D.C. Maxecuters Indoor - National Free Flight Society

National Building Museum – 1/18/2015
FLYING EXPOSITION (11:00 – 4:00)
Note that some of the events have minimum weight limits, so please prepare your models accordingly.
Mass Launch Events:
12:00 Bostonian -14g. Minimum Weight without rubber – ROG
12:45 Parlor Fly - Plans on Maxecuter web site
1:30 WW-II No-Cal - 6 g. minimum weight without rubber
2:15 Dime Scale - FAC Rules
3:00 Phantom Flash - FAC rules – plastic prop – ROG
3:45 Zaic Z-15 (a simple tissue covered model)- plans on website
Timed Events
(to be flown throughout the day 11:00 to 4:00):
Peanut Scale (Judged at the Head Table) - FAC rules
Limited Pennyplane - We are using the AMA rules. Pennyplane (3.1 g. min. w/o rubber, not more than 20 in. long, projected wingspan no
more than 18 in.; 10 in. max. motor stick, direct drive rubber motor ) further limited by a wing chord no more than 5 in.; horiz. stab no
more than 4 in. by 12 in. Motor stick must be solid; prop. dia. limited to 12 in.;no gadgets (variable pitch prop mechanisms, etc.); wing must
be monoplane.
A-6 - sample plans and rules on web site.
No-Cal - 6 g. minimum weight without rubber
- Airplanes that have won twice before at the National Building Museum cannot further compete and must be retired to exhibition and fun
flying only.
- Certificates will be awarded to those who have exceeded one minute in flight or have risen above the 4th floor catwalk and safely returned
to the floor.
- Youth fliers should check in at the head table to be instructed in the flying protocol for indoor flying (clear the floor after launching; no
running; don't pick up another's model).
- Grand Champion calculation: The points awarded to a flyer will equal the number of flyers that finish behind the winner in any given event.
- The use of steering poles are prohibited.
FLYING EXPOSITION (11:00 – 4:00)
1. Tortoise and Hare Event for the slowest flying model to complete a figure eight.
2. Mini Vapor Combat.
3. Mini Vapor Race
4. Most Unique/Creative RC model to complete a figure eight.
5. Most Beautifully Crafted Non-ARF Foam Model to complete a figure eight.
6. Most Beautifully Crafted Non-ARF Balsa-Tissue Model to complete a figure eight.
Free style flying between events.
Send Glen Simpers a note before 1/14/15 if you desire entry to the museum before 11:00. Your note
should include all names in your party and have names as they appear on your driver’s license. Glen
Simpers, [email protected], 301-843-2896