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Welcome new business
In the heart of the 1000 Islands, Gananoque is recognized as one of Eastern Ontario's most stunning waterfront communities. It has
truly developed into a world-class destination for travellers, businesses, and residents.
“ Congratulations on opening your new business! On behalf of the Town of Gananoque and the Economic Development Advisory Com-
mittee, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the community. The Town of Gananoque is an exciting place to do business with a diverse
commercial core, growing tourism sector, stunning location and a friendly community. This package has many resources that are available to you and your business. If you have any questions or require assistance please don’t hesitate to call or just stop by the Town Hall to
say hello.” Shelley Hirstwood , Economic Development Manager
We want to promote You and your business through accurate information and would greatly appreciate your help in
keeping our database up to date and as free from errors as possible. Please complete the Business Information Form below
with your new or updated business information. Please email to [email protected] or [email protected]
Business Name
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Business in Gananoque
The Town of Gananoque website is filled with information and funding opportunties for businesses
www. gananoque.ca/investingananoque
Community Improvement Program
The Town of Gananoque's Community Improvement Program is designed to assist property owners located within the
King Street Historic Commercial Area (commercial core) with the revitalization . Grants that are available include:
Downtown Facade Improvement Grant
Downtown Interior Improvement Residential
Downtown Interior Improvement Commercial - Grant
Downtown Accessibility Improvement Grant
Downtown Business Improvement Loan
Sign By-law
A By-law to regulate signs and other advertising devices in the Town of Gananoque. The intent of the by-lawis to enhance
community appearance, safety and preserve our historical character.
Heritage Directional Sign program
The Town of Gananoque has developed a Heritage Directional Sign program
that will see the installation of Heritage Directional signs at five predetermined locations
within the Town. Apply on-line to request a sign to promote your business.
Resources and Funding
Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) support community economic development by assisting Ontario's rural and northern communities to strengthen and diversify their economies. Also home to the Eastern Ontario
Development Program (EDOP), this site is a tremendous resource for private businesses in need of training employees,
business planning, and upgrading commercial space. Full details and application forms for funding programs are available
at www.ticdc.ca . Applications may be submitted at any time. Assistance with the application process is offered.
For a full listing of funding programs visit :
Business In Gananoque - a guide to all you need to know to start a business in Gananoque
Canada Business - Services for Entrepreneurs
The Leeds and Grenville Small Business Enterprise Centre -Guiding entrepreneurs toward business excellence
KEYS -A community-based centre with expertise in employment and employment related services.
For direct link to these and other programs visit :
Business Organziations
1000 Islands Gananoque Chamber of Commerce
Membership Application Form 2014 215 Stone Street South Gananoque Ontario K7G 2A3
613.382.7744 Fax 613.382.1585 www.1000islandschamber.com
Name of Business: _____________________________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________________________ Postal Code: _______________________________
Tel: ____________________________________________ Fax: _____________________________________
Internet: ________________________________________ E-Mail: ___________________________________
Membership fees +(HST)
1 - 5 Employees $100.00 + ($13.00) = $113.00
6 - 10 Employees $150.00 + ($19.50) = $169.50
11 + Employees $250.00+ ($32.50) = $282.50
The above business information will be used for your FREE listing in the 2013/2014 1000 Islands Business Direcotry or Travel Guide.
This is a $90.00 Value. Please provide a separate mailing address if applicable. *First option is $100, each additional option is $50
Advertising Opportunities are also available - for more information please contact the Chamber of Commerce 613 382 7744 or by
email [email protected]
The Gananoque Business Improvement Area (BIA) is a non-profit organization, representing approximately fifty
businesses and properties, in the Downtown Gananoque area.Our goal is to improve the quality of life and business in the
downtown core of Gananoque. We are dedicated to promoting a healthy economic environment for our community and
Gananoque BIA
10 King Street Gananoque, ON. K7G 1E6 Canada
P: 1-613-382-9900 F: 1-613-382-1585
[email protected]
Town of Gananoque
Contact information
Shelley Hirstwood
Economic Development Manager
Phone: 613-382-2149 ext.1127
Email: [email protected]
Pam Staples
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Phone: 613-382-2149 ext. 1125
Email: [email protected]
Brenda Guy Manager Community Development
Building, By-Law and Planning
Phone: 613-382-2149 ext. 1126
Email: [email protected]
New Business Programs
Gananoque New Business Awareness Program
Let “myFM 99.9 Gananoque” help your New Business
Promote your new business on air ... Share your story ... Grow your Business
myFM Radio 99.9 Gananoque is offering a great promotion to new local business. This program will allow for up
21 business profile announcement in commercial airtime per seven day period to any new business or industry that opens
in Gananoque or in the Township of Leeds and the Thousand Islands during 2014 and is subject to review December 31st,
Products/services are not to be advertised in these spots they are designed to announce the arrival of your new business to
the area.
For full details of this unique program, please contact: Michael Bartlett – General Manager / General Sales Manager
myFM 99.9 Gananoque Office: 613-382-6936 ext 321 [email protected]
www.myfmradio.ca www.facebook.com/999myfm
104.9 JRfm and 103.7 BOB FM Brockville is pleased to offer
a program called The Gananoque New Business Awareness
This program will allow for $1,400 in commercial airtime to any new business or industry that comes to
Gananoque during 2013.
Products/services are not to be advertised in these spots, they are designed to announce the
arrival of your business to Gananoque.
There are a few restrictions on the use of these announcements:
Guidelines and Conditions of Use:
1. Objective of the program is to help new businesses and/or industries moving to Gananoque to promote their attributes
as a new business member, explain what they will contribute as a community member, and generally let the area know that
they are now ready to do business in Gananoque.
2. Airtime schedules are not to be treated as public service announcements which can be pre-empted. They are to be given
priority equal to commercial flights purchased by our regular cash paying customers.
3. The ad rate is valued at $47 per combo ad and will run in a regular reach plan only. 6am to midnight
4. These announcements are not to be used in lieu of, or replace campaigns for clients of the radio stations. Similarly, the
program may not be used to reduce the use of paid radio advertising so that budgets can be redirected to other media
(radio or other mass media).
5. In general, commercials for this program may not be used for advocacy that, in the view of the stations, is of particularly
partisan and/or provocative nature.
6. Radio commercials from this program may not be brokered or exchanged for value in any way with third parties. Unless
pre-approved by Bell Mediia - Brockville, no third party mentions will be permitted. If this should become an issue, the
radio stations shall have the right to make the final determination of eligibility.
7. The radio stations retain the right of final approval for copy content and scheduling of flights as it does with all cash paying clients.
8. All use of the ads in this program must adhere to all applicable laws, codes and CRTC regulations.
9. Number of ads to be allocated will be based on the size of the business or industry locating in Gananoque (as determined by the number of full-time employees in new business or industry including owners and managers) as follows:
New Business will Receive;
30 combo ads @ $47 per = $1,410 (no charge) scheduled 6 per day, Sunday to Thursday
To take advantage of this unique opportunity, please contact Tania Adams
Marketing Representative; Bell MEDIA - Brockville
Ph: 613-345-1666 xt 215 ~ email: [email protected]
The Town of Gananoque actively works to promote each and every
business. Our SHOP LOCAL campaign began with great success.
By choosing to support locally owned businesses, you help maintain Gananoque’s unique and distinctive flavor.
Locally owned businesses build strong neighborhoods by sustaining communities, linking neighbors, and by contributing more to local causes.
Local Decision Making
Local ownership means that important decisions are made locally by people who
live in the community and who will feel the impacts of those decisions.
Your dollars spent in locally-owned businesses have three times the impact on
your community as dollars spent at national chains. When shopping locally, you
simultaneously create jobs, fund more city services through sales tax, invest in
neighborhood improvement and promote community development.
Locally owned businesses create more jobs locally and, in some sectors, provide
better wages and benefits than chains do.
Entrepreneurship fuels the Canadian economic innovation and prosperity, and
serves as a key means for families to move out of low-wage jobs and into the
middle class.