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Let’s color serology
with QM MIA beads!
QM MIA= QM Diagnostics Multiplex Immuno Assay
MIA is, like ELISA, IFA and immunoblot, a
serological technique to detect antibodies in
serum samples. Antigens are coupled to bead
sets and each bead set can be distinguished
from the other by its intrinsic colour. This
enables simultaneous performance of up to
100 different tests in one well, the so called
The antigens coupled to the beads used by
QM Diagnostics have been developed and
validated by our own R&D department; our
MIA appears to be at least as sensitive and
specific as the ELISA.
The QM MIA test will become the primary
serological test for mouse FELASA 3 monthly
and annual profiles in March 2014. The
rat FELASA profiles are expected to be
implemented mid April.
Advantages of MIA
Less volume of serum is
needed enabling live-saving
blood sampling
Ig control included to check
immune response of the
High through put because
all tests, including control
cells, are performed
simultaneously in one well
Reduction of disposables
Luminex MagPlex bead
Antigen (virus or Mycoplasma)
Serum antibody
Biotinylated antibody with fluorescent reporter
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