGCA Officers for 2015
Following the seating of directors for their new three year terms, the Board has confirmed the
following officer positions and chairmanships for 2015:
President: Phil Dacey
VP & NRA Liaison: Mike Lucy
Secretary: Mike Sauers
Treasurer: Ike Mogel
Security & Gun Bearer Chair: Chuck Reedy
Advertising & Door Chair: Mark Pochron
Membership Secretary: Jackie Vensel
Amended Prohibited Items Test
The Board has voted to test the feasibility of allowing some vendors that deal in some previously
prohibited items to set up at the January show. Some food and non-firearm dealers have been invited to
apply for tables. These vendors will be assigned tables in a separate section at the rear of the show. This
will be the only section of the show where such items will be allowed. We hope to gauge the reaction of
our members and attendees as well as the financial benefits of this trial period.
2015 Show Dates
January 17-18*
March 7-8*
May 2-3
September 12-13
November 7-8
*Northway Mall Location
The closest hotel to the new show site is the LaQuinta in the 4859 McKnight Rd. They offer a special
rate to our show attendees. See the table application for additional hotel information.
Firearms Training
Three Rivers Tactical Training Solutions, Inc. is offering a 15% discount to PGCA members seeking beginning
or advanced training. Its NRA certified instructors can provide customized instruction to individuals and groups
on pistol, shotgun and AR15/M4. Contact them at 412-915-5230.
Phil Dacey, President
Association Business & Show Operations:
PGCA, PO Box 246, Glenshaw, Pa. 15116
Phone & FAX: 412-486-1129
Membership Concerns, Dues, Etc.:
Membership Secretary, PO Box 18542, Pgh., Pa. 15236