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Objective 3.1 Lesson C
Cloning and the Movies
GATTACA and Jurassic Park
For the purposes of education, getting the science wrong can be as
instructive as getting it right, if not more so.
Students will:
 Understand the impact on public opinion of science.
 Analyze the accuracy and plausibility of science used in the movies.
 Discuss societal implications of human and animal cloning and
130.364 2A,
2C, 2J, 3A-F,
 War on the Weak
 Video: Science Channel Designer Babies
Science 2C,
2D, 3A, 3B
Prior Student
Cell structure,
2-3 hrs
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Key Points
1. GATTACA: The Eugenics Movement
2. Jurassic Park: Jurassic Park Reality
 Pre-movie activity: “Eugenics Archive Guiding Worksheet”
 Have students do a gallery walk of all of the issues and answer post it
questions submitted by each group. Use these questions on an exam.
 Students watch the movie GATTACA and complete “GATTACA Movie
Assignment Worksheet”
 If you have time, use these questions to hold classroom
Jurassic Park
 After watching the movie, have students complete “Jurassic Park
 Questions from gallery walk of Eugenics Posters
 Completion of Movie Questions
 “Writing to Inform Rubric” for essay questions
 “Eugenics Archive Guiding Worksheet”
 “GATTACA Discussion Questions”
 “Jurassic Park A Reality?”
 “Jurassic Park Essay Question”
 “Writing to Inform Rubric”
Accommodations for Learning Differences
Visit the Special Populations section of the CTE Career and Technical
Education Website:
National and State Education Standards
Texas College and Career Readiness Standards
I. Nature of Science: Scientific Ways of Learning and Thinking
A1, A4, C1, E1, E2
III. Foundation Skills: Scientific Applications of Communication
A1, B1, B3, B4, C1, D2
IV. Science, Technology, and Society
A1, B1, B2, C1, C2
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Eugenics Archive Guiding Worksheet
Your Name: ____________________________________________________
Your Group Members: _____________________________________________
Please go to website:
Enter the archive
Choose ONE of the virtual exhibits to further explore. You may want to
scan through a few before you decide.
Everyone will turn in this worksheet for a grade.
As a group, you will present your findings on a poster.
Virtual Exhibit Chosen: ____________________________________________
1. When did eugenics first thrive? How long did it last?
2. Who participated in eugenic studies? Print evidence. Highlight evidence.
3. Can you give some reasons as to why eugenics occurred in the U.S.? Who
were the oppressed? Who suffered from eugenic studies?
4. What was the hypothesis of eugenic scientists? Print evidence and
highlight/explain on the artifact.
5. What was the evidence to support this claim? You should print some
archival evidence. Highlight, explain and expand on the artifacts.
6. How would you refute this claim? What evidence do we know today that
challenges eugenics? Find and print evidence. You will need to find this on
your own on the Internet. List your website on the evidence. Website may
only be edu, gov or org.
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7. How do you think those that were targeted by eugenics felt?
8. What was your reaction when you read this? Describe.
9. Are there still underlying tones of eugenics? Would you say this concept is
totally eradicated? Give examples.
10. What other questions remain that you’d like to ask?
Prepare for a brief two-minute presentation of your findings. Think of the most
important concepts in this activity and prepare a poster of your key points to
discuss with your classmates. Be sure to address the three points of history,
science, and personal reaction and include all evidence with explanations.
Using post it notes, post 5 questions about your poster for readers to answer as
they complete a gallery walk.
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GATTACA Discussion Questions
1. Describe a technique that could be used in the movie GATTACA. Is it currently being
2. What is the significance of the letters highlighted at the beginning of the movie?
3. Explain the term Genosim and give an example.
4. How does the phrase “nature vs. nurture” relate to this movie? Provide examples from
the movie.
5. Explain the symbolism of ladders seen throughout the movie.
6. Discuss at three preparations Vincent had to do everyday to pass as Jerome Morrow.
7. What were some of the traits that Vincent’s parents wanted to select for? Does this
technology exist today? Would you use it? If yes, what traits would you select for? What
could be some negative consequences of trait selection?
8. Vincent has the “burden of genetic inferiority”, whereas Jerome Eugene has the “burden
of expected perfection”. What do these phrases mean? Which burden do you think
would be worse? Why?
9. Explain the quote: “They used to say that a child conceived in love has a greater
chance of happiness”
10. What are the positive and negative aspects of selective cloning humans shown in the
movie? List at least two positive and 2 negative aspects.
11. What does the movie GATTACA say about DNA determining a person’s potential?
Provide examples from the movie to support your answer.
12. Describe 3 preparations Vincent had to do every day to pass as Jerome Morrow at
GATTACA. In each case explain why he had to do that.
13. You are an employer and know from genetic testing that the most qualified applicant for
the job has a 70% chance of developing cancer in one year's time. Would you hire this
person? Why or why not? If you were an insurance company for this person, would you
offer him health insurance? Explain.
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Jurassic Park Reality?
The book Jurassic Park and the three movies that followed its publication raise the prospect
that through the manipulation of DNA, millions of years-old dinosaurs can be resurrected
from the dead.
 Since this technology is ever-changing, no websites have been listed for this
assignment. It is your job to find relevant, informative and reputable Internet sites that
help you answer the questions below.
 You MUST list every website you use in this assignment.
 All websites must end in .edu, .org
1. Is this movie a science fiction book that is a future possibility or is it just the author's
2. Why did they use blood from a mosquito? How did they get it out of the mosquito?
3. Why did they use frogs to fill in the DNA gaps?
1. What biological materials are required to recreate extinct species? Do scientists have
access to these materials? Can they create them?
2. What techniques are required to recreate extinct species?
3. How old can DNA be and still be viable to manipulation through the tools of
biotechnology? Provide an example.
4. Are there other extinct creatures that could be brought back to life through
5. What role can ancient DNA play in understanding life on earth?
6. With todays technologies it is possible to freeze animal embryos. Describe some
reasons or purpose why we would want to.
7. What is the current state of this technology as of today?
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Jurassic Park Essay Question
Once you have finished the research, you are to use the rubric below and write a paper using
the following prompt:
Jurassic Park the movie depicts many science concepts. Centering your
response on the genetic and biotechnological concepts presented in the movie,
what did the movie get right and what misconceptions about genetics and
biotechnology did the movie present?
Writing to Inform Rubric
1 = Weak 2 = Moderately Weak 3 = Average 4 = Moderately Strong 5 = Strong
1. The student introduces the topic in a clear, lively, and interesting fashion.
2. The student focuses on a main idea and supports it with explanations and facts.
3. The student correctly identifies what science the movie got right and supports it with
evidence from the movie.
4. The student identifies what science the movie got wrong and supports it with
evidence from the movie.
5. The student presents information that has been organized in a clear, understandable
6. The student concludes with an interesting and brief summary of the presented
7. The spelling, punctuation, and grammar on the writing assignment are accurate.
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