Itemiser DX®

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Itemiser DX®
TSA-qualified dual-mode
Narcotics and Explosives Trace detection System
Art.-No. 170605
TSA-Qualification: TSA25-04-00759
The Itemiser DX is the
technological redefinition of the proven
Itemiser³® concept. The
design is based on a
number of new steps
and problem
Special features
Individual & simultaneous
detection and identification of
explosives and narcotics
Weighs only 12 kgs
Warmup-time (total) : 30 Min.
Operated via 110/220 V AC or 1116 V DC
Up to one hour of batteryoperated uninterrupted power
Maintenance-free regenerative
Operates under Windows XP ,
allows use of common printers,
USB drives, applications and bar
code scanner
Radioactive Ni63 Source
On-board printer
Foldable touchscreen
No membrane
On screen keyboard
Robust casing
Allows extension of library by
trained user
Remote monitoring capability
Independent substance libraries
Conficurable auto verification
Configurable maintenance
Configurable instructed random
Configurable nightly auto clean
Diagnostic logging
History logging (advanced)
Integrated video-help
Trap removal warning
Foreign languages
Optional substance code labeling
Rear side view
Due to the technical development and further requirements in air
transportation policies over the last years the „ItemiserDX” was developed
using the proven “Itemiser3” as a platform.
The detector of „ItemiserDX®“ has been re-designed and is not using a
membrane anymore. This allows utilization of the drift tube in both
direction resulting in even higher sensitivity and selectivity. Proven functions
of the Itemiser3 design are still kept. Therefore there is no need for
additional training.
Modern Software and larger memory allow for simplification of memory
intensive user and diagnostic functions, defaults and video-help.
The system can be used to check people, baggage, cargo, vehicles, money,
drivers' licenses, tickets, time cards and workplaces for microscopic particles
and vapours of controlled explosives or narcotics.
“ItemiserDX” is designed to detect all of the commonly used explosives or
controlled drugs and to sound an audible alarm when any programmed
substance is detected. The system's patented sampling technique is
extremely sensitive and fast, with an average response time of 4-10 seconds
per sample.
Extensive use of the latest microprocessor and computer technology in the
design of “ItemiserDX” has produced a method that requires no user
intervention or interpretation. Consequently, users can concentrate on
obtaining good samples. A user needs only sample an item and place the
sampled Trap in the vapour desorption unit's detection slot to trigger
ITEMISER3 has established itself as the instrument of choice at airports,
ports, prisons, law enforcement and police crime labs, and commercial
facilities throughout the world.
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System specifications:
(IonTrap Mobility
Nano-/Picogram for Drugs
and Explosives
(Certified by: TSA, HOSDB)
Analysis time:
8 s per sample
Wiping of surface
Warm-Up time:
30 minutes, max., after
total switch- off suited for
cont. operation
4 V DC-Outlet
(10 A max.), Win-keyboard
2 x USB, LAN, RS232
Windows XP
RAM 512 Mb
Hard disk >120 G
Signal processing:
Output in four different
Signal intensity
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Samples are collected from surfaces suspected of being
contaminated by traces of contraband with a specially designed
material (patent pending) known as a "sample trap." This trap
can be used by itself or with sampling devices and optional
attachments specifically designed to accommodate various
sampling scenarios and surfaces.
Sample wand
Sample wand with vacuum
The sample wand comes standard with each detection system
(see figure above- left) and is ideal for sampling flat or hard
surfaces that are better accessed with an extension, which
permits the operator to not come info direct contact with the
surface area.
An optional vacuum attachment fits easily onto the sampling
wand (see figure above - right) and is ideal for accessible
surfaces and fabrics. Using this method allows both vapors and
particles to be efficiently collected for more thorough sampling.
Data Display
“Itemiser3 enhanced” provides four views for displaying data.
SelectScan and plasmagram views are accessible to all users,
whereas Intensity Map and 3D- view are accessible to the
supervisor level and higher.
12 kg
457 mm
476 mm
172 mm
In Select5can view, six substances
can be displayed on the touchscreen at one time. If a substance
not initially displayed in the bar
graph is found and selected for
detection, the identified substance
is displayed at the bottom of the
bar graph
This graphic feature requires no
interpretation and provides the
fastest sampling through-put. The
plasmagram is the alternative
display (above), showing the full
spectrum of analysis results in a
histogram format.
Specifications are subject to change without notice!
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