Security Management Plus for Infor ERP XA - Barry

Security Management Plus for Infor ERP XA
Key Features
■■ Flexible Audit Compliance reporting
■■ Inspection and evaluation of individual iSeries profile settings
■■ Supports internal and external security audits (SOX, JSOX,
■■ Ability to establish Security Ownership
■■ Separation of Duties Functionality
■■ Export and import of security tables between environments
■■ Role-based Management
■■ Ability to establish System Managed Authority and User
Expiration Dates
■■ Built-in Database Alerts, event based Triggers, Alarms and
■■ Extensive Analytical Tools and Features
Security Management Plus (SMPlus) for Infor ERP XA
Barry-Wehmiller International Resources (BWIR) is part of the consulting
platform of the $ 1.6 billion and 6500+ member Barry-Wehmiller
Companies, Inc., a market leader in packaging, paper and paperconverting capital equipment manufacturing, headquartered in St. Louis,
Missouri with global operations. BWIR offers the combined benefits of
the proximity and dependability of an American corporation, with the
affordability of distributed global operations.
BWIR has created SMPlus, a comprehensive Security Management
System that greatly extends Security within the Infor XA ERP environment
using the Infor Development Framework (IDF). With built-in separation
of duties and predefined “Role Management”, SMPlus is a powerful tool
to manage and protect your system security. SMPlus increases security by
setting expiration dates, alarms and allowing you tighter internal controls
at several levels of hierarchy. This analytical tool highlights any task
where a separation of duties conflict exists. Separation of duties is critical
to effective internal control and is used to reduce the risk of mistakes and
inappropriate actions. It reduces fraud and allows tighter control over
financial and business systems.
SMPlus has a built-in auditing and reporting tool which allows you to
analyze and quickly review and remove conflicting tasks. SMPlus allows
for easier administration and visibility into security and profile settings.
By utilizing “i-analyze”, SMPlus can analyze individual users’ profiles on
demand and report on items such as:
■■ Group profile and Authority Settings
■■ Status of current profile and date last used
■■ Password status and expiration date
In addition to these features, BWIR has extended this application for user
defined fields, giving you the ability and flexibility to tailor the system to
meet your needs. SMPlus provides a flexible, simplified and enhanced
security management system.
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