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APRIL 23th-24th 2015
IT4Fashion is an industrial conference that took place for the first time in 2011, planned
annually and focused on the use of new technologies to support the supply chain management
in Fashion Goods Industries.
The event is structured through case studies presentations, illustrated by the major companies
operating in the fashion industry, and an exhibition area dedicated to breakthrough and
innovative products - both software than hardware - able to support to the entire product
lifecycle. The topics of the case studies may range from the product development phase (New
Product Development or NPD) to the area of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) , from
ERPs to SCM software, from business intelligence tools to software measuring customer
Logislab, Laboratorio appartenente a PIN S.c.r.l. Polo Universitario Città di Prato, Piazza
Giovanni Ciardi, 25 59100 Prato, W., E. [email protected]
The event is organized by the LogisLab Laboratory, a scientific lab of the University of Florence,
jointly with a scientific committee, composed by both academic and industrial researchers as
well as IT managers coming from the major brands of the Fashion industry, with the support of
the company PLM Systems ( for the PLM topic. In particular, the
scientific committee, within the 2015 edition, is composed by of the following people:
Scientific Director
Program Chair
Prof. Rinaldo Rinaldi, Università di
Firenze, Responsabile Scientifico LogisLab
Romeo Bandinelli, Università di Firenze,
Researcher, LogisLab
Scientific Committee:
Andrea Agnolucci, Member of Logistics
Steering Committee and Group IT
Industrial Manager Prada S.p.a.
Alvise Mariuzzo, IT Manager Braccialini
Gaetano Aiello, Università di Firenze,
Dean, Department of Management and
Business Administration
Federico Caniato, Politecnico di Milano,
Professor of Supply Chain and Purchasing
Ferragamo S.P.A.
Elisabetta Cianfanelli, Università di
Firenze, Associate Professor, Industrial
Chiara Corini, Worldwide Leather Goods
Operations Director Guccio Gucci S.p.a.
Luca Isidori, IT Manager Peuterey Group
Giuseppe Orlando, IS&T Manager Fendi
Andrea Sbisà, IT Director Stefano Ricci
Tito Simone,
Lorenzo Tazzi, IT Manager Tessilform
Sergio Terzi, Università di Bergamo,
Scientific director of the Ge.Co, Observatory
on PLM
Stefano Valente, Group CIO Versace
Andrea Veroni, CIO LIU JO
Andrea Vinelli, Università di Padova,
Direttore Osservatorio Sistema Moda
LogisLab is a university lab established with the aim of developing relations between academic
research and companies.
LogisLab operates nation-wide, focusing on topics related to the improvement of logistics
performance, through joint research projects. LogisLab works in the field of logistics and supply
chain management, through the collaboration of professors and university researchers with
industry professionals. Main areas of intervention are related to the Supply Chain Management
in the Fashion Goods, Wine and HealthCare industries.
It4Fashion conference has been organized for the first time in 2011, at the prestigious location
of "Il Palagio di Parte Guelfa" in the historic center of Florence. This edition registered about
380 participation requests, 1.816 unique visits to the official website, 7395 pages viewed, 04.08
minutes average time onsite and a presence of about 280 people.
The next editions signed an exponential growth in the number of participation requests and
participants. In detail, both the two editions held at the Grand Hotel Mediterraneo, located in
Lungarno del Tempio, Florence, registered about 450 participation requests and 350
participants in 2012 and over 600 applications with 450 participants for 2013. Moreover, in the
2013 edition, in parallel to the main conference, there was an afternoon workshop dedicated to
SMEs that registered about 100 participants.
In 2014 the conference, due to the increasing number of participants, moved again toward a
bigger location: the “Teatro Obihall”.
The participation to the 2014 edition has been requested by more than 1.000 people and 650 of
them attended the conference.
During the past editions (2011-2014) more than 50 case studies have been presented by the
following companies:
Accessories, Bags & Cosmetics S.P.A., Aeffe group (Segue…), B&C Swiss, DIESEL Italia S.p.A.,
Braccialini s.r.l., Bottega Veneta, J.L. International, Peutereu Group S.p.a., Monnalisa S.p.A.,
Studio Alliance Footwear , S.L., Gruppo Germani – Kokka, Gruppo La Perla, GUESS Europe,
Harmont & Blaine, Imperial S.p.a., Lanificio Cariaggi, Tessilform S.p.A., Lacoste, Lottosport
S.p.A., Luxottica Group, Salvatore Ferragamo S.p.A., Miss Sixty S.P.A., DSQUARED2,
Sportwear Company, Stefanel, Gerry Weber, Miroglio Group, Guccio Gucci, Staff International
S.p.a., Valentino Fashion Group, Bruno Magli, Liu Jo, Swinger International.
The program of the previous editions of the conference are available at the following address:
IT4Fashion in numbers
IT4FASHION 2015 edition
Presentation of the event
The 2015 edition will be held in the building “Le Pagliere”, within the “Complesso Monumentale
del Giardino delle Scuderie Reali e Pagliere”, on 23th and 24th of April.
The conference will start in the afternoon of the 23th, with the aim to create a networking event
involving sponsors and managers of the major brand invited.
For this purpose, at 17:30 on April 23 will be held a workshop, where managers (CIO, CEO;
CTO, CFO, etc….) of the major fashion companies will be invited. This event is reserved to a
limited number of people, as Silver and Gold sponsors. Standard sponsor will not be invited to
this workshop.
During the workshop participants will attend two speeches from international and well known
researchers followed by a panel discussion where each sponsor (Silver and Gold) will be able to
comment and integrate, according to their skills, topics introduced by the previous speakers.
Afterwards, guests will be introduced to gala dinner by a tasting of typical Tuscan dishes.
The day 24th will be organized in accordance to the same structure of the previous year. The
conference will start with a plenary session, followed by three parallel session. In the plenary
session, after a brief speech of the organizers, gold sponsors will illustrate the major trends in
the fashion industries. The parallel sessions will be dedicated to case studies and are presented
directly by the CIO of the fashion companies. The afternoon will be organized likewise, with
plenary and parallel session. A round table will close the conference. -
The location
The Scuderie Reali garden
The complex of the Fabbric of the Royal Stables (Scuderie Reali) was built when Florence was
a capital city, between 1866 and 1869, because of the Court’s need for larger stables, which could
host horses and the quarters of the staff.
It includes the wide green area surrounded by the Boboli Garden, della Pace and del Mascherino
streets, Machiavelli avenue and Porta Romana, where the Scuderie buildings, at the moment
site of the Art Institute, and the Pagliere, used as Museum of the Figurative Arts of the 20th
century, are located.
Le Pagliere
The Pagliere building is a complex of great architectural
importance, of a unique type in the Florence building
landscape. It is constituted by a long central body organized
on two levels, with two lateral wings, which qualify as
foreparts, articulated on three levels. The prospect is
characterized by an arcade on Machiavelli avenue and
another one on the Porta Romana garden, with wide
windows with baked clay grids. The ground floor, now
divided by partitions, was originally one large hall which hosted horses, marked by pillars and
covered by cross vaults. The upper floor, introduced by the loggia, was used as a warehouse for
hay. The floor shows the original function, being the path where the cattle trucks would drive
in stone rather than in baked clay. The two lateral bodies hosted the staff and are still partially
inhabited by the personnel of the Soprintendenza who take care of the building. The building of
the Pagliere was left unused for a long time, until the beginning of the 30s when it became the
location of the scenography workshops of the City Theatre. The new destination was chosen
because of the spaciousness of the room, where the scenography sets were created, and due to
the strict link between the Theatre and the scenography workshop of the School, at that lime
famous in Italy for the quality of the teachers, above all in
painting and decorative sculpture. From 1932 to 1959 the
monumental backcloths were painted at the Pagliere, where
artists such as Giorgio de Chirico, Felice Casorati, Cipriano
Efisio Oppo, Gino Severini, Toti Scialoja and Mario Sironi used
to come to check the execution of their projects. The building
was then used as a warehouse by the some Theatres, from 1950
to 1987. The original function of the building is well
recognizable from the large windows in brick grids, as well as from the direction of the factory
bodies, which allowed a perfect air circulation, necessary to preserve the hay (paglia). The south
facades, better exposed to the Sun, are protected by the arcade, whereas the north facades have
larger size to allow the highest light and air penetration, in a transversal direction.
Sponsor of the previous editions: (alphabetical order):
Levels of sponsorship available
Within the 2015 event, four different level of sponsorship are proposed (Gold, Silver, Standard
plus and Standard) with different costs and visibility, according to the following table:.
Cost (€)
Standard sponsorship includes:
- full visibility of the sponsor name and logo on the event website and in all the other
official communications;
- a 6 mq booth in the exhibit area, with a standard preparation (some options can be
defined during the definition of the contract) and electrical power (220V)
- possibility of submitting a proposal of a case study for the conference, to be presented
in a parallel session. If accepted by the Scientific Committee, the case study will take
up a 30 minutes slot to be presented. Presentation will be given by people from the
company where the solution was implemented by the sponsor;
- mailing list of the participants;
In addition to Standard, Standard plus sponsorship includes:
Standard plus
- availability of a panel of 6 mq to be placed in front of the booth and possibility to
personalize the graphics of it with the name and the logo of the sponsor.
In addition to Standard plus, Silver sponsorship includes:
- positioning of the stand in a reserved area, with a dimension of 9 mq instead of 6 mq
- Presence of a totem with the graphic of the sponsor outside the location of the event,
near the place dedicated to the registration/coffe break
- possibility to attend the afternoon session on April 23 including the participation to
gala dinner for a maximum number of participants from the sponsor side equal to 5
- possibility to attend with a representative of the sponsor at the round table of the
afternoon session during the first day
In addition to Silver, Gold sponsorship includes:
- dimension of the booth of 12 mq instead of 9 mq;
- a time slot of 30 minutes for a presentation to be held at the plenary session directly
by the sponsor. Presentation will include contextual and future aspects of fashion and
fashion. The presentation will be given through on-screen multimedia slide projection,
accompanied by an explanation.
Only silver and gold sponsors are in charge to define, with the organizers, special solutions
and/or additional installations within the conference area.
Costs are VAT excluded.
For further information, please contact:
Laboratorio appartenente a PIN
S.c.r.l. Polo Universitario Città di
Piazza Giovanni Ciardi, 25
59100 Prato
E. [email protected]