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Summary Sheet: Governing Body
14 January 2015
Title of paper
Chair’s Report
Presenter &
Ruth O’Hare, CCG Chair
Daniela Valdés, Head of Planning and Governance
Responsible Director
Matthew Bazeley
Clinical Lead
Ruth O’Hare, CCG Chair
(items are only confidential if it is in the public interest for them to be so)
The Governing body is asked to:
Note the Chair’s report.
Summary of purpose and scope of report
To provide the Governing Body with an update from the Chair on activity and actions of particular interest
to the CCG. These include:
1. The Chairs of CWHHE and BHH Remuneration Committees and HR are currently working to make
lines of accountability and responsibilities clear especially for those roles which straddle the 8 CCGs.
Since Daniel Elkele’s departure on 31st Dec 2014, Thirza Sawtell has become SRO for SaHF and I
have been nominated as her line manager.
Thirza is expected to take the lead for co-commissioning should CCG members agree later this year
to allow their CCG GB to take part in it. Given co-commissioning is a key enabler for the NWL Out of
Hospital strategy, which underpins SaHF and is integral to Whole Systems Integrated Care, it is
expected that Thirza will lead for WSIC in NWL.
2. Specialist Housing Strategy for Older People (SHSOP). The Inter Agency Agreement has been signed,
as well as agreed Head of Terms agreed for leases. Lease for Butterworth is being subject to
discussions with HJE and WCC.
Summary of purpose and scope of report
3. Central London CCG is hosting the Community Independence Service (CIS) contracts. The CCG
would wish to congratulate our GP provider network, Central London Healthcare CIC who were
awarded lead provider status as part of a collaboration of local healthcare providers including
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.
4. The CCG has been in discussion with Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust’s (CLCH’s)
executive team. The CEO for CLCH has agreed to carry out an open book review of costs and activity
within CLCH. This review will form an essential part of 2015/16 contract negotiations.
5. Tom Elrick lead for commissioning out local WSIC providers networks will be leaving on 16 January.
I would like to thank him for his valuable contributions over the last few months.
Quality & Safety/ Patient Engagement/ Impact on patient services:
The Chair is responsible for ensuring that the organisation is able to account to its local patients,
stakeholders and the NHS Commissioning Board.
Financial and resource implications
Successful and timely delivery of some of the programmes outlined have major financial implications for
the CCG.
Equality / Human Rights / Privacy impact analysis
None identified.
As above, risks associated with the successful and timely delivery of some of the programmes outlined
would have major financial implications for the CCG.
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