ACCESS for ELLs Update Bulletin 2015

ACCESS for ELLs Update
December 30, 2014
2015 Calendar
Jan 12 – 16
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Jan 20 – Mar 3
Feb 13
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Mar 9
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Apr 7 – 17
Data Validation
May 4 – 8
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Assessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State for English Language
Learners (ACCESS for ELLs) measures English language proficiency of EL students in grades
Kindergarten through twelve. We are administering Form 303 in 2015. Students who have
exited language assistance services or who are on a monitored status (identified as EL-M) do not
take ACCESS for ELLs.
ACCESS for ELLs is a secure battery of assessments. It is important to remind all personnel
involved with testing to maintain security before, during, and after testing. All assessment
materials are to be kept secure and confidential. Teachers and other school personnel are
responsible for ensuring that no materials are duplicated and/or shared at any time.
The Alternate ACCESS for ELLs is an individually administered test intended only for English
learners with significant cognitive disabilities who are severe enough to prevent meaningful
participation in the ACCESS for ELLs assessment. Alternate ACCESS for ELLs is not intended
for ELs who can be served with special education accommodations on ACCESS for ELLs.
Decisions regarding a student's participation must be made by an IEP team. The test is available
for the 1-2, 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12 grade clusters.
Alternate ACCESS for ELLs is administered during the same window as ACCESS for ELLs.
Georgia’s Participation Criteria for Alternate ACCESS for ELLs follows:
1. The student has been classified as an EL.
2. The student has been classified as a special education student and is receiving special
education services.
3. The student has a significant cognitive disability.
4. The student participates in the Georgia Alternate Assessment (GAA).
Importantly, students shall not be administered both the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs and the
Recertification is required, annually, for educators who administer ACCESS for ELLs and
Alternate ACCESS for ELLs. Educators (test administrators) are “WIDA” certified when a quiz
score of 80% or higher is earned in the online course for the test the educator will administer. To
create an account for a test administrator, the System Test Coordinator will need the first name,
last name, and the educator’s email address.
System Test Coordinators have the responsibility of ensuring prior to the administration of
ACCESS for ELLs and the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs that all test administrators have been
adequately trained and have passed the applicable online quizzes. As a reminder, in Georgia,
System Test Coordinators can monitor their system’s educators' training certification results in
the online course by clicking on "My Quizzes", followed by the "District View" tab. If you are a
System Test Coordinator and do not see this tab in the training course, please call the WIDA
Help Desk at 1-866-276-7735 or email [email protected] for assistance.
May 6 – 7
Post Assessment
The pre-administration power point presentation and link to the recording, presented by GaDOE
via webinar in November 12, 2014, are available on the GaDOE website on the ACCESS for
ELLs webpage.
The power point presentation is located here:
The recording is located here:
The 2014-2015 ACCESS for ELLs Training Toolkit documents for Georgia are provided on the
WIDA website. The Training Toolkit contains power point presentations and other useful
documents for professional development, including the recordings to the ACCESS for ELLs and
Alternate ACCESS for ELLs Q & A webinars presented by WIDA’s consultants on November
13, 2014. The webinars are accessible in the WIDA Download library
(, in the ACCESS for ELLs section. Viewers will need to
log in using their username and password for their ACCESS training account.
Each system will receive a 10% overage of materials in their shipment. If additional materials
are needed, you may email requests to MetriTech at [email protected] or call MetriTech’s
toll-free number at 1-800-747-4868. Include the system name, system code, address, and contact
person in the email message. Also, specify the grade and tier level for each booklet requested,
and the number needed. Additional materials requests must be consolidated. It is recommended
that counts from each of your schools are obtained before placing an additional materials order
with MetriTech. Please plan to order any needed additional materials on or before February
13, 2015.
Assessment administration accommodations may not be provided unless the student qualifies for
special education services and the accommodation is required as a result of the student’s
disability (not his/her limited English proficiency). The student must have an IEP or IAP with
the type of accommodations indicated.
Use of the Accommodations by Domain Form for students who are receiving approved special
education accommodations is optional.
For more
information on the
assessment visit the
Assessment Web
site at
Special Coding Instructions will be included in each system’s shipment of materials arriving the
week of January 12, 2015. The sheet will be goldenrod and placed inside the front cover of every
District/School Test Administration Manual. Special Coding Instructions will aid completion of
demographic information for students who do not have a pre-ID label.
Teachers must verify pre-ID information prior to applying pre-ID labels. If the label is
correct, place the label in the box on the front cover of the test booklet. If the label is incorrect,
void the label, following the procedures in the manual. Test booklets with properly voided labels
attached may be reused.
For students with an IEP or IAP, even if an accurate pre-id label is available, their primary
disability or State Required Codes (SRC) must be manually-bubbled on the test book. The State
Defined Optional Data spaces will be used to bubble SRC.
MetriTech will pick-up hand-bubbled Bilingual/ESL Type and State Delivery Model from
the test booklet even when the pre-ID label is attached.
In an effort to ensure accurate demographic information is recorded for each student, System
Test Coordinators will have the opportunity to review and/or update all recorded demographic
information for your tested student population prior to reports delivery. Data Validation shall be
attended to April 7-17, 2015.
WIDA will no longer have access to passwords. If someone forgets the password to their
account, use the “ Forgot Password?” Link on the WIDA homepage.
If an irregularity occurs during the administration, contact Deborah Houston to report the
incident. Instructions will be given for coding. System Test Coordinators must document the
incident on an irregularity form on the MyGaDOE portal. Follow the instructions provided by
GaDOE Assessment. Some situations may result in an invalidation of one or more domains and
reporting to the Professional Standards Commission. Guidance will be provided in these
situations for proper documentation and reporting.
As a reminder, ELs may not be deferred from the ACCESS for ELLs.
Newly enrolled students who are identified as ELs and are unable to be assessed with ACCESS
for ELs due to the date of their enrollment (after the ACCESS for ELLs window has closed) are
not eligible to defer any Georgia Milestones assessments. These students must participate in all
required state assessments that take place after enrollment. At no time may a student be deferred
from an End-of-Course (EOC) assessment.
To contact MetriTech Customer Service with inquiries about materials or reports, call the tollfree number at 1-800-747-4868 or email them at [email protected] Include the system name,
system code, ‘Ship To’ address, and contact person in the email message.
To contact the WIDA Help Desk call the toll free at 1-866-276-7735 or email at [email protected]
Deborah Houston,
205 Jesse Hill Jr. Dr
1554 Twin Towers
Atlanta, Ga. 30334
(404) 657-0251
(404) 656-5976
[email protected]