Acknowledgment of reviewers for BUMC Proceedings, volumes 24–27

Acknowledgment of reviewers for BUMC Proceedings, volumes 24–27
ur thanks to those who reviewed and critiqued manuscripts submitted to Baylor University Medical
Center Proceedings for publication in volumes 24 through 27. Reviewing scientific papers is an often
unrecognized, arduous, and time-consuming task. We are grateful to our editorial board members
and to the following additional reviewers for contributing their valuable comments and suggestions.
Joerg Albrecht, MD
Brady Allen, MD
Sumeet K. Asrani, MD
Manish D. Assar, MD
David W. Barnett, MD
Vic Ben-Ezra, PhD
Rafic F. Berbarie, MD
Nancy Berliner, MD
Robert D. Black, MD
Stuart B. Black, MD
Christine Brown, MD
Ned Carp, MD
Keith M. Cavaness, DO
Themistokles Chamogeorgakis, MD
Alan D. Cook, MD
Daniel Cooper, MD
John J. Cush, MD
Gary Davis, MD
Patricia De Leon, DO
Daniel C. DeMarco, MD
Claude Denham, MD
Dannae DeVahl, PT, DPT
Alan S. Donsky, MD
Kyle E. Doughty, MD
Simon Driver, PhD
Rosemary A. Dubiel, DO
Cara A. East, MD
John E. Eisenlohr, MD
Adam M. Falcone, MD
Ehab Farag, MD
Joshua K. Fine, MD
Robert L. Fine, MD
Karen L. Fink, MD
Gerald F. Fletcher, MD
John S. Fordtran, MD
Michael L. Foreman, MD
Steve M. Frost, MD
Geoffrey A. Funk, MD
Betsy Ann George, MD
Michael Grant, MD
James H. Gray, MD
Court Gunn, MD
Thomas C. Gunning, MD
Clinton C. Haley, MD, MPH
Shelley A. Hall, MD
Raynal R. Hamilton, MD
Baron L. Hamman, MD
John Harrington, MD
Robert L. Hebeler, MD
Kyle Heffner, MS, CPFT, CCT
Howard J. Heller, MD
G. Ken Hempel, MD
Christian Hengstenberg, MD
Joseph H. Hise, MD
Houston E. Holmes, MD
Aneley Hundae, MD
Robert W. Inzer, MD
Monica Kalra, DO
Beat Knechtle, MD, PhD
Anil K. Koganti, MD
E. Colin Koon, MD
Jeffrey M. Kopita, MD
Robert C. Kowal, MD
Robert A. Kyle, MD
Carl C. Lavie, MD
Kennith F. Layton, MD
Marlon Levy, MD
Moshe Y. Levy, MD
Thomas P. Lohmann, MD
Peter Louis, MD
John E. Madias, MD
Samuel P. Marynick, MD
Carolyn M. Matthews, MD
Ankit N. Mehta, MD
James D. Meler, MD
Isaac Melguizo-Gavilanes, MD
M. Alan Menter, MD
Christopher B. Michael, MD
Mark Millard, MD
Alok Mohan, MD
Eric S. Nadler, MD
George R. Nissan, DO
John C. O’Brien, MD
Laura B. Petrey, MD
Daniel Pham, MD
Jonathan Philpott, MD
John D. Pigott, MD, MHA
John T. Preskitt, MD
Charles S. Roberts, MD
Robert L. Rosenthal, MD
Justin Sacks, MD
Syed A. Sarmast, MD
Sterling R. Schow, DMD
John C. Schwartz, MD
Sadat A. Shamim, MD
William P. Shutze, MD
Barry D. Silverman, MD
Louis M. Sloan, MD
Norman Slusher, MD
Michael J. Smerud, MD
Bertram L. Smith, MD
Peter Snell, PhD
George J. Snipes, MD
Wynne M. Snoots, MD
Joseph Spigel, MD
Jeffrey Stroup, PharmD
Elliot B. Tapper, MD
Marc A. Tribble, MD
R. Gilbert Triplett, DDS, PhD
James F. Trotter, MD
Carlos E. Velasco, MD
Jean C. Wang, MD
Ann Marie Warren, PhD
Allen B. Weisse, MD
Matthew Westmoreland, MD
Kevin Wheelan, MD
Barry N. Wilcox, MD
Mehrzad Zarghouni, MD
Proc (Bayl Univ Med Cent) 2015;28(1):134