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Continuous Improvement
Following the inspection, the headteacher, Mrs
Janice Collins, became headteacher at Comely
Park Primary School. Mrs Lesley Higgins became
acting headteacher and was then appointed as
headteacher and has taken forward the school
action plan. The school has taken seriously the
recommendations raised in the inspection of
December 2004. This has been evidenced in
classroom observations, meetings, discussions
with pupils and staff, and from paperwork
produced by the school.
Shieldhill Primary School was inspected in
December 2004 as part of a national sample of
primary education. The school received a positive
report with a number of key strengths identified.
As a result of the strong report, HM Inspectors
decided to make no further visits to the school in
connection with the report.
HM Inspectors also identified two main points for
action which the school and the authority have
addressed jointly.
As part of the HMIE follow through process, Falkirk
Council Education Services was asked to evaluate
the progress made by the school in taking forward
the recommendations and publish a report on
progress to parents.
Progress in meeting the recommendations has
been monitored and supported by the Quality
Improvement Manager and Psychological
Services. The Head of School Improvement held a
Performance review meeting with Mrs Higgins in
October 2006 to help identify new priorities for the
school. Teaching and support staff have been
committed to taking the school’s plan forward.
Attainment 5-14
Attainment at Shieldhill was good at the time of the
inspection. The overall attainment in reading and
writing has improved further while that in
mathematics has remained steady. Attainment at
almost all stages is above authority average with
many pupils in P2 and in the upper stages attaining
levels earlier than expected.
Progress against the two action points identified
by HMIe is detailed opposite.
Action Point 1
Improve aspects of attainment in English language
and mathematics as identified in this report.
New reading and language resources have
been identified, purchased and introduced.
Pupils show improved understanding of writer’s
craft and a greater awareness of a variety of
genre at upper stages. More pupils are
exceeding expected outcomes in reading and
Pupils’ progression in acquiring listening and
talking skills has been improved and the range
of experiences extended. Attainment in talking
and listening has consequently improved. Most
pupils achieve appropriate national levels in
listening and talking.
Staff have participated in ICT Staff
Development. Pupils now have more
opportunities to use ICT in mathematics
especially to organise and display data.
Falkirk Council’s 5-14 Framework for Teaching
Problem Solving Strategies has been
implemented and staff development has been
provided. Pupils are more able to apply problem
solving strategies in a wider variety of contexts.
Very good progress has been made towards
meeting this recommendation.
Action Point 2
Continue to develop aspects of learning and
teaching to ensure appropriate pace and
challenge for all pupils.
For further information on the HMIe report, this
summary report or the Council’s strategy for
Raising Achievement please contact the
headteacher or
Follow Through Report on the
Inspection of
The Communication and Information Co-ordinator
Falkirk Council, Education Services
McLaren House,
Marchmont Avenue,
Polmont FK2 0NZ
Tel 01324 506600
In addition to the points listed against Action Point
1, progress has also included the following:
Staff have identified opportunities for
independent learning and pupils now
experience more opportunities to take
responsibility for their own learning.
A Strategy for Raising Achievement
May 2007
Further copies of this report and the original HMIe
report are available from the school or on the HMIe
website at
Falkirk Council Education Services are committed
to open communication that achieves shared
understanding and helps overcome barriers. This
leaflet can be made available in other languages, in
Braille, large print information or on audio-tape.
Please contact 01324 506600 for further information.
Homework has been reviewed and aims shared
with parents. Homework now provides
appropriate challenge for pupils.
Personal Learning Planning has developed
further to include Mathematics, Personal and
Social Development and Communication Skills
and parental comments about the information
provided are very positive.
Very good progress has been made towards
meeting this recommendation.
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