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Welcome to my world of Art!
While my new website is still in the making,
I present to you the newest updates in this newsletter now!
It is always a great great feeling to give and share and so I created
with utmost joy this newsletter filled with my latest artworks and
services. And with the upcoming Holiday Season in sight, I created
some extra Holiday Season gift specials.
And feel free to contact me if you want to see the artwork (and
previews) live! Looking forward connecting with you!
Kindest regards,
- 2 New paintings are being released, ‘ Present‘ which is shown on
the front page and ‘ Tree‘ of which new card sets are created.
- Communing with Infinity and Of New Beginning are now available
in small print as well. Great to collect!
-7 New card Sets are added to the store!
- a brand new
childrens series
are in the making, stay tuned!
❤ Order Special Card sets and receive extra gifts (page 6)
❤ Order small Print and receive 1 card set (regular size) as a
gift (page 8)
❤ Upon purchasing a Limited Edition (page 5) you receive a Small
Print or gift certificate of $125,My wish and vision is that the Artwork will spread where they are
most beneficial and enjoyed.
If you would love to donate or gift a painting to someone or organization (hospital, healing centre, creative room in office etc.), I
would love to give you a special (unreleased) Small Print of a specially created new Painting.
❤ FREE PAYMENT PLAN. If you would love to purchase a Limited Edition Artwork, it is possible to pay with customized payment
plan, with no extra fee til the end of this year.
Contact me for the options!
““ ” Your art is such a gift to others, not to mention full of
beautiful Universal love energy.”
Featured Artwork
Communing With Infinity
I losen my mind in warm embrace
And am found in one single heartbeat
Infinitely caressed, danced with
encouraged, nurtured, loved
Bathing in symphonies of creation
Beyond the ancient voices whispering
All sound from one
Following yet guiding me
Curious of our new creation
It has been a journey of many years in finding a way to express what I held
deeply inside my heart. I understand now after embracing the expressions
that found their way on the canvas that it is not the art in itself but the essence it expresses needs to be released and recognized in order to bring it
forth into existance. As the eye observes and absorbs the art, there is recognition, essences meet, recollect. A new world unfolds and it can be felt.
When the painting is placed in the room people feel a deep sense of peace,
calmness, and the room feels clear and energized.
When placed in the bedroom, people experienced immediate remarkable increase of being able to sleep (after many years of interrupted sleeping
patterns). It is for these qualities perhaps that it is a favourite among many
people at this time. Available in Limited Edition, smaller print and card set.
Preview Art
Impressions of of new paintings, soon to be released!
These art works will become availabe in Limited Editions,
greeting cards, smaller high quality prints and
childrens editions.
Would you like to see and experience the paintings live in person
or via my Online Gallery? Please contact Irene at [email protected]
Irene’s creations are living, breathing, pulsing works of Beauty that
transport you on a cosmic journey as far as you would like to travel.”
~ Lisa
Art - Limited Editions
Communing with Infinity
Of New Beginning
DeLuxe Edition : 25
DeLuxe Edition : 15
120 x 100 cm 47 1/4 x 37 3/8 inch
120 x 80 cm 47 1/4 x 31 1/2 inch
Paper Edition: 50
Paper Edition: 50
smaller size, with white borders
Becoming (Hidden Treasure)
smaller size, with white borders
New! Present
DeLuxe Edition : 15
DeLuxe Edition : 15
50 x 70 cm 19 11/16 x 27 9/16 inch
50 x 70 cm 19 11/16 x 27 9/16 inch
Paper Edition: 50
Paper Edition: 50
smaller size, with white borders
smaller size, with white borders
DeLuxe Edition: Highest quality Giclee print on canvas, hand varnished
with highest quality varnish in multiple layers by artist, hand signed.
Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Paper Edition: Highest quality Giclee print on paper, varnished with UV
protected varnish and hand signed by artist. Comes with a Certificate of
For information, sizes and prices, please contact Irene at [email protected]
New - Greeting Cards
These NEW greeting cards
come in sets of 5 identical cards and
luxury envelopes. The back side of each card has a poem related to the art
work. The sets are available in larger (US) size for US $33.-
❤ Buy two sets and receive 2 greeting card extra for free (surprise cards)
❤ Buy four sets and receive 4 greeting cards extra for free (surprise cards)
❤ HOLIDAY SEASON SET: for this Holiday Season, I created a set of
18 cards in US size, which contains 3 cards of all 6 designs for US $99.-
Prints - Greeting cards
#1 #3
front in full size
#2 front in close up
front in full size
front in close up
New! #6
front in close up
front in close up
Greeting cards
come in sets of 5 identical cards and luxury envelopes.
The back side of each card has a poem related to the art work.
Sets are available in regular (European) size (1 stamp needed) forUS $22.- and larger (US) size for US $33.-
❤ Buy two sets and receive 1 greeting card extra for free (surprise card)
❤ Buy four sets and receive 2 greeting cards extra for free (surprise cards)
❤ INTRO SET: a set of 18 cards in US size, which contains 3 cards of all 6
designs for US $99.-
New - Art Prints
“We now have your painting
“Communing With Infinity” on the wall across
from our bed and I just look at it and goes
straight to Creator Source immediately....
It also seems to put out a very pure,
cleansing energy that pervades the entire space
purifying every molecule.” L.
Communing with Infinity
Of New Beginning
❤ New! High quality prints
These high quality prints come in smaller size and will lift up any
space in your room or office space. They are wonderful to meditate
with. At this time, prints are available of Communing with Infinity
and Of New Beginning. Over time more images will be released. This
makes it possible to collect any of your favourite paintings and
change prints over time, as each holds its unique quality, look and
feel and energy. The sizes are approximately 11.7 x 16.5 inch of the
image plus extra white border.They are printed on highest quality
paper and only highest qualities inks are used, bring forth and sustain the vibrancy and depth of color. Hand signed.
Th price of one print is US $ 150.-
Uplifting Integral Design
As an extra service, I am offering logo, flyer and business card design.
If you feel drawn to have me design this for you, or if you have an idea
to work out, please contact me. Among my clients are small and larger
business owners, people starting up their business, schools and those
who just love a logo for themselves! Creations can range from simple
design to more complex, in a variety of price ranges.
In most cases it is possible to work on short term notice.
“I love the logo. It’s more than a logo - it holds an energy that keeps me aligned
with my purpose. It gives me strength and courage. It inspires me. It helps me
feel love for myself and my being.” ~ Catherine
Sessions / Live Gallery
If you are interested in any of the art works and would
like to see the original paintings and experience their
energies live, please contact me to make an appointment. I will personally show you live online my Art Gallery
through Skype The gallery has more paintings than are
shown in this item.
It is also possible to do a live session with one of the
We take time to connect with a painting of your choice
so you can experience more deeply the energies emanating from the art
To book a session and/or view the Live Gallery, please contact Irene
at [email protected]
“Thank you for this visual meditation. I could feel the energy in your words
soaking into me like liquid light, awakening my remembering
and my response in LOVE.” ~ W.
“There are no words to describe this experience. Absolutely beyond anything I
could have or imagined it to be. I’ve never experienced infinite possibilities and the
restructuring of my physical cells on such a deep level.” ~ D.
Coming soon...
childrens series
YES! A series of paintings and prints are in the making that are suited
very well for kids (of all ages..)! The artwork can be utilized as
a highly educational tool, that allows for playful exploration
of the images and energies. It will stimulate the senses and
encourages to explore without any set rules.
The child is given a space to observe with the eyes, and feel
with the body, trust their intuition and trust and
use their own imagination. It has been my desire to
make stimulating materials available that accept,
acknowledge and allow for ones unique perception and ways how life is experienced and explored. These prints can enhance
experiencing and expressing the multiverse of life itself.
The prints will be the size of a larger picturebook and printed on strong quality carton and coated for easy use. The price will be around $15,- And can be
great to collect! If you are interested in these prints and like to work with them,
please let me know!
“I love the painting, she is a real artist! It looks like 3D!
It makes me go up and down (the energy).
You know, this painting is real! “ ~ 8 year old Miles, California
More Information
If you would like to purchase one of the Art Works, I would highly recommend
you to view the paintings live in my online Gallery. I can show you the paintings you are interested in and we can go through the details of price, custom size and shipment/delivery time. The Limited Edition is carefully printed
especially for you by a professional master printer of Giclee prints from The
Netherlands and finished off by the artist. Each print will thus be unique
and especially created for you.
“I was truly amazed with the quality of the prints
and the SAME feel, vibrancy, color and LIFE FORCE pulsing in and through them as
the original.” ~L.
Shipment & Delivery
The estimated shipping and handling fees for the greeting cards range
from approximately US $13.50 for one set and US $ 25.- for 2 or more sets.
Delivery time ranges between 7 - 21 days, depending on weight and US
Contact info:
Irene Kuijt
[email protected] (SOON New website!)