12-28-2014 Bulletin - Pasadena Community Church

Join us for LINKED on Wednesdays!
Join Rev. Sidney Tompkins from 8:00am - 8:30am
for songs, devotional time, communion and prayer.
Classes begin January 7
Dinner at 5:30pm
Classes at 6:30pm
The Seekers Bible Study 10:00am
Altar Flowers are given with love to honor and celebrate the 67th wedding
anniversary of George and Betty Ann Patterson.
Quilters 2:00pm
Dinner Menu
For Jan 7
Chronological Study of Bible 6:30pm
Bible Study with Pastor Charley 6:30pm
Holiday Closings - The Church Offices will be closed January 1 and 2.
The Family Toolbox (letting go of past hurts) 6:30pm
Mission Possible!, Pastor Reeb’s book of sermons is available for purchase
($20) in the Church Office. Proceeds benefit PCC ministries. A great gift!
Short Stories 6:30pm
Men’s Morning Gathering on Tuesdays at 6:45am at Starbucks (Central Ave
and 66th Street). Join Jerry Bohannon and Martin Hemmes for coffee, casual
conversation, scripture and prayer before you start your busy day!
Tags - If you’ve requested a PCC name tag, please pick it up in the Narthex.
Praises Newsletter - To save money, we will be emailing Praises to those who
have an email address on file. Hard copies will be mailed to those who don’t and
will also be available in the Narthex, Church Office and on our website.
The Journey Continues. . .
Bridge 6:30pm
Herbed Crusted Pork
Oven Roasted Potatoes
Glazed Carrots
Spinach & Apple Salad
Dinner Rolls
Book discussion – The Orphan Train (begins Feb 11)
Growth & Bible Study Groups
Chi Rho (Conf A) 9:30am
Men’s Gathering (Starbucks) 6:45am
Faith Lessons (LEC 1B) 10am
Our Thrift Mall needs volunteers and donations! The Mall is open Wednesdays
and Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm. Ask for Frances or Linda!
Fusion (LEC 2B) 10am
Recreation Ministry - If you are a regular Pickleball player please check our
website for the holiday schedule. If you would like would like information about
the sport please call Dean Hoskin at 381-2499 x 227. You will love it!
Friends in Faith (Chapel) 10am
Horns & Halos (Hamilton) 10am
Parenting Teens (LEC 3A) 10am
The Seekers (Library) 10am
Quilters (LEC 2BC) 2pm
Bridge (LEC 1B) 6:30pm
Bible Study (LEC Conf B) 10am
United Methodist Women - next meeting is Tuesday, January 6 at 10:30am.
Wednesday Night Linked Dinners and Programs will resume Jan 7!
Attn: Golfers! Our PCC Mission Team will be hosting a 4 person scramble on
Friday, Feb 27 at the Bayou Golf and Country Club in Largo. Proceeds will benefit
the 2015 mission trip to Costa Rica. For details, call Teri Echevarria at 560-8447.
Contemporary (Sanctuary) (with sign language interpreter)
Classes for All Ages
Traditional (Sanctuary)
Wednesday Morning Worship (Goodwin Chapel)
9:00 am
10:05 am
11:00 am
8:00 am
A new sermon series begins in January 7
From Genesis to the Gospels to Revelation, no other book has had a greater
influence on the world than the Bible. Dr. Charley Reeb will be doing a series of
messages that will take us on an exciting and transforming journey through the
Bible. We’ll learn how to read the Bible - and understand it.
Dr. Reeb will share some of the Bible’s most inspiring passages and beautiful
poetry, along with his favorite Biblical stories. As we journey through the story of
scripture, the people and themes will come alive. Most importantly, we’ll come to
understand how the Bible has real meaning for our lives today.
Journey Through the OLD Testament
Jan 7
The Old Testament in 30 Minutes
Jan 11
Abraham and Sarah
Jan 18
Moses and the Exodus
Jan 25
Joshua and Gideon
The Wisdom Literature
Feb 1
Feb 8
Prophets and Kings
Journey Through the NEW Testament
Feb 22
The New Testament in 30 Minutes
Mar 1
The Gospels
The Acts of the Apostles
Mar 8
Mar 15
The Epistles
Mar 29
9:00am Contemporary Service
11:00am Traditional Service
Tuesday, 10:00am Preschool Chapel
Wednesday, 8:00am Morning Worship
2014 Totals
Offering Income
Other Income
*Funds Due Back to Reserves
Income Less Expenses
Week 51
Church Loan Principal Balance
*The “reserves” referenced above are
from a church designated account. We
have “borrowed” from it periodically
during 2014 to meet our cash flow
requirements but our policy requires
an annual repayment.
$ 1,392,432.76
$ 237,946.90
$ 1,629,485.92
- $ 49,106.26
$ 943,360.00
You can
make it
Experience love in action at
Pasadena Community Church, where all are welcome!
CONNECT to real people, real pastors and a real God.
GROW in your faith and find your mission.
SERVE Christ by serving others and sharing your witness.
December 28, 2014
a United Methodist Congregation
227 - 70th Street South
St. Petersburg, FL 33707
E-mail [email protected]
December 28, 2014
Pre-Service Music
9:00 am
December 28, 2014
Praise Team
Sing It Again
Winds Through the Olive Trees
Barbara Posey
Go Tell It On the Mountain
(Verses: 1, 2 & 3)
*Hymn of Praise
Peyton Hawk
*Affirmation of Faith
** Children Dismissed for Children’s Church
The Glory is Yours
Don’t Ever Stop
The Apostles’ Creed
Peyton Hawk
Where Shepherd Lately Knelt
Krisstina DeRemo, flute
Pastoral Prayer and Lord’s Prayer
Matthew 2: 1-2
Rev. Sidney Tompkins
Lord I Need You
Praise Team
Offertory Prayer
Danny Hamilton, Director of Modern Worship Arts
Jennifer Anacki, Interpreter
Welcome to Sunday worship at Pasadena Community Church - a church striving to
bring Christ and Christ’s way to the world around us. We especially welcome our
first-time guests! We have a gift for you at the kiosk located in the Sanctuary
reception area. Your presence is appreciated and adds to the joy of this day!
You can access the video of each week’s sermon
and find archives of sermon manuscripts.
Matthew 2: 1-2
The Journey Continues....
Rev. Sidney Tompkins
We Three Kings
(Verses: 1 & 5)
Hymn of Invitation
At this time of invitation, you are welcome to come to the altar for prayer.
A minister will be happy to assist you. If you feel led to receive Christ as Savior
and become a member of the church, please come forward.
No prior arrangements are necessary.
If you, a family member or church friend is in the hospital,
please let the church know by calling 381-2499. Because of HIPAA laws we no
longer know if someone is in the hospital unless you supply us with their proper
name (not a middle or nickname) and what hospital they are in.
Submit your Prayer Request by placing it in the offering plate or
any Prayer Box located on the campus or by bringing it to the church office.
Prayer Requests are compiled each week by our Intercessory
Prayer Ministry. The list is available at the Wednesday Morning Chapel Service
in Goodwin Chapel at 8:00 a.m. or in the Church office. If you would like to join
this ministry via e-mail or would like to receive a copy, contact Barbara Posey at
the number above, Ext. 214.
You are welcome to come forward during the last hymn of the worship service.
No prior arrangements are necessary. If you would like to learn more about our
church contact Julie Miano at 381-2499 x 210 or [email protected]
** The Work of Christmas
Kevan Hobbs, guest pianist
*Doxology (sung together)
Presentation of God’s Tithes & Our Offerings
Rev. Sidney Tompkins
* Those who are able, please stand
** For children K - 5th grade in Ethel Sims Room
Rev. Sidney Tompkins
Rev. Sidney Tompkins
Offertory Music
At this time of invitation, you are welcome to come to the altar for prayer.
A minister will be happy to assist you. If you feel led to receive Christ as Savior
and become a member of the church, please come forward.
No prior arrangements are necessary.
No Ear May Hear
Prayer Response
The Journey Continues....
Invitation to Respond
Barbara Posey
Children’s Moment
*Gloria Patri (sung together)
Praise Team
Rev. Sidney Tompkins
arr. Wood
*Call to Worship
All are invited to move about and greet one another.
Let our hospitality towards one another reflect God’s love.
* Acts of Praise
Rev. Sidney Tompkins
Call to Prayer
Praise Team
Children’s Moment
11:00 am
Rev. Sidney Tompkins
Our church has a wonderful nursery equipped with a trained staff.
Child care is provided for both worship services. We welcome children in all
worship services. However, if they become especially restless or disruptive we
encourage you to be considerate of others and take them to the Narthex or nursery.
The worship service can be viewed live on a TV screen in the Narthex. Any usher
will be happy to direct you.
ALSO - please be courteous to others by turning off your cell phone
during worship services. Thank you!
Rev. Sidney Tompkins
Benediction Response
Infant Holy, Infant Lowly
Angels We Have Heard on High
arr. Bock
Robert Drick, Director of Sacred Arts
Joyce White, Guest Organist
Judy Pietreniak, Guest Pianist
* Those who are able, please stand.
** This music has been given by Eleanor Hanks in honor of her son, Kevin Hanks
Assisted Listening Headsets are available on a limited basis and are located in
the reception area. If you are a member or regular attendee we ask that you bring
your own small AM/FM radio with headset and tune into FM radio station 99.1 so our
visitors may use the headsets.