Dr. R. H. Tale

It is true that organic synthesis is largely responsible for the significant increase in
life expectancy observed in modern societies over the past century. To further
advance the significant role of organic synthesis in such an Endeavour, the
development of organic reactions in terms of modern organic synthesis is an
important goal of modern organic chemist.
Research in my laboratory encompasses a broad area of chemistry that include
organoboron reagents such as boronic acids, boronic esters and diboron reagents
as an efficient and environmentally benign cross-coupling reagents in the
palladium catalyzed C-C and C-heteroatom bond forming reactions. Moreover, in
the past few years our laboratory has been successful at exploiting some boronic
acids as efficient, inexpensive and environmentally benign Lewis acid catalysts for
the important organic transformations. Very recently, we have been engaged in
the development and subsequent use of aryltryhydroxy borate salts [(Ar-B(OH)Na+], novel and conceptually simple organoboron reagents in the palladium
catalysed cross-coupling reactions, particularly in Suzuki coupling reaction.
- OH Na+
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The chapter on Boronic acids-(3-nitrophenyl-) is accepted for publication in
Electronic Encyclopedia of Reagents in Organic Synthesis (e-EROS) by JohnWiley Publication.