CI Staffer - Colonial Inauguration

Colonial inauguration 2015
CI Staffer
Position Description
To serve as a member of the Colonial Inauguration Staffers by facilitating the Colonial Inauguration
(CI) Siblings Program and other aspects of Colonial Inauguration.
Direct Supervisors
Colonial Inauguration Siblings Program Coordinator
Coordinator, New Student & Hallmark Programs
Assistant Director, Administration & Hallmark Programs
Commitment is at the core of a successful Colonial Inauguration. Your responsibilities as a Staffer
must take priority over all other summer activities from GW Commencement through the
middle of July; whether leisure, work, or other activities.
CI Staffers should exhibit the following characteristics or experiences:
Dedication to the goals of Colonial Inauguration, as set forth by the supervisors
Child-oriented in nature, enjoy working with children ages 7-17
A commitment to helping new students and their families positively transition to GW
Diverse or unique, “only at GW” academic and extracurricular experiences
Flexible, adaptable, and able to receive and accept constructive feedback
Comfort addressing and engaging with groups of people, both large and small
Pride in the George Washington University and support for its values
Able to relate to people from diverse backgrounds, in diverse situations, in both individual
and group settings
Positive and optimistic attitude, high stamina, and patience
Excellent leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills
Professional, reliable, and punctual
Responsible, mature, and humble
Respect for their peers, supervisors, and the university
Self-confident, creative, and desire to take initiative
Able to work independently and as a team player
Commitment to leading a life of integrity
Facilitate a fun and positive experience for the Siblings Program participants.
Help to ensure the safety and development of Siblings Program participants.
Ride and direct hotel shuttles transporting families.
Conduct bus and walking tours around the city and campus.
Develop activities for siblings to engage with the university.
Lead siblings around the Washington, DC area as your group participates in activities and
learns about the city
Work office hours in Colonial Inauguration Headquarters, completing administrative tasks.
Answer questions and engage with siblings and families during CI.
Report any problems or situations immediately to the proper authority.
Participate in spring and summer training programs.
Participate in a training clinic to become first-aid and CPR certified.
Staffers are responsible for working the entire length of the program. Applicants should be
aware that during a CI session, hours can begin at approximately 6:00AM and end at
12:00AM. Missing work during training or during the program itself will not be
permitted for any reason.
Participate in additional events as representatives of the Colonial Inauguration program
and Hallmark Programs staff, including but not limited to: Midnight Breakfast, MLK Day of
Service, and Colonial Welcome Days.
Other duties as assigned including meetings, team building activities, retreats, and training
sessions not mentioned above.
Serve as a role model to new students by maintaining good financial and judicial
standing. Serve as an ambassador of the George Washington University from the day
of selection through the summer and beginning of fall semester. Understand that, at
all times, even during breaks, your actions must be a positive reflection on the
university and Colonial Inauguration. You must not violate the student code of
conduct. Violations of the Student Code of Conduct while serving as a CI Staffer may
lead to dismissal.
Important Dates
Fall 2014:
Staffer Welcome Event (December, date TBD)
Midnight Breakfast (Monday, December 8)
Spring 2014:
CI Publication Photoshoot (January, date TBD)
MLK Day of Service (Monday, January 19)
Spring Training (3 hours/week, February—May, time TBD)
Winter Lock-In (Saturday, February 21st—Sunday, February 22nd)
Colonial Welcome Days (April, dates TBD)
Spring Retreat (Saturday, April 11th—Sunday, April 12th)
Office Hours (2 hours/week, March—May)
Summer 2014:
Summer Training (Commencement—mid-June)
Summer CI (mid-June—Friday, July 3rd—exact dates TBD)
1. You must be in good academic, judicial, and financial standing with the University. It is
advised that you be forthcoming and honest if you are in violation of any of the above. All
CI Staffer applicants will undergo a full academic, judicial and academic integrity
background check. No one may serve as a Colonial Inauguration Staffer while on
academic or disciplinary probation.
2. You must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher at the time of application (or
N/A for freshmen/first semester transfer applicants) and throughout the duration of
the position.
3. A Colonial Inauguration Staffer must pass a university employee background check.
4. A Staffer must understand and support the goals of Colonial Inauguration. Insubordination
or conduct that conflicts with the goals of Colonial Inauguration or the university can lead to
dismissal as a Colonial Inauguration Staffer.
5. Experience with children is preferred.
6. You must exhibit enthusiasm and respect for the George Washington University.
7. Involvement on campus, or the desire to become involved, is valuable to the program, new
students, and their families.
8. You must be able to fulfill all of the duties outlined above. If you are unable to attend
even one day, in full or in part, of official training or the program itself, please
mention the day(s) and reasons in your application.
9. You must live and sleep on campus in an assigned CI residence hall for the duration of CI,
including training. Failure to do so may lead to dismissal.
10. Flexibility and maturity are paramount. You must demonstrate a willingness to be flexible
throughout training and CI itself.
11. You must be returning to GW as an undergraduate student for the next academic year.
The university is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) employer committed to
maintain a non-discriminatory, diverse work environment. The university does not unlawfully
discriminate against on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran
status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or on any other basis prohibited by
applicable law in any of its programs or activities.
Continuing to develop as an individual and a team member in a positive and supportive
environment. Personal growth is inherent in a challenging position such as a Colonial
Inauguration Staffer.
Learn helpful, important information about university programs and faculty
Enhancing pride in yourself and university from helping new students and their families’
transition into our community.
Working with a diverse team of your peers, and enhancing your leadership skills
Meeting and working with university administrators and faculty.
Colonial Inauguration Staffers will be paid an hourly wage of $10/hour that will total
approximately $2500.
Meals during Colonial Inauguration programs.
A Staffer’s employment may be terminated if it is determined that he/she is not maintaining good
academic, financial, or judicial standing; not maintaining satisfactory performance; or not able to
work productively as a team member or with another CI staff member. In addition, a Staffer may be
terminated if he/she is insubordinate to the authority of supervisors, or if he/she does not show
improvement after constructive criticism has been offered. A Staffer’s employment may also be
terminated if he/she does not consistently support the goals of Colonial Inauguration or the
University in both attitude and character, thus jeopardizing the success of Colonial Inauguration.
Applications for the 2015 CI Staffers will be emailed to you after attending an information session.
Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or [email protected]