Sealed quotations in the prescribed form are hereby invited

Government of India
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Nuclear Recycle group
Waste Management Division
Ref: WMD/WMFT/USG-18 / 14-15/ OPA-4162
Dated : 12/01/2015
Subject: Tender Enquiry for Minor Work
Sealed quotations in the prescribed form are hereby invited on behalf of the President of India by Dy
Plant Superintendent(L), Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Mumbai - 400 085 in the office
of Dy Plant Superintendent(L), Waste Management Facilities Trombay, Mumbai- 400085 from
contractor having experience in executing work described below.
Description of Work: Disassembly, servicing, re-assembly and testing of various Nuclear
instruments to carry out maintenance at ETP, DC and RSMS BARC, Trombay.
Parties may telephonically contact 25594707 for issuance of tender enquiry/ documents.
Enquiries will be issued to eligible contractors from 09/01/2015 to 22/01/2015 between 1000 and
1600 hrs. on all working days.
Last date of submission of sealed quotation is 22/1/2015 upto 1200 hrs. The sealed quotations will
be opened on the same day at 14:30 hrs in the office of the Dy plant Supdt.(L), WMFT, WMD,
BARC, Trombay, Mumbai-400 085.
Terms & conditions
1. Sealed quotations should be submitted only through registered post/speed post
2. The contractor’s Engineers,supervisors, work men etc. should have valid PVC(Police Verification
Certificate) to work inside BARC.
3. Sealed envelope should indicated ref. No. with date and due date of opening. Tenders shall be
addressed to:
N.R.Ranade SO/F
ETP, M-16
Waste Management Division, Waste Mangement Facilities
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Mumbai - 400085
Taxes if any shall be mentioned separately.
Payment will be made after completion of work.
Work completion period – 4 months from the issue of work order.
The offer shall be valid for a period of 30 days from the date of opening and the quoted amount shall
remain firm during the period of execution.
Dy Plant Superintendent(L), reserves the right to accept/reject any or all quotations without
assigning any reason.
Scientific Officer-F
Waste Management Facilities Trombay
Ref: WMD/WMFT/USG-18 / 14-15/ OPA-4162
1. Scope of Work :
Disassembly, servicing, re-assembly and testing of various nuclear instruments to carry out maintenance at
ETP, DC and RSMS BARC, Trombay.
2. Requirements :
The above job is required to carry out preventive and regular maintenance of various instruments at ETP, DC
and RSMS BARC, Trombay Mumbai-85.
3. Job description :
In general various nuclear instrument for which service/ repairing work is to be carried out are
Area Gamma monitors ,beta gamma hand foot & clothing monitors ,alpha hand monitors, contamination
monitors ,counting system These instruments consist of large no. precision components. These are required to
be disassembled, thoroughly cleaned and then reassembled. At the time of testing, these components are
required to be assembled and disassembled to carry out calibration. This job also involves handling & moving
of heavy test equipment to site, noting down the readings etc. Entire work shall be carried out under the
guidance of departmental supervisor.
4. Completion Period:
This job is required to be done by One skilled worker with departmental supervisor for total 45 working
days within the period of 04 months from the date of issue of the workorder. Job should be started
immediately after issue of work order and after completing security/temporary Identity card formalities.
5. General conditions :
Above job is required to be done under departmental supervision.
The working personnel should observe all the safety precautions while working.
The contractor shall be solely responsible in case of any casualty for the working personnel. However,
first aid shall be given by BARC.
The working personnel should well behave with others.
General BARC security rules shall apply to all the working personnel. Contractor and its employees
must have the police verification certificate with them.
Working hours : 9.00 hrs. to 17.00 hrs. Monday to Friday. In case of requirement, the working
personnel will have to work on Saturdays and Sundays with prior permission and intimation, for which
no extra payments will be made.
No transport facility shall be provided to the contractor’s personnel by BARC.
Contractor shall be solely responsible for the matter to contractor’s working personnel inside BARC.
6. Payment:
Payment shall be made only on satisfactory completion of work and production of bill and advance stamped
receipt. In general after submission of all the papers, it takes about a month’s period for releasing the
payment. As per standard practice followed in BARC, Income tax @ 2% & Surcharge on IT as applicable and
educational cess on IT & SC as applicable will be deducted from your Bill.
7. Guarantee :
06 months from the date of completion, against workmanship/defects.