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Application Dates
Last date for receiving applications: Thursday, 15 March 2015 (Midnight)
For more information, or to apply online, visit www.srmuniv.ac.in
Contact Director
Office of International Relations
SRM University, Chennai Area
Kattankulathur - 603 203, Tamil Nadu, India
Tel: +91 - 44 2741 7838 (Extn 1651), Mobile: +91 - 80561 69925
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SRM UniversityCarnegie Mellon University
MSIT-ESE - Master of Science in Information Technology Embedded Software Engineering
SRM - Carnegie Mellon
Combining both worlds to kick start
your dream career
Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University is shaping
the world through education, research,
and outreach. A global research leader
with greater than 12,000 students, 95,000
alumni, and 5000 faculty and staff, CMU
has been foremost in ground-breaking
innovation throughout its 113 year
history. For more than three decades, the
university’s School of Computer Science
and its Department of Electrical and
Computer Engineering are ranked
amongst the nation’s top three schools by
US News and World Report.
Home to numerous world-renowned
research centers and institutes, Carnegie
Mellon fosters a rich collaborative
environment. It leads in diverse fields
from robotics and machine learning to
human computer interactions.
MSIT-ESE Admission Requirements
Admission to the Master's Program in
Embedded Software Engineering is
Highly competitive. The ability to
perform graduate-level work, a solid
undergraduate background in computer
science, electronics or related disciplines,
software development maturity, and
industry experience are some of the
factors onsidered for admission.
SRM University
SRM University is one of the top tier
universities in India with over 40,000
students and 2,600 faculty across all of
its campuses. It offers a wide range of
undergraduate, postgraduate, and
doctoral degree programs in Engineering,
Management, Medicine and Health
Sciences and Humanities.
Foreign faculty, a flexible and dynamic
curriculum, and exciting research and
global connections are the features that
set SRM apart. Students choose from a
wide range of cutting edge programs
including nanotechnology, embedded
systems or computer forensics.
SRM and Carnegie Mellon Collaboration
The MSIT-ESE is a 16-month specialized
degree program. With an identical
curriculum to Carnegie Mellon’s campus
program, study begins in year #1 in
Chennai at SRM’s School of Computing
and School of Electrical Engineering.
After completing the first two semesters
at SRM University, students then proceed
to Carnegie Mellon, USA, to continue
their program in residence. Upon
successful completion of the degree
requirements, graduates may elect to
remain in the US to pursue professional
Master of Science in Information
Technology - Embedded Software
This professional master's degree
program draws on the combined
resources and strengths of Carnegie
Mellon’s School of Computer Science's
Institute for Software Research (ISR) and
the Department of Electrical and
Computer Engineering (ECE).
The professionally-oriented degree
provides the foundation and skills in
computer science, hardware and electrical
engineering, and systems engineering
needed for effective embedded software
The use of an application-based capstone
MSIT Project is a central component in
the curriculum, and is particularly
appropriate for students who intend to
return to industry after receiving their
To enter the Carnegie Mellon program
applicants need to have:
1. A bachelor's degree in Electronics and
Communication Engineering (ECE) /
Computer Science and Engineering
(CSE) / Information Technology (IT) /
Software Engineering (SW) / Electrical
Engineering / Electronics Engineering, or
similar specialization, with a minimum
CGPA 8.0.
2. Some undergraduate / graduate
project experience, internships, or
professional experience.
3. Scores from Graduate Record
Examination (GRE) are required. Your
scores should be sent to the School of
Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon
University. Though not required, the
Computer Science subject test is highly
4. Non-native speakers of English
(international applicants who do not have
a degree from a US school) should take
the Test of English as a Foreign
Language (TOEFL) examination.
Cost Savings
In comparison to traditional
international programs, nearly one-half
of the degree requirements are completed
remotely at SRM in Chennai. The result
is a cost saving of nearly 35%, less
financial risk, and a definitive return on
one’s educational and professional career