Retired Chiefs of Staff MG McLean, MG Singh, RAdm Best, Col Carl
Morgan, Col Lennox Wilson, Lt Col Gomes President of the Guyana
Veterans Legion, Mr Kingsley Nelson, General Secretary of the Guyana
Veterans Legion. Senior retired officers, senior serving officers, officers,
Force Sergeant Major, other ranks, veterans, distinguish guests.
We the serving officers and Other Ranks of the GDF have gathered here
this morning to honour all our veterans. The words of our monument
read "to our fallen heroes and those who have served". On behalf of the
all officers and other ranks I wish to thank you for your service to the
Guyana Defence Force and to our Nation.
We are fully aware of the sacrifices, hardships, and inconveniences
endured by you, our early officers and soldiers, as you made your
contribution to the maintenance of law and order in Guyana and the
preservation of our territorial integrity-especially during the Ankoko
occupation, the Rupununi Rebellion, the New River intrusion, and the
numerous patrolling of our land borders, our territorial sea and our
Exclusive Economic Zone, and the more recent anti-crime patrols our
urban and rural areas
You before us, have rendered exemplary service to our nation,
safeguarding our patrimony. Whether you served in the Volunteer Force,
the Special Service Unit playing an important role in our transition from
colony to an independent state, whether you served in the Guyana
People's Militia and the Guyana National Service, which were all vital
components of our national security system, we do recognize your
service today.
The leadership of the GDF remains aware of the challenging existence
of many of our veterans. As Chief of Staff along with the senior leaders
of the GDF, notwithstanding the prevailing and national security
environment, we will continue our focus on the welfare issues of our
With the Government of Guyana providing for the operating costs of our
Joint Services Veterans Home, I have ordered a substantial reduction in
the monthly payments by its occupants, with the hope that this will make
it attractive for other veterans in need of assisted living. This home
remains a powerful example of what can be achieved through
collaborative efforts of all, the Guyana Defence Force, the Government
of Guyana and our Veterans organizations both local and overseas.
We have already identified the Legion Hall on Carifesta Avenue for
refurbishment during our 50th Anniversary in 2015. The Guyana
Defence Force will continue to embrace and support the work of the
Guyana Veterans Legion as we usher in our 50th Anniversary activities,
which will involve your participation and the execution of projects
focusing on improving the welfare of our Veterans.
May we all continue to reminisce on our service to the GDF and to our
Nation. Thank you.
Brigadier Mark Phillips