BC Transit Conference

BC Transit Workshop
Host Submission Process
BC Transit organizes an annual workshop. The target audience includes our local partners
(municipal and transit operators), elected officials, suppliers and BC Transit staff.
The BC Transit Workshop has three objectives:
1) To share information and build relationships by offering networking opportunities
2) To create a professional development opportunity for transit professionals
3) To showcase the host’s City and Region.
A Workshop Committee is struck with representatives from the host community, BC Transit.
The Committee seeks speakers, venues, sponsors and negotiates with venues. The Host
representatives provide leadership in hospitality during the conference.
Criteria for Hosting Workshop
The hosting community:
1. will have meeting space to accommodate up to up to 150 delegates.
2. will have a host hotel to accommodate delegates (up to 100 rooms)
3. will have a variety of transportation options to travel to the conference from around
the province. (air, ground)
4. will have additional venues for other activities
As conference hosts the community will:
1. provide representatives for Workshop Committee (approximately 10 hours)
2. assist with information about their community
3. organize a local tour
4. host a venue for an early evening reception
5. provide local volunteers during the workshop (approximately 24hrs of staff time)
6. officially welcome the delegates at the opening ceremony
The workshop is designed as a cost-neutral function. The registration fees and sponsorships
cover the costs of the main workshop.
Submission Process
A submission from the local government should be sent to BC Transit c/o Anita Wasiuta,
workshop committee. The submission, accompanied by a letter of support from the Mayor,
should address the hosting criteria outlined above and include a brief description of various
venues and attractions which would be of benefit to the Workshop.
The Workshop Committee will review the submission based on the criteria listed above and
notify applicants. Upon acceptance of the host community, a letter of agreement will be
prepared for signatures by the local government and BC Transit.
For more information contact: Anita Wasiuta, Marketing Manager, BC Transit
T: 250.995.5613, F : 250.995.5641
E: [email protected]