NOTICES - Holy Trinity.

Let us pray to God, who knows us better than we know
ourselves, and understands our world.
Lord, we know we are called to be the body of Christ;
make us worthy of that calling, fervent in all our prayer and
worship, loving, faithful and honest in our lives, so that the
whole Church displays what God is like.
Draw us closer: closer to the heart of God.
We pray for the grace and wisdom to care for this world
we have been given as our home; for perception in the
difficult decisions, and commitment to justice and peace.
Draw us closer: closer to the heart of God.
We pray for the homes of this parish, whose hopes and
struggles, sorrows and fears are already known to you. May
each household be blessed as we pray, and may your love
fill each life. This week we pray for our Parish Families: Joy
Dando, Pat & Alan Dawson, Margie Dawson, Rosemary
Dickinson and Glenys Dickson.
Draw us closer: closer to the heart of God.
We pray for all who do not yet know you, and all whose
hearts are poisoned with hate or weighed down with
despair. May your light scatter their darkness and bring them
hope and healing. In our parish we pray for: Victor Hull,
Graham Gibson, Vida Pietersen, Phyllis McKenzie, Gloria
Van Eeden, Mbali Kunene, Eunice Duckitt, Valerie Peckham,
Revds Dave & Margie Silva and Brian Blows, Friends of
the Parish: Cornelia Nel, Julie Kelly, Ricky Barron, and Michael Bester.
The Frail: Thelma Rafferty, Pat Hooey, and Alma Easton
Draw us closer: closer to the heart of God.
We pray for those who have died to this life and are born
into your heaven; comfort those who miss their physical
presence, and bring us all to share in the fullness of your life.
We remember with thanks the Years mind of: Doris Wood,
Helen Parkhurst, John Dunn, Arthur Hawley, Geoffrey Brown
and Frank Aitken.
Draw us closer: closer to the heart of God.
R.I.P. Malcolm Chatterton: Rest eternal grant unto him, O
Lord, may light perpetual shine upon him.
We give you thanks for all that points us towards the
beauty of your love, and draws us closer to you.
Merciful Father, accept these prayers for the sake of your
Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.
Do you need prayer? A member of the Prayer team
is willing to pray with you in the fellowship room after
the 08:30 service. Gary is available to pray with you at
any time.
 In response to our financial appeal we have
received 164 pledges to date. Of that number 62
have increased their contribution, 58 remain
unchanged, 8 have decreased their contribution
and 7 new planned givers were added. We thank
all those who have responded so generously to our
Stewardship appeal.
 Thank you to those who have responded to the
ministries in our parish. We continue to encourage
all parishioners to participate in the ministry groups
so that we may truly become a body that fully
exercises and exemplifies God’s gift to the God’s
 Due to the added responsibility placed on the office
to remind ministers at our Eucharistic Services of
their Sunday duties, we in future encourage all
participants in our worship to please take
responsibility for doing their duties. We will no
longer be contacting you for duty. If in any doubt
please contact the office concerning your duty.
 Please check for your post on the trolley at the
back of the church as you leave this morning.
 On the 1st of February the Diocese will observe
Education Sunday. We will at that service be praying for Educators and learners. Please encourage
Educators and learners that you know to join us in
this act of worship.
 On Sunday the 25th January after the 8:30 service,
we will be celebrating the milestones of two family
members of the parish. Althea and Jerry Higham
their 50th anniversary and Jean Hulls 80th birthday. We have all been invited to join them for a
special tea.
 The next Messy church takes place on the
28th January at 17:00.
 Gary would like to meet with all ministers who have
offered themselves for ministry through the various
groups. Co-ordinators must please arrange these
meetings in consultation with Enid.
Monday 19 January
08:00 Morning Prayer
19:00 AA and Al Anon
Tuesday 20 January
Morning Prayer
Service at Chartwell
Social Art Group
SA Anonymous
Wednesday 21 January
08:00 Morning Prayer
17:00 Parish Council Meeting
Thursday 22 January
08:00 Morning Prayer
09:00 Holy Eucharist
19:00 AA
Friday 23 January
08h30 Seniors Exercise
Sunday 25 January
Eucharist Service
Eucharist Service
Any prayer requests can be passed on to
via either Enid in the Church office
031-765 5941 (between 08h30 and 12h30) or
via Jean Gallie on 031-765 5155
P O Box 148 Hillcrest 3650
 031-765 5941
 031-765 5077
 [email protected]
18 January 2015
Rev Gary Thompson
031 765 2578
Readings for the week
082 442 3241
Vision : To express the love of Christ within and
through our Parish Ministry.
Church Wardens:
Peter Craig
Harold Walker
Alternate Warden:
Clive Dunn
Youth Worker
Khethiwe Myeza
082 896 3516
076 055 4240
1st Reading
2nd Reading
031 776 3463
031 765 5941
Parish Ministries:
Banking Details:
Hillcrest Anglican Church
Nedbank Hillcrest Branch
1338 26
Account No.
1338 034 057
Pg 207
Pg 958
Pg 877
Audio Visual
Nigel Combes
031 762 1176
Glenys Dickson
031 767 2213
Maggie Fleming
031 765 7157
Lynette Reynolds
031 716 8161
Margaret Vorwerg
031 765 4390
Food Parcels
Rosemary Dickinson 031 765 2782
Jill Howard
031 765 1061
Hospital Visitors
Elaine Hutt
031 765 2188
Lay Ministers
Sue Yates
031 765 4272
Martha’s Friends
Ann Maud
031 765 2111
Morning Women’s Guild Jean Hull
031 765 4650
Matthew du Sart
082 526 3518
Music Group
Pat Dawson
031 765 8013
Prayer Chain
Jean Gallie
031 765 5155
Enid Vreedenburgh 031 765 5941
Cheryl Chaplin
031 765 7426
Sue Yates
031 765 4272
Brenda Saville
031 765 1111
Sides people
Errol Hicks
031 716 8872
Tea Pourers
Sheila Farmer
031-763 3512
Warwick Link
Rosemary Combes 031 762 1176
Young Moms
Gloria van Eeden
031 767 1015
Office hours Monday - Friday 08h30 -12h30
Parish Administrator: Enid Vreedenburgh
1 Samuel 3: 1-10
139: 1-6, 13-18
1 Corinthians 6: 12-20
John 1: 43-51
Insistent God, by night and day you summon your
slumbering people: stir us with your voice and
enlighten our lives with your grace that we may give
ourselves fully to Christ’s call to mission and
ministry, through Jesus Christ our Lord; who lives
and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God,
now and forever. Amen.
God bless Africa,
Protect our children,
Transform our leaders,
Heal our communities,
Restore our dignity,
And give us peace
for Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen
Morning Prayer
Psalm 6
Isaiah 47:1-15
Hebrews 10:19-31
Evening Prayer
Psalms 7
Genesis 13:2-18
John 5:2-18
Thank you for coming to worship with us this
morning. We would like to get to know you!
Please introduce yourself to the priest or
sidesperson before you leave.