News Letters

The American Legion
St Marys Post 323
2880 Celina Road, St Marys, Ohio, 45885
E-Mail-- [email protected]
Facebook Page--https://
Legion Officers
Commander—Jeff Steinke
1st Vice Commander— Justin Arnold
2nd Vice Commander— Randy Micheal
3rd Vice Commander—
Adjutant—James Dieringer
Finance Officer—Tom Grunden
Chaplain----Brian Wisener
Historian---Floyd Braun
Executive Committee—John McJunkin,
Ron Kline, Arlen Fry, Larry Dieringer
Auxiliary Officers
S.A.L Officers
President—Judy Block
1st Vice President—Alice Beougher
2nd Vice President—
Treasure—Diane Rush
Chaplain—Sue Weadock
Sgt-at-Arms—Georgia Grunden
Executive Committee—Dorothy
Commander—Jim Rowen
1st Vice Commander—Dave
2nd Vice Commander- Toby Rion
Adjutant—Dave Coleman
Hello Fellow Legionnaires’:
Holidays are over and we are back on track for another great year. I hope
everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. Hopefully 2015 will be even
better at Post 323.
I became a member 10 plus years ago. I use to sit at the bar and think of
how to make our Post better. Sometimes I would think quietly about it and
sometimes I would think out loud. So, I decided to put my mouth to work. I
became involved with more and more things. I got my feet wet by becoming
3rd Vice. Now I have worked my way up to Commander. It’s tough but I
want to make a change. Not sit at the bar and complain about things. Oh,
Yea, I use to do that. No different than anyone else. I've learned a lot since
then. Now I might not be at every function but I try my best. I wish others
would do the same. Just helping out once a year would be appreciated by all.
This is a great American Legion. I know I can say one of the best. We still
have an opening for 3rd vice open, as well as Sgt at Arms. If anyone would
be interested in getting involved please let an officer know.
Enough venting. Fish Fry will be starting Jan. 23rd. Please come out and
enjoy some fish and see some old faces. We will be frying fish every 4th
Friday until November. I hope to be speaking to those that have volunteered
in the past real soon. Maybe even talk to some new ones!
Come out to the canteen and enjoy a beverage and watch the game on
the big screen. Jenny and the girls will make you feel right at home. There is
a little talk of a couple of new things in the canteen. Come out and see. They
even cook some delicious food.
As far as the holidays over the next couple of months. Ground Hog day
is real soon. Maybe the canteen will have something to party about. For you
fellow men. DON'T forget about Valentine's day! It might be the deciding
factor on how your next couple of months goes! LOL
Our past functions in 2014 helped raise money for our community, kids
programs, and other great things. If it wasn't for our members at Post 323
none of this could happen. We strive to keep this going for many years to
come. Just to see someone’s face smiling by making a difference in their life,
or by watching kids do things that normally they wouldn't get to do. This is
some of the things that bring joy to your heart. Please help to keep these
things going. Just by being a member of This great Legion is helping.
Volunteering once in a while is another. Please feel free to stop out and ask
what you can do for your Post.
Bingo is every Thursday, starting at 7:00 P.M. Come out and play or
volunteer to help. Either way it is a lot of fun and interesting!
Jeff Steinke, Commander
Fellow SAL Members
It’s time for the first newsletter of 2015. Where did the year go? I would like
to start the new year off by thanking everyone for their prayers for when I was
in the hospital and recovering at home. I hope everyone also has a safe and
happy holiday season.
Now to get down working for the new year. The membership is now at
97 members and our quota for this year is 137 so we are getting closer but still
have a way to go. We are in last place for Auglaize in getting our membership
turned in. Thanks to the members that have paid. Remember the dues this
year are $20 for members and $10 for junior member and duo member.
Membership is everyone responsibility, so if you know someone that has not
paid their dues please remind them. I will be placing a list of members that
have not paid their dues for the year at the post.
A couple of new projects that we are going to try are a scotch doubles at
Varsity Lanes to raise money for the Child Welfare Foundation. This is a
program that the SAL supports nationwide to help children across the USA. It
will be on January 17, 2015 starting at 8:00PM. This can be an event that the
bowlers can earn their way to the state bowling tournament by coming out and
Another project that we are kicking around is raffling off a shopping
spree at Pantry Pride. We are in the preliminary stages of getting this put
together and more details to follow.
So on a closing note please get your dues paid and come out to the
meetings and help with some projects to help the St. Marys SAL unit.
David Coleman