Organizer Agreement for Youth Cup 1.1.2015

for European Youth Cup
This agreement is made between the WAE Member Association
called hereafter MA
Via Vitorchiano, 115, I-00189 Rome (Italy)
called hereafter WAE
for the ....... leg of the WAE Youth Cup
The MA will organize the leg of the Youth Cup for both categories Recurve and Compound;
The existing valid WAE Youth Cup Rules apply for the WAE Youth Cup.
Organizer Agreement for Youth Cups as per 1.1.2015
Article 1. MA guarantee for Youth Cup
1.1. The MA guarantees to prepare a statement describing how the event is to be financed and to
provide a commitment letter for the funds required (see also the Evaluation Checklist filled
out by the MA).
Article 2. Invitation
2.1. The MA must send out at least 6 months before the first competition day the
invitation letter with all relevant information such as:
hotel prices in different categories (including breakfast and dinner)
deadline for Preliminary Registration through WAREOS (World Archery
Registration & Entries Online Registration) to be not later than
90 days before the first day of the competition, while the Final
Registration through WAREOS must be not later than 20 days before the
first days of the competition.
Entry fees for Youth Cup athletes, including local transportation (hotel-venue) should
be held within acceptable limits and should not exceed Euro 60,00 per archer.
There will be no fees for officials and no entry fees for teams.
A separate information should be given for:
Transport between Airport and Hotel – return trip
Lunch packages
It is not obligatory to hold a banquet or party.
See also the specific Youth Cup rules.
2.2 The invitation package to be viewed by the Technical Delegate, before posting to the MA’s.
Article 3. WAREOS Registration
3.1. It is mandatory for all MA’s organising Youth Cups to use WAREOS for the registration of
the participants.
3.2 The Member Associations which send final entries with more than four athletes difference
from the numbers entered at the time of the preliminary WAREOS entry will pay a fine of
100,00 Euro.
3.3 Teams that enter athletes through WAREOS after the 20 day final deadline will pay a penalty
of 100,00 Euro per athlete registered.
Article 4. Organization and costs of the Organization
The MA will be responsible for and will bear all costs of organizing the event, including but
not only limited to:
4.1 A competition field with an adequate number of targets, a separate practice field, all necessary
field equipment such as e.g. timing-equipment, electronic scoring-board where available,
electronic necessities for the finals, blinds, the cameras, a big screen for finals, a
4.2 Accommodation should preferably not be more than 30 minutes from the competitionfield by bus. A map (attached to the invitation letter) to indicate the locations of the hotels and
the FOP’s.
4.3 Accreditation-cards for athletes and officials showing access-limits on the FOP
4.4 An adequate room for the Tournament Judge Commission with the Technical Delegate, as
well as for the Jury of Appeal.
A suitable room for the Team Captains’ meeting
4.5 For the competition field (bottled drinking water, free of charge – at least 2 ltr/day/archer),
enough seating facilities for the participants at the competition field.
4.6 Adequate sun- and rain-shelter, Toilet-facilities
4.7 Results
4.7.1 WAE will appoint a professional and very high level Results team in order to insure the
results of the competition. The name of the Results team will be communicated to the MA
together with the allocation of the event.
4.7.2 The MA will be supported by the Results Team according to an agreement made between
the MA and the Results Team almost six months before the event. WAE will keep the
original of the contract and will grant the respect of any contractual condition between other
4.7.3 The Results Team will be in charge for what concerns the accreditation, devices
management, sport presentation, the results and the publicity of the daily results on the
Championship Website and on the WAE website.
The MA bears the cost for travel for the team, also for equipment transport, food, lodging
and if necessary local transportation.
The MA must provide a suitable number of volunteers to support those tasks.
4.7.4 The results must be published live on Internet and be made available daily to WAE website.
4.7.5 On the competition fields a result list must be published after each distance. If possible,
live results must be shown live on video displays for public and athletes. At the end of each
day a result list must be published and issued to all participating Member Associations.
4.7.6 At the end of the event complete result packages must be distributed in electronic format to
all participating Member Associations as well as to WAE officials, Technical Delegate and
the members of the Tournament Judge Commission. (MA must provide some volunteers)
4.7.7 The complete results (in pdf-file) including a final tabulatory result list indicating the final
ranking of all the participants, must be sent by e-mail to the WAE Secretary General:
[email protected], only if the results were not made by the Official Results Team.
4.7.8 The Results Team can provide graphic overlay for TV broadcasting, but this feature must be
agreed in advance and require the delivery of equipment and one more technician of the
4.7.9 They can provide also web TV live production – also real time streaming – but this feature
must be agreed in advance and require the delivery of a special equipment and one more
technician of the group.
The MA must invite the official WAE photographer and bears the cost for travel, food,
lodging and if necessary local transportation. The photos will be published every day on
WAE Website.
Pictures and results live upload requires a high quality internet connection on the venue
which must be provided by MA.
Security and emergency medical necessities.
Opening and closing ceremonies are not obligatory. If foreseen, they should be held as short
as possible.
To include the WAE name and logo and the logos of the WAE Sponsors in all
announcements, promotions, publicity, banners, website, results, printing materials and
public relation.
To display advertisement and banners of official sponsors of WAE on the venue at
no extra cost.
Other necessities as are expected by the participants for the respective competitions
Article 5. Competition - Schedule and finals
5.1 The complete and detailed schedule of the competition must be presented and accepted
by the Technical Delegate and the Chairman of the Tournament Judge Commission before
the team captain’s meeting.
5.2 Medal matches should be shot as much as possible separately. The gold medal matches –
individual and teams – must be shot separately.
Article 6. Tournament awards
The awards at the European Youth Cup competitions will be provided by the Organizing
Committee for Individuals, Teams and Mixed Teams.
The medals for the final ranking of European Youth Cup circuit for the top 3 individuals
in each category will be provided by WAE.
Article 7. Competitors with disabilities.
7.1 The MA welcomes the participation of competitors with disabilities at WAE
Youth Cups and will take care that transport, competition field (including toilet-facilities)
and also hotel rooms are well equipped for the necessities of disabled archers.
Article 8. Protocol
The MA must submit a plan for all ceremonies and presentation of athlete awards and also
prepare a list with the names, including titles of all officials and authorities involved in the
ceremonies. These documents to be approved by the Technical Delegate and to be presented
for review to the WAE President or his representative.
Article 9. Media
9.1 Internet to be made available to media and to participants.
All TV and Media rights are the property of WAE, but in case of MA’s request, the World
Archery Europe can give up its media rights in favour of the MA. The MA has to sign a
contract with the National TV in order to broadcast the Championships. Regional private
television might be arranged by the MA.
9.2 Press jackets must be supplied by the MA.
Article 10. Free entry of participants and equipment
The MA will do their utmost for each WAE Member Association taking part that:
10.1 their competitors, officials and other representatives are allowed to enter and in case visas are
necessary, will support them as much as possible in obtaining these
10.2 no problems will arise for the archers when bringing their archery equipment into the country
10.3 their country’s national flag is displayed at the site
10.4 their competitors, officials and other representatives are given equal treatment and rights
Article 11. Technical Delegate – Tournament Judge Commission
The MA, in order to ensure that the event is of a high class standard, co-operates
with, recognizes and accepts at all times the highest authority in all technical matters of
the Technical Delegate appointed by WAE as well as the Chairman of the Tournament
Judge Commission suggested by the WAE Judge Commission and appointed by the WAE
Executive Board
11.1 The cost for travel, accommodation, meals and all local transportation for the Technical
Delegate will be carried by the MA.
11.2 The accommodation, meals and all local transportation for the Tournament Judge Commission
will be carried by the MA.
In case Judges, due to available travel possibilities, have to arrive earlier or depart later as
was arranged with the Chairman of the Tournament Judge Commission, the hotel cost has to
be carried by the MA.
For all other reasons of earlier arrival and/or later departure, the hotel cost has to be carried
by the judges themselves.
11.3 The Technical Delegate should be involved as early as possible in the organization of the
11.4 The Technical Delegate will pay the MA an “inspection” visit (at least 3 months
before the event) during which the organisational points of the event will be discussed at
length and the site of the event should be visited as well.
The cost for travel, local transport, lodging and meals during this visit will be borne by the
Article 12. Jury of Appeal
The Jury of Appeal of 3 members is to be appointed on the field by the Technical Delegate.
An Appeal is subject to a fee of 50,00 Euro that shall be returned if the appeal is upheld or if
the Jury of Appeal decides that it is appropriate.
If the appeal is not accepted the fee of 50,00 Euro will be collected by the TD, who will send
it to the WAE Secretary General.
Article 13. Cancellation by the MA
The MA shall notify WAE soonest of any possible inability for financial reason or
otherwise, to organize and stage the event.
On receipt of such notification, or upon receipt of evidence to this effect from any other part,
and if in the reasonable opinion of WAE, the MA does not have the ability to stage and/or
organize the event or to do so in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement, WAE shall
be entitled to cancel this agreement forthwith without compensation to the MA.
Article 14. Code of Ethics
MA will be required to consider and to accept the WA Code of Ethics, C&R Book 1,
Appendix 2.
Article 15. Officials
Officials who are entered before the competition in a certain function, cannot change that
function afterwards.
The accreditation made upon registration is valid from the first till the last day of the
Article 16. Environmental issues
Organizers will be required to be very attentive to all points in relation to environmental issues.
The Member Association is under the obligation to ensure that the Local Organizing
Committee respects all the articles of this Organizing Agreement.
Signature for WAE:
Signature for MA:
Mario Scarzella - President
Print Name of the MA President
Organizer Agreement for Youth Cups as per 1.1.2015