VP register process - Thames Valley Primary Care Agency

NHS England Thames Valley Area Team - Violent Patient Register Process
1. The practice reports a violent incident to Thames Valley Primary Care Agency. This must be accompanied by a completed Violent
Patient Reporting Form including Police Incident/Report number (URN). If there is insufficient detail on the report form the case will be
returned to the practice.
TVPCA contact details:
Thames Valley Primary Care Agency
Registration, Data Quality & Medical Records Service
Jane Davis
[email protected]
01189 183309
Beata Mrowka
[email protected]
0118 918 3335
Roz Collett
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0118 9183316
Roxy Coser
[email protected]
0118 9183323
Authors: Jessica Newman/Angie Eachus
Revised December 2014
2. TVPCA send the form to the Provider and TVAT. TVPCA confirm deregistration of the patient with the practice.
TVAT contact details:
Thames Valley Area
Aylesbury Vale CCG
Chiltern CCG
Windsor, Ascot & Maidenhead
Slough CCG
Bracknell & Ascot CCG
Newbury & District CCG
North & West Reading CCG
South Reading CCG
Wokingham CCG
Oxfordshire CCG
Berkshire East
Berkshire West
Assistant Contract
Jessica Newman
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07824 302 891
Angie Eachus
(Part-time. Usual days
Tuesday, Wednesday and
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Rachel Burford
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Contract Manager –
Nicky Wadely
Head of Primary Care
Ginny Hope
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07824 307 297
01865 963 871
07768 644 678
[email protected]
01865 963 837
3. TVAT assess and discuss the request in consultation with the Provider. A decision will be made whether to place the patient on the
Register immediately or temporarily pending a case review.
Authors: Jessica Newman/Angie Eachus
Revised December 2014
4. If temporarily, the patient will be requested to attend a consultation at one of the designated venues for Violent Patients, so that the
Provider can make an assessment. The patient will be advised that if they do not respond to this request they will be placed
permanently on the Register.
5. Following the consultation, the Provider will inform the TVAT contact of the outcome of the assessment and recommended actions.
TVAT will inform TVPCA and LMC Secretariat.
Actions may be:
a. If a patient is considered appropriate, they will remain on the Violent Patient Register with an annual review. TVPCA will write to
the patient, practice, Provider and Out of Hours provider(s) giving the decision, date for next review and appeal mechanism.
b. If the patient is considered inappropriate to be on the Violent Patients Register, TVAT will allocate the patient to another primary
care medical services provider. Any reallocation will be controlled by TVAT to ensure that all information regarding the patient is
available to the receiving practice including a brief from the Provider on the assessment made. The allocation will be made to
incorporate patient choice as far as possible. Local Medical Committee (LMC) may be involved in the dialogue between practice
and TVAT.
6. TVPCA organise a Violent Patient Register Review on an annual basis.
TVAT Lead or deputy
Violent Patient Service Provider
LMC Secretariat
Patients (and/or Advocate) on the list are invited to send a written submission for consideration by the panel as to their individual case.
Authors: Jessica Newman/Angie Eachus
Revised December 2014