Biography: Linley S. White CFO, MBA, BSIE, CPA

Biography: Linley S. White CFO, MBA, BSIE, CPA
Mr. White has broad business management and finance experience in multiple industries.
As Senior Vice President of Integrated Resources, a New York based investment banking
company, he tripled the sales volume of a previously flat territory in one year, and raised
over $300,000,000 of privately placed equity over a six year period. After this
experience, he joined the former chairman of the Integrated Resources broker dealer to
form a two-person investment banking firm, Western Equities Inc. The company
analyzed dozens of investment opportunities, nine of which were financed with
approximately $17,000,000 of private equity raised by the company. Two of these
companies were managed by Western Equities. One was a startup long distance carrier
which grew to $10,000,000 in revenue, and was sold to a larger communications
company. The other was a golf club manufacturer which was sold to Golfsmith, who still
manufactures and sells the clubs today.
Mr. White’s management experience also includes building a startup PBX dealership to
the seventh largest in the nation selling a system later purchased by Intel, and creating
and implementing a successful marketing concept to help financial services professionals
build their businesses. Mr. White was also a Consultant for Touche Ross & Co. (Now
Deloitte & Touche) where he became an industry expert on automating administrative
systems for multi-billion dollar revenue regional grain cooperatives. Approximately
20,000 hours of consulting services were purchased based on his expertise.
Mr. White is known as a problem solver, and is particularly skilled at identifying barriers
to success and removing them. His broad range of experience enables him to understand
whether the problem is related to manual or IT systems, personnel motivation or
organization, marketing or sales, finance or accounting, or other fundamental business
issues. He is currently the CFO for a healthcare equipment distribution company. Mr.
White holds an Industrial Engineering degree from Kansas State University, and an MBA
with a finance focus from the University of Texas at Austin, and is a CPA (Colorado).
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