Honors Brochure - Stansbury High School

(Revised 11/2012)
In an attempt to provide a
challenging education to
many of the exceptional students at
Stansbury High School, the Honors
Program has been instituted.
students participating in the program
will be required to complete all
requirements as outlined in this
Upon graduation, those
students who successfully complete the
program will find their transcripts
clearly stamped with the words
“Honors Diploma”, will receive a diploma
bearing an Honors Seal, and will wear a
silver gown at graduation ceremonies.
Administrative contact:
Renee Milne,
[email protected]
Faculty advisor:
Mark Wilson,
[email protected]
Submit applications to Mr. M. Wilson, room 206
Applications are available in the Counseling Office.
Students wishing to graduate with an honors diploma must
meet the program criteria which includes attendance and
academic progress. Student progress will be monitored by
the honors committee from the time of application.
Freshmen may apply to the program throughout their
9th grade year. Sophomores must apply by the end of
the 3rd term of their sophomore year. No applications
will be accepted after the 5th week of the student’s
sophomore year except when a student has transferred to
Stansbury High School from another high school offering
similar honors level coursework. Application forms are
available in the counseling office and must be signed by
the student and their parent or guardian. Acceptance to the
program will be based upon recommendation from a
school counselor or teacher. Applications must be
submitted to Mr. Wilson, room 206.
Students must maintain excellent attendance and
punctuality. A student will be allowed a maximum of 2
absences and 2 tardies per term per class, honors or
otherwise. No distinction will be made between excused
or unexcused absences. School activity absences must be
cleared ahead of time and work completed ahead of time if
at all possible. If such procedure is followed, activity
absences will not count toward the maximum 2 absences.
Severe extended illness will be dealt with on an individual
Once the student has been accepted into the program, their academic
progress will be monitored. Every student must maintain a B– or better
grade in each honors class and must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0.
Students may not receive an incomplete for any honors class unless they
have received prior approval from the honors committee. Students may not
complete any work after class deadlines at the end of each term.
At the time of graduation, students will have completed 15 credits in honors
classes from sections A and B, and must have completed the requirements
in sections C and D.
A. Students must take all of the following honors classes between grades 9
and 12:
3 credits
3 credits
3 credits
Social Science
3 credits
Foreign Language
1 credit
B. Students must take an ADDITIONAL 2 credits in honors courses in
either the Fine Arts, Business, CTE departments, or approved elective
C. Of the 15 honors credits earned in part A, students must take a
combination of the following:
3 Advanced Placement (AP) courses from at least two different
departments. The AP exam at the end of the year must be taken
to use the class for honors credit. There is a fee required for taking
the AP exam.
6 Concurrent enrollment courses in at least two different
departments. Students are reminded that not all Concurrent
Enrollment courses are accepted as honors credit. Check the
department listings in this brochure.
Credits earned from a combination of AP and Concurrent Enrollment
courses . (2 concurrent enrollment = 1 AP)
D. Under no circumstances will correspondence courses be allowed to
count towards the Honors Program.
Any Stansbury High School student who fails to meet any of the
Honors Diploma requirements will be placed on probation. If a
student fails to meet the requirements a second time, he or she will be
dropped from the Honors Program. Such students may not reapply;
however, they may remain in the honors classes. Probation is
determined each term.
If a teacher determines that cheating (including plagiarism) has
occurred in any class, the student involved will be dropped from the
Honors Program. No probation is given.
Unforeseen exceptional circumstances will be dealt with on a case-bycase basis. 9th grade students will be considered to be provisional
participants in the program. If they are dropped from the Honors
Program during their 9th grade year, they may officially reapply for
the program for the beginning of their 10 th grade year. Any grades of
B- or better in honors courses taken during the 9 th grade year will be
allowed to be applied to the student’s required honors course load.
Most Honors classes are offered through the various departments at
SHS. Some courses have a required fee to take the course or the test.
Some courses may also require an admission fee to enroll in the
concurrent enrollment program and may require students to purchase
books for the class. The following list includes courses that will be
accepted for honors credit. Any course not on this list will not count
toward honors diploma credit unless it has been pre-approved by the
honors committee and the department PRIOR to enrollment.
More classes may be added in the future that will count towards the
honors diploma. Each new addition must be reviewed by both the
department and the Honors Committee.
8596 CIS 1020 or 8504; OSS 1000
8520 Personal Finance 1050 or OSS 1060
8669 Multimedia/Digital Media II
8593 Advanced Web Page
8555 Adv. Entrepreneurship
8579 Business Law
8865 BUS 1050—Found. of Business
1305 TV Broadcasting
4211 Honors (any language)
4215 ASL Interpretation
4711 French 2
4815 Spanish 2
4911 German 2
4822 Chinese 2
Any 2+ years of Foreign
3604 Honors Earth Systems
3580 Human Biology
3550 Honors Biology
3624 Honors Chemistry
3641 Honors Physics w/Tech
3575 AP Biology
3642 AP Physics
3582 Med Anatomy & Physiology
3527 BTEC 1010 Bio Tec
3528 USU 1360 Int. Science
3624 Honors Chemistry
3625 AP Chemistry
GEO 1010
4095 Honors English 9
4105 Honors English10
4117 Honors English 11/AP Language
4124 English 1010
4130 AP English-Literature
4168 AP English-Language
6204 Honors Geography for Life (1/2)
6227 Honors World Civ (1/2)
6248/6249 Honors US History
6261 HIST 1700; 2700; 2710
6338 Honors Psychology
6351 Honors Sociology
6356 POLS 1100 (Political Science)
6364 Honors Civics
6367 AP Psychology
8733 Criminal Justice 1010
8737 Criminal Justice 1330
6342 PSYCH 1010
SOC 1010 (Summer CE course)
6267 AP Government
6265 AP or CP US History
5350 Algebra II/Intermediate Algebra (9 th)
5354 Honors Intermediate Algebra
5400 Precalculus
5401 Honors Precalculus
5550 AP Calculus
5600 AP Statistics
5359 Math 1010
5360 Math 1050
5402 Math 1060
5216 Honors Secondary Math I
3237 Honors Secondary Math II
Honors Secondary Math III
1970 Advanced Theatre
1993 Musical Theatre
1988 Stage Craft
1820 Adv. Choir
1845/1850/1855 Band 4th yr.
1860 Adv. Orchestra
1916 Advanced Dance III
1917 Ballroom Dance
7765 Drill Team
1915 Dance Company
7771 Color Guard
1802 AP Music Theory
8103 Ag Business Management
8115 Ag Sys & Tech II
8116 Adv Ag Mechanics
8142 Adv. Floriculture & Greenhouse
8185 Natural Resource I
8807 Auto Tech 3
8806 AUTO 1110/1111 or 1150
AUTO 1150
8834 Architectural Design I
8607 BCCM 1010 (Construction)
8689 BCCM 1050 (Construction)
8684 A+ Cert TELE 2320
8685 Network + TELE 2400
8676 Computer Programming C++
8678 Computer Programming Java
Art 1020 (drawing)
Art 1530 (watercolor)
Art 1540 (oils)
Art 1800 (Digital Media)
Art 1600 (pottery)
AP Art Studio
AP Art Studio 3D Design
Commercial Art & Advertising
8454 Advanced Interior Design
8441 Adult Roles and Responsibilities
8446 Early Childhood Education 2
8478 Foods 2
8410 Clothing 2
1 - 1 credits from the
8417 Chef 1110
Community Learning Center
8418 Chef 1120
Additional Elective Courses
4960 Journalism 2
4143 Advanced Creative Writing
4995 Debate 2
4960 Yearbook/Publications
6002 Student Government
4159 Shakespeare
4159 Literature & Science Fiction
CTE—Health Science
8804 Dental Assisting
8415 NFS 1020 (Human Nutrition)
8330 Medical Assisting
8379 Medical Terminology 1101
8305 Pharmacy Tech
8309 Sports Medicine or CE
Checklist For Honors Diploma
Attendance is checked by Mr. Wilson on a regular basis.
Check the appropriate box for each credit earned:
English (3)
Math (3)
Science (3)
Social Science (3)
Foreign Language (1)
Fine Arts, Business, CTE (2)
Advanced Placement* (3)
Concurrent Enrollment* (6)
(Use this brochure for class listings)
*Two (2) Concurrent Enrollment class credits equal 1 AP class credit)