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aerogel granulates / beads / powders
ISOGEL® is a high performance silica aerogel material developed by
ENERSENS® and made at ENERSENS® industrial plant according
to a patented process. It features good flowing properties. Customers
who need a particular particle size for their application can easily
calibrate the beads by crushing them through chosen metal screens.
Main characteristics:
Thermal Conductivity
@ 20°C @ Patm
Particle Size
Type of particles
Bulk Density
Tapped Density
Surface Chemistry
Pores Diameter
Mercury Porosity
Specific Surface (N2 BET)
Service temperature @ Patm
pH stability range
Water uptake
Minimal ignition energy
Minimum Ignition Temperature
Calorific value
Enthalpy (H)
Heat capacity (Cp) at 25°C
Angle of slope
Particle compressive strength
Tensile Strength (monolith)
18-20 mW/(m.K)
depending on granulometry and stacking
1200 - 3500 microns (other sizes upon request)
Non spherical particles
68 Kg/m3 (60-90)
= 0,90 * apparent density
Fully hydrophobic and corrosion resistant
5 to 12 nm
90 - 98%
750 - 950 m2/g
-160°C to 250 °C
1 to 9 included
2,4% after 100 days @ 70°C, 50%RH
Grade A+
>1000 mJ
470 °C
6 MJ/Kg
38 J/g/°C
1582 J/kg.K
5,9x1013 Ohm.m
0,3 to 0,8 MPa
10 to 20 kPa
For any further enquiry please send a mail to: [email protected]
Isogel® datasheet release 2.87 July 2014
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