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December 22, 2014
Fellowships Available for Clean Energy Non-Profits
Winter/Spring 2015
Interested in gaining experience in the clean energy field? Want to get firsthand exposure to
organizations leading the way towards a clean energy economy? Technology Transition Corporation
(TTC) has five fellowship positions available in its Clean Energy Fellowship Program
(www.ttcorp.com/fellows.asp) for its non-profit clean energy associations beginning as early as January
12, 2015.
TTC (www.ttcorp.com) provides advocacy and consulting services to the renewable and clean energy
industries. Since 1986, we have partnered with companies and built coalitions to advance the
development of energy technologies. Our clients include Fortune 100 corporations, start-ups, leading
universities, and government agencies.
TTC Clean Energy Fellows are typically qualified college-level, graduate students, and recent graduates
but can also include individuals looking to expand their knowledge in the clean energy sector. You can
expect to develop significant experience in a broad array of clean energy technologies and industries by
becoming immediately active in the programs TTC manages to advance the use of clean energy. The
fellowships include Policy & Government Affairs and Communications & Outreach opportunities with
TTC’s client organizations.
Policy and Government Affairs
TTC has two Policy/Government Affairs positions available for its clients for researching,
monitoring, and reporting on renewable energy legislation and regulations at the federal, state
and regional level.
These positions require candidates be familiar with a variety of online resources, databases, and
news sources to research proposals and developments that impact renewable energy markets.
The individuals may also be asked to reach out to state agencies in collecting data. Some
membership and potential member interaction may also be assigned.
The first Policy fellowship supports the American Biogas Council (ABC). Responsibilities for
this position include:
Track legislation at the state level favorable to biogas and use of anaerobic digester
Research, monitor, and report on biogas/AD legislation and regulations at the state level
o Search for opportunities for biogas companies related to carbon credits, organics
diversion and biomethane/CNG policies.
• Attend relevant hearings related to biogas legislation and report to staff/co-chairs the results
of those hearings.
o Help organize meetings of the Legislative and Regulatory Affairs (LRA) Committee and
• Provide follow-up support to the LRA Committee co-chairs as needed.
o Write letters of support to legislators and regulators.
o Analyze the gap between our model legislation and proposed legislation.
o Communicate complex policy language in layman’s terms through bi-monthly written
The second Policy fellowship position supports the Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC)
(~65%) and Renewable Energy Markets Association (REMA) (~35%). Responsibilities for this
position include:
Researching, monitoring, and reporting on renewable energy legislation and regulations at
the federal, state and regional level.
Research proposals and developments that impact renewable energy markets.
Reach out to state agencies in collection of data.
Attend relevant Congressional hearings related to biomass legislation and report to staff the
results of those hearings.
Assist association members in arranging meetings with state and local officials.
Update website with factsheets, presentations, and social media postings.
Provide administrative support on conference calls (e.g. taking minutes and follow-up
The ideal candidates should have excellent research, writing, and communication skills. A
political science background is desired.
Marketing, Communications, and Outreach
TTC has three fellowship positions Marketing, Communications, and Outreach.
For this fellowship, we are seeking qualified college-level, graduate students and recent
graduates and/or individuals with experience in Marketing and Communications and looking to
expand their knowledge of biogas, AD technology and clean energy, and apply their knowledge
gained and skill sets towards real-work projects and activities. Due to the nature of this position,
we prefer applicants are able to commit for a term of 6-12 months, but we will also consider
candidates that apply for lesser terms of 3-6 months.
The fellowship supports the American Biogas Council (ABC), in support of membership
development, database updating, communications, and speaking invitations. Familiarity with
sustainable agricultural and/or wastewater treatment practices is preferred.
ABC Responsibilities include:
The first fellowship supports the American Biogas Council (ABC), in support of membership
development, database updating, communications, and meeting preparations. This position
requires the candidate have strong marketing and communication skills. The ideal candidate
should also have familiarity with sustainable agricultural and/or wastewater treatment practices.
• Draft, layout and distribute semi monthly Biogas News (ABC’s electronic newsletter)
• Membership relations (approach industry leaders for information and respond to inquiries
by fielding questions to appropriate staff or answer them directly)
• Market biogas events through email and biogas industry partners
• Speaker management for ABC webinars and workshops
• Update and distribute ABC marketing materials to members who are traveling to and
speaking at biogas industry events
• Development of brand new U.S. database of operational biogas projects and associated
maps and online tools for systems on farms, at wastewater facilities, landfills and other
generators of organic waste.
• Member recruitment
• Semi-monthly webinars and workshops at industry events
• Biogas News
• Proficiency with database management for U.S. operational digester database
• Proficiency with MS Excel
• Experience with the analysis of data to create fact sheets, tools and/or educational
resources preferred
• Science or technical background preferred
• Must be able to comfortably and confidently approach senior industry executives by
phone and in person. (We work with senior leaders in hundreds of organizations from
start-ups to federal government leaders and executives in multi-national corporations like
GE, Waste Management, Toyota and Shell. You will be new to our team and we expect
you to integrate quickly to become a part of our team and be comfortable picking up the
phone or beginning conversations with these individuals regarding key issues we're
working on.)
The second Communications and Outreach position supports senior staff to plan and execute
several events and activities of the Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC). Events include,
but are not limited to conferences supported by BTEC, Council meetings, and upcoming
webinars. The position requires the candidate be able to communicate effectively with volunteer
members of various event organizing committees and reach out to BTEC members to coordinate
association functions in conjunction with those events. Responsibilities for this position include:
Arrange and participate in Steering Committee, Program, and other planning calls.
Follow up on action items resulting from those calls.
Help develop marketing messaging and strategies and assist in their implementation.
Work with senior staff to prepare materials to distribute at events, including promotional
literature and member information.
Assist in designing member meet-and-greet functions in conjunction with events and
work with Conference organizers to ensure available space and accommodations.
Communicate with members and prepare information related to upcoming BTECsponsored webinars.
TTC has a full-time opening for a student or recent graduate with writing and communications
experience to assist staff in support of TTC’s clients related to hydrogen and education. These
clients include: California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC, ~50%), Hydrogen Student
Design Contest (~25%), and the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science
Professors (AEESP, ~25%). Responsibilities include:
Education & Outreach
o Researching projects and developments in the hydrogen and fuel cell industry in
o Assisting staff in developing and promoting California-based events related to
hydrogen and fuel cell technology
Event Support
o Assist in event preparation and logistics.
Social Media Support
o Collecting and reviewing existing education materials on hydrogen and fuel cells
in California
o Promote activities on common social media platforms
Hydrogen Student Design Contest
o Assistance with communications and promotion of the current and next HEF’s
Hydrogen Student Design Contest (www.hydrogencontest.org)
o Interaction with participating students, professors and judges to raise awareness
on the Contest, develop communications and drive participation in the annual
o Assist senior staff preparation of Board/Committee meetings and take minutes of
o Assist in membership application screening for approval.
o Maintain online membership directory and ensure contact information is kept up
to date.
The ideal candidates should have well developed writing skills and preferably some
Marketing/Communications experience with some knowledge in renewable energy. The
candidates should also be assertive, detail oriented, and able to work independently and perform
well with firm deadlines.
Email [email protected] with your cover letter and resume to the attention of Brian Schorr, Director
of Operations. Include either “Policy” or “Communications and Outreach” in the subject line. Both
Policy and Communications/Outreach applications will be considered for all positions unless one is
specifically requested by the applicant.
All positions will become available beginning in January. We seek candidates able to commit to terms
through the mid-spring of 2015, but will consider extensions as determined by performance and needs.
College student applicants are asked to provide dates of availability in cover letters.
40 hours a week.
TTC will provide a firm stipend of $500/month for full-time work, paid in bi-monthly installments.
TTC does not provide compensation for personal/sick time off or holidays, but fellows may opt to make
up lost hours or be paid on an hourly basis for partial weeks worked.
TTC is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. Through the term, we are closed on Presidents
• Ability to work well within a team structure
• Professional appearance and demeanor
• High degree of accuracy, dependability and confidentiality
• Enthusiasm
• Dependability
• Great office location, 10 minutes from the White House
• Ability to accommodate university class schedule
• Networking opportunities with potential employers
• Possible credit earned towards one’s college degree
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