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6900 Greenbelt Rd, Greenbelt, MD 20770
January/February 2015
Happy New Year to everyone in our Greenbelt Legion Family. I hope you enjoyed the holidays and are ready to help us get back into the swing of things here at American Legion
Post 136. As we begin 2015, I am pleased to report that we are making steady progress in
restoring sound management practices and financial stability. Thanks to the fine work of
Finance Officer Tom Davis and Historian Bernie Zempolich, we were able to recover over
$180,000 through a series of insurance claims for employee theft for the years 2008 through
2014. We have paid all of our state and local taxes and license fees and are working with
the Internal Revenue Service to resolve some federal tax issues. Working with our employees, we have dramatically reduced our annual health insurance payments. Special thanks to
Adjutant Jay Mayock and Executive Committeeman Ed Young for helping to reduce our
annual telecommunications bill. In fact, hats off to the entire Executive Committee for
working to identify other opportunities to reduce our operating costs and become a more
efficient organization.
In spite of some bumps in the road, I believe that we enjoyed a successful 2014. Let’s take a
moment to thank our enthusiastic volunteers and our hard working staff for the many memorable events that we put on during 2014 including: a moving Post Everlasting; a wonderful
performance by the Greenbelt Concert Band; a patriotic 4th of July Family Picnic; an inspirational Boys Nation Dinner; our best Labor Day Picnic in years; a tasty Early Bird Dinner;
a solemn Veterans Day with a Flag Retirement Ceremony; an expanded Law Enforcement
and Firefighters Recognition Dinner; a yummy Thanksgiving Dinner; Breakfast with Santa;
our annual Pearl Harbor Remembrance; a thankful Christmas Eve Customer Appreciation
Day; and a fun-filled New Year’s Eve Party. I was particularly gratified by the great turn
out every Tuesday night for the Auxiliary’s Shot Gun Bingo and the high participation level
for our Wednesday evening Horseshoe League and Corn Hole League. Of course, we continue to offer great food at moderate prices in our family restaurant and in the members
We have another wonderful year of events and programs planned for 2015. The next few
months are packed with events like the Super Bowl Parties, a Chili Cook-Off, Valentine’s
Day, and the Auxiliary Shrimp Feast. Also, we will be hosting a Maryland Department
Executive Committee (DEC) quarterly meeting on Sunday, February 15, 2015. This is an
opportunity to demonstrate our special “Greenbelt Hospitality” to over 200 Legion leaders
from throughout the state. Further, I am excited to announce that our own Past National
Commander Clarence Bacon is leading the charge in organizing the 2015 American Legion
National Convention in Baltimore, MD. Finally, please take a moment to renew your membership for 2015 if you have not already done so. A check for $30 keeps you on our rolls
and gets you another full year of Legion programs, periodicals and pride. We value your
membership and appreciate your involvement.
For God and Country,
Mike Moore,
301 794-5851 or [email protected]
Mike Moore
1st Vice Commander
Doreen Clower
2nd Vice Commander
Fred Mooney
Judge Advocate
Sam Hofberg
Sgt. at Arms
John Hill
Mike Duggan
Bernie Zempolich
Finance Officer
Tom Davis
Executive Committee
Dick Dutton
Paul Durance
Ed Powell
Ed Young
Jay Mayock