The Wooly Thread Newsletter January, 2015

The Wooly Thread Newsletter
January, 2015
1995 - 2015
Issue: CLV
What's New?
The A-Z books that Country Bumpkin published are back!!
Well, some of them are back with more to come.
Here's what we have now and we'll get more titles as they are released:
A-Z of Embroidery Stitches
A-Z of Stumpwork
Many of the A-Z titles have been unavailable for quite a long time.
A new publisher now has the rights and is bringing them back.
The two above are newly printed and here now - ready to ship.
Other A-Z titles that we still have from the Country Bumpkin days are:
Bead, Crochet, Heirloom, Knitting, Sewing, Sewing for Smockers and Wool.
The next one to be made available will be A-Z of Embroidered Motifs previously known as A-Z of Bullions.
I'll post updates as I get them.
What else is new????
*our brand new e-gift certificate*
Select the amount you want and the recipient and we'll get it on its way either via email or snail mail.
Above is a sample - you may select your amount
Also new this month......
three new cat cave designs...
all are hand made, hand felted and 100% wool.
They are on our website and ready to go....
rock look
gray tones
(arriving within the week)
Ottobre Design
This spring issue will be out mid-month!
Ottobre 1/2015
Here's a little of what you'll find in this issue:
Fierce yet playful animal prints are suitable for babies. A sweatshirt, a hoodie, sweatpants, leggings, a dress, a tunic,
a jersey jacket, a romper and a coverall. Sizes 56-92 cm
Delightful clothes created from jersey and sweatshirt knits with fresh graphic prints. We put a new spin on classic
patterns that are also suitable for beginners to sewing! T-shirts, dresses, pants, leggings and a hoodie. Sizes 92-128
We drew inspiration from the fantastic colors and fauna of the tropics. Cheerful everyday wear including skirts, tunics,
dresses, pants, jersey tops, a button-down shirt and fabulous jackets. Sizes 98-140 cm
Older children are true wizards of street fashion! Bold color combinations and original cuts. A trenchcoat, leggings, a
skirt, a jersey top and a tunic dress for girls. A cool jacket, T-shirt and sweatpants for boys. Sizes 134-170 cm
Special offer for those reading the newsletter today and tomorrow....
renew your subscription to Ottobre (women + children's issues)
or get/give a new subscription to the children's + women's issues
and we'll send you a 5/8" standard curved ruler free !
These rulers are ideally suited for tracing and adding seam allowances.
This deal is for newsletter readers, so be sure to mention it when ordering it is not programed into the website.
5/8" standard curved ruler -
shown over Swedish tracing paper and Ottobre pattern
Inspirations Magazine
Inspirations issue #85
This next issue is due in February.
Prize winning succulents - of the stitched variety
Masterclass - red poppies thread painted in stunning detail Superb beaded cuff bracelet
featuring gemstone cabochons and beads
A perfect, pink rose from the designer of 'Sweet Violets' in issue 82
Brilliantly coloured thread painted butterfly
Simply Stitched - irresistible heart designs for new stitchers
Elegant, cosy paisley throw
Brazilian embroidery - magnificent cranes
A scissor sheath embellished with an English country garden
Stunning photography
Detailed and easy to follow instructions
Detailed diagrams and step-by-step instructions
 Full size patterns
Issue #84
We still have several here if you didn't get yours.
Only One ...
Talliaferro has been promising new designs for quite a while,
so when they are ready, we'll stock them,
but these older ones will not be re-stocked.
There's one of each left.
Note: If you don't see them on our site - it's already gone.
That's it for another month.
All the best to you this new year!
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