21st December 2014 Bulletin

God’s Orchestra
Do you ever think that everything is out of control? Then ponder these
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Andrew Botha: 4155 3098 A/H
Josh Symes: 0409 495 961
Office: P.O. Box 3014 Bundaberg Ph: 4151 8222
E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.bundabergbaptist.org.au
thoughts this Christmas:
He, (Christ), was chosen before the creation of the world, but was revealed in
these last times for your sake. 1Pe 1:20
The centre piece of our Christmas celebrations was planned before the
creation of the world.
He chose the lowly things of this world and the despised things - and the things
that are not - to nullify the things that are, so that no one may boast before
Him. 1Co 1:28-29
He chose an unmarried virgin to bear His Son, and deliver the Christ child in
the humblest of surroundings.
In those days Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken
of the entire Roman world. Lk 2:1
We’re glad that you could join with
us in worshipping the Lord.
God, who is sovereign over all, orchestrated the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem,
To our guests…
If you are visiting us, we welcome you.
Our care team would love the
opportunity to say hi and make
contact, so please fill in your details on
the Care Insert. If you need assistance
finding anything, please ask our
stewards or welcomers at the door.
We look forward to meeting you over
a cup of tea or coffee after our
morning service!
As we celebrate again the
birth of our Saviour, the
Pastors and Office Staff
want to thank you for your
love, encouragement and
support through this past
year and trust and pray
that you have a safe,
happy and holy Christmas.
21st december 2014
- Pastor Josh
- Carols BBQ Tea
- Pastor Al
Carols Night at the Church
as foretold by the prophets.
When they, (the Magi), had gone, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in
a dream. “Get up,” he said, “take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt.
Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the child to
kill him.” Mt 2:13
Thursday - Christmas Day
8.30am - Pastor Al
Even before the Christ child knew it, His Father was directing His path. Even
Next Sunday 28th December
9.00am - Pastor Andrew
- Special Morning Tea
- No Nightlife Service
Sunday 4th January 2015
9.00am - Pastor Al
- Communion
6.00pm - Movie Night
- A Light Supper
Sunday 11th January 2015
9.00am - Pastor Andrew
from the dead.
after His death on the cross, the Father’s mighty hand was there to raise Him
And if the Spirit of Him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, He
who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through
His Spirit, who lives in you. Ro 8:11
God is right there with you, to orchestrate your life that you might shine and
give Him glory. Allow Him to hold the baton.
God bless
Max Gardener
B’berg Baptist Carols Night & BBQ
We are holding our Carols
tonight in the Church
Playground area at 6.45pm.
We’ll be having a low cost BBQ at
5.30pm - Purchase food, drink, glow
sticks. BYO Chair/Rug. Bring your
friends & celebrate the birth of our
saviour with us.
Children’s Program During Church
Pastor Josh has organised a
Children’s Holiday Program in the
Church Hall for the children this
morning during the Sermon only.
Pastor Andrew & Sue
Pastor Andrew & Sue are at Gin Gin
Baptist Church this morning.
Christmas Appeal
Our Christmas Day special offering
will be forwarded to Baptist World
Aid Aust. Donations will be accepted
through out January.
Christmas Day Service
Our Christmas Day Service
will be held at 8.30am. Note:
No Nightlife service on
Sunday 28th December.
Movie Night
On Sunday 4th January, 6pm at
our Church we will be showing
the DVD ‘Courageous’. This is
an excellent Movie for young adults
and parents to see. Please be aware
this DVD has a mature rating - some
violence and mature themes. Parental
discretion is advised. A Light Supper
will be held after the movie. Please
bring a plate to share and join in this
time of fellowship.
Morning Prayer Meeting 2015
The first Morning Prayer
Meeting for 2015 will be
held on Monday 12th
January, 7am to 8am at our
Church. All welcome!
Next Sunday 28th December after
the Service a Special Morning Tea
will be held. Please bring a plate to
share and all are welcome. Note:
For this Morning Tea, Volunteers
are needed to help in the Church
Kitchen. If you can help, please see
Jenny McCracken.
Through the year we have prayed
for God’s intervention in people’s
health issues. Give thanks for the way
God has, and is continuing to, answer
these prayers.
 Give thanks for the greatest gift
ever given as God gave us His Son.
As we celebrate this event again, remember that we each need to accept
this gift for ourselves.
There will be “Date Claimer
Meeting’ for all Ministry
leaders held on Monday 19th
January 2015, 7pm at our Church.
Politician’s & Local Baptist
Churches Prayer Breakfast
be travelling over this Christmas time,
for safety and a restful time.
Electronic Giving Internet Banking
Bundaberg Baptist Church
BSB: 034-819 ACC: 000090
Sunday 28th December 2014
Prayer Roster
for AM Service
Prayer Roster
for PM Service
Michael & Janelle
Pastor Andrew & Sue
Welcomers (am)
Gayle Gardener
Anne Campbell
Joyce Payne
Carolyn Jensen
Creche ministry notice
Creche is currently in recess. The
crèche room will still be available
for parents to use during the school
Prayer Roster
for AM Service
Prayer Roster
for PM Service
Welcomers (am)
Elaine Turner
Miguel Meliendrez
John & Anneliese
Usher (am)
Col Turner
Communion (am)
Max Gardener
Nick Howkins
Sean Harper
Dean Martin
John Bilek
Dave Black
Morning Tea
Marie Kohlhardt’s
Home Group
Welcomer (pm)
Mowing for
Don Robinson
Tom Maxfield
Phil Moerkerken
 Pray for the many families who will
Date Claimer Meeting
The local Baptist Churches are again
this year hosting a special Prayer
Breakfast on Saturday 24th January
Church Office Closure
2015, 7.00am at our Church for our
Our Church Office will be closed
local politicians, pastors and church
from 12noon this Tuesday 23rd
leaders. If you wish to attend, please
December and reopens on Monday
contact our Church Office by
5th January 2015. Our next Church
Bulletin is Sunday 11th January 2015. 21st January.
Special Morning Tea
Sunday 4th January 2015
Ushers (am)
Max Gardener
Max Bazeley
Morning Tea
Special Morning Tea
(Volunteers needed)
Mowing for
Nick Howkins
Kit Howkins
Sunday 11th January 2015
Prayer Roster
for AM Service
Prayer Roster
for PM Service
Welcomers (am)
Elaine Turner
Miguel Meliendrez
John & Anneliese
Usher (am)
Col Turner
Morning Tea
Barbara Launchbury
Nancy Launchbury
Estelle Quinlan
Ruth Johannesen
Welcomer (pm)
Carike Bezuidenhout
Mowing for
Tom Maxfield
Phil Moerkerken