Science Circle Lecture on Feb 15, 2014
Attendants: BDSommerville, Chantal (nymf.hathaway), comet Morigi, Dae Miami, ダ ン
(danhayase), Deepy (deepthinker.oh), Laci Luckstone, McMillan, momoko Moonwall, Patio
Plasma, Patsy Stradjinski, ⓆⓊⒶⒺⓏⒶⓇ (quaezar.agnomen), つかさ (tukasa.winslet),
Ʈulpa (jes.cobalt), Tooyaa (thuja.hynes), XEROX01,
Jes: Welcome everyone to today’s Science Circle presentation.'
Today’s presentation is: “How to make a Museum” by Yan.
If you didn’t receive the abstract: on the sides you will find two easels, if you click on them
you will be provided with the notecard.
This presentation will be in text chat, so we will have a PDF transcript available for
download afterwards.
Jes: We will probably take photos… So if you want to see them, visit one of the Science Circle
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Lets have an awesome hour everyone!
Go for it Yan ㋡
Chantal: YAY ㋡
Yan: Thank you Jes
Hi everyone,
At first, I was always sleeping in English class room when I was a student.
I virtually started learning English in SL by working with foreign people.
So please be care for my English usage.
And let me introduce my colleague, motoko.
Come on motoko,
Yan: She created Giant Squids and Lorenz’s Chaos Waterwheel on this floor,
and is trying new curation for “Climate Prediction” and “Earth Evolution Exhibits” at
quaezar: Nice work!
Yan: Motoko, please say something
motoko: Hi everybody, good evening. Or should I say good afternoon or morning? :)
My name is motoko. Japanese -- ah, ball-joint-doll
And I am assisting Yan in Abyss Observatory.
Jes: ㋡
Chantal: with excellent work, as it seems ㋡
motoko: I am not so skillful, however I made Giant squid, Lorentz waterwheel, and the Royal
McBee computer which Lorentz used.
I'm not a scientist, just a designer but interested in Science, Education, and Communication
beyond a special domain,
and fortunately have a good communication with Yan:)
quaezar: :)
Patio: The waterwheel motion is well done.
motoko: I'm grad if my works will help for your purpose. Thank you :)
Yan: thank you motoko
then, Today’s presentation is part 2 of Science Circle lecture on last September;
Chat log:
Presentation sheets:
please read them later
Then, Observation and Experiment in SL
Yan: I showed Seesaw Experiment in Part 1,
I dropped two objects simultaneously by delete the base.
please look right
I’ll drop objects and avatars simultaneously.
Please TP by click
please participate the experiment
please stand, and TP to above slurl
Yan: I rez a Weight and a Flag. Please gather around them.
Flag is fluttering by air drag and has buoyancy.
We’ll compare 3 types of SL materials, Physics Prim, Flexies and Avatar.
please move to purple floor
You think I will delete this purple floor.
But I found in previous test, when I deleted the floor, the objects and Avatars no longer drop
simultaneously due to some bug.
[So, my friend, comet taught me to use other method, to rotate the floor.
Please draw back your camera and look down to be able to see dropping objects and yourself
please gather around weight
Chantal: Ctrl, Alt and left mouse at the same time, Patsy
Dae: weird I would think all objects should drop almost simultaneously
XEROX01: は~い^^
Yan: Ready?
3, 2, 1…..
Jes: /me covers her eyes
McMillan: ouch
Jes: Hahahaha
Wonderful Yan ㋡
Deep: oooffff
Tooyaa: sheesh
Yan: Sorry we have no time to try again.
Tooyaa: o that's fine
Deep: That was fun
Yan: Does anyone find something?
motoko: I can see nothing:)
XEROX01: 体重によって、落ちる速度が違う?
comet: 旗が、変だった。 the flag strangely behaved
Dae: does the drop follow the rules of physics
Deep: The weight seems to stay put
Dae: x = -1/2 a t^2
x = distance dropped, a = gravity, and t is time
BDSommerville: flag fell heaviest side down
Yan: Before, experiment is going well
but SL has bug now
Patio: feels like terminal velocity to me
comet: The fall speed was not stable of the flag ?
XEROX01: 斜塔から玉を落としたのは誰でしたっけ?
Yan: this is SL Galileo’s experiment
motoko: ガリレオだとされているけど実際はやられていないらしい
Yan: Why?
XEROX01: へぇ~
Dae: most physics engines can at least do that well
Yan: Prim and Flexies are dropped at same acceleration, but avatars seems to have upper limit of
dropping speed.
Deep: That's so we don't go squish when we land
Yan: Some people thought the difference is due to air resistance for Flexies of hair and cloths.
But you need not try in naked without hair, because you saw Flexies are same acceleration of
Physics Prim.
then please back to hall
Next example;
Yan: What shape is SL world?
Sphere or plane?
Deep: Plane?
Patio: Plane
motoko: SL world?
Yan: Yes SL world
Dae: the map looks like a plane
Yan: so all agree with plane?
Deep: Like all good mythological places it should have an edge that you fall off of
Tooyaa: could be cylinder
Dae: to me the way to test is look for overlap on all sides
Chantal: ㋡ Deep
Patio: if you fly to the east do you ever come in from the west to the same place?
Tooyaa: would act the same as a plane
Yan: ahaha
How do you prove?
Dae: ignoring teleports that is a good way to test Patio
Yan: At Sunset or Sun rise time, please TP around the SL world and observe sun direction.
Chantal: Really, Yan
Yan: Then you will find SL world shape.
Dae: this is a good thinking activity Yan
Yan: And please observe starry sky at night.
You’ll find moon rise and moon sink, but Star pattern is not move.
Then you will find SL solar system
SL has many possibility to develop student capabilities.
Change the subject, How to make a Museum
Yan: This is “Information Seeking Mantra”
Overview - zoom - view relation…are useful viewpoint
not only for information seeking but also for museum design.
This is Visitor’s Strategy,
Then change the viewpoint,
This become Curator’s Strategy
Yan: Overview function is very important for museum
Zoning depend on each theme.
Arrange explanation depend on visitors interest,
Curation: Visualize contents, relation, history,
Curator need to consider these things.
Yan: “Structuralizing Information” is need to make information into knowledge.
Yan: Detail Explanation of Displays are difficult in SL.
In RL, detail explanation is seamlessly provided.
But in SL, residents don’t like to take note card and jump to website.
Curator need to arrange contents carefully and narratively
so that visitors can find relations without language.
Yan: This is a useful technique.
Please look up to see Giant Squids.
Please touch there tentacles, then automatically zoom up.
Please touch the eye, funnel….then zoom up there.
Ok everyone?
McMillan: ok
Jes: Yes ㋡
Dae: yes worked fine
Tooyaa: y
Deep: cool
Yan: You can see the name of objects by holding your mouse on the objects
Tooyaa: that is the Click to : Zoom setting in the Build/Edit?General tab
Yan: yes Tooya
Yan: I’ll demonstrate to create seaweed forest.
There is sand desert bottom.
Rez a rock,
Copy, resize, rotate.
And Copy, resize, rotate.
Arrange them random
but you can add some order to reflect geological structure.
Then seaweed settles at niche of rocks,
Copy, resize, rotate.
Brown seaweed settles under tall seaweeds.
Yan: Other type of seaweed settles at other rocks.
Patio: I like the bubbles, O2 I presume
Dae: very pretty scene and yes I presume the bubbles are particles that rise up
Tooyaa: Patio is referring to the buoys on that seaweed I think
Yan: They have each territory, so don’t mix them randomly.
These techniques are learned from Delia Lake and Kaikou Splash.
Dae: I notice there appears to be a reflection on the rocks is that done by changing the material
on the rocks
Yan: Yes Dae
I’m not marine ecologist, so these are made only theoretically,
But some relations are visualized and specialists can criticize, then we can correct.
Dae: also looks like the specularity is changing
anyway it is a good effect. makes you feel you are underwater
Yan: I’ll introduce motoko’s trial for curation.
I learn
so I hope more scientists involvement
Yan: This is Chaos and Climate Prediction
Lorenz found “Butterfly effect” in weather forecasting.
And he showed “Strange Attractor” by Chaos Waterwheel
Please look left side.
This is motoko’s Waterwheel
You can see random change of rotation
She is trying to show relation between Lorenz’s research and climate prediction by
motoko: Lorentz waterwhee
Yan: This is other curating trial for Earth and Life Evolution Exhibits.
Spiral walkway is time stream.
Both trials are not complete, but for your reference, please visit there.
You can get LMs from these panels.
Yan: This is what I want to emphasize.
SL enable us to visualize own idea by ourselves
Once we visualize, we can collaborate inter/ trans-disciplinary
Yan: Last theme: Navigation.
Curators incline to underestimate navigation in museum.
Because he/she knows where contents are.
Shailey and Chris, Open Univ, UK are very tenacious evaluator,
And I struggle on navigation of Abyss Observatory with them
Yan: These are our design rules.
Central hub at a prominent location
4 mini-tours
Enough guide signs and arrows
Named all exhibit locations
Enough teleporters for Exit
and unified designed information post
I recommend all curators of science museum to consider navigation!
My presentation is over but let me announce my next presentation.
Yan: on next Saturday at same time with Dae Miami.
Detail info is here
Dae, do you have something to say?
Dae: Sure, thanks for the announcement. We will be showing off a prototype of a multiplayer
unity 3d ocean world
I hope you can all come to it
Yan: I hope so^^
Dae: There will be a presentation and then a virtual field trip to find animals and answer ocean
Yan: Thank you all!
Tooyaa: thank you
Dae: Thank you Yan for presenting today
Chantal: Thank you Yan ㋡
Dae: Good presentation!
Jes: Thank you Yan ㋡
Deep: Wonderful presentation
motoko: ぱちぱちぱちぱちぱち
Patio: Thank you that was excellent information and inspiring displays
Patsy: Thanks al lot!
Jes: /me applauds
Yan: thank you all
Laci: Thank you :)
danhayase: ぱちぱちぱちぱちぱちぱちぱちぱちぱちぱちぱちぱちぱちぱちぱちっ!
quaezar: :)
McMillan: thank you so much, well done
Yan: I want to try again falling test^^
Patio: me too
quaezar: Thanks Yan!
Dae: I have to log but it was nice seeing you all
Tooyaa: we could try sitting on objects & compare too
Jes: See you Dae
Patio: see you next week Dae
Jes: I need to go afk, will be back
Yan: bye
Chantal: bye bye
Laci: bye bye
Patio: give the landmark for the teleport again Yan
Chantal: Pops over to the SC sim
Yan: I need to reset floor
Jes: back, but TPing, Thank you again Yan ㋡
Yan: so if you have time, TP there from now
motoko: オブジェクトに座っていたらいっしょにおちるのでしょうね?
Yan: だね
motoko: アバターのほうがゆっくりおちるそうだけど
comet: だって、オブジェクトに張り付いたままになるから。座ってると。
Yan: patsy please come to purple floor
motoko: すわったらもうアバターではなくなるのかしら
comet: 身に付けていると、アバターの速度で、座ってると、オブジェクトの速さで?
Yan: then are you ready?
McMillan: ready
Patio: ready
Yan: 3
quaezar: :)
motoko: 旗のほうがわたしより早く落ちていったわ
McMillan: we were stuck on the floor
Yan: how about?
Patio: the objects fell faster
comet: ゼロックスさん、何か遅れることをしました?
Patio: and the flag seemed to drift sideways
motoko: 落ちるときは乗っていなかったかな
comet: 載ってると、落ちるのに、ワンテンポ遅れる。
Yan: I hope SL physics become more pricize
quaezar: In time it will..
Yan: So thank you everyone
Patio: be careful what you wish for, every time they try to upgrade physics it breaks more things
than it helps
Yan: time to go to bath and sleep
quaezar: Thank you and Mokoto as well :)
motoko: thank you, Yan!
quaezar: Sleep well :)
Patio: Thank you all
quaezar: You all have a nice weekend!
Yan: ahaha
LL break wind field
Patio: I loved every build you showed us today, well done.
motoko: Have a good dream :)
Yan: and break fluttering motion in wind
quaezar: :)
Patio: and Hi quaezar
Yan: yw
motoko: おやすみなさい^^
Patio: good night/morning to you all I am off to breakfast
Yan: good night all
XEROX01: おやすみなさい
comet: good night
Yan: have a nice breakfast