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Guyana, Belize, India (Ron Clayton),
Johnstown Pa., East End Preacher Fund,
Faulkner Bible Dept., Oakland Md.,
Eastern European Mission.
The Coming Year, 2015
It hardly seems possible another year has
come and gone. Four years have past since I
started preaching full time for this wonderful
Christian family at Wildwood. Time seems to pass
faster with the passing of each year. I've heard
this said, "Since we have gotten older, time passes
so swiftly." As a young person, that saying was
hard for me to understand because it seemed the
day would never pass fast enough.
Most people are not only concerned about the
quickness of time but also about the uncertainty of
the future. The scripture says, "Who knoweth what
a day may bring." The truth is, none of us know
what the future holds but we do know who holds
the future. How desperately we need a friend from
above to help us. Starting today, and next Sunday,
we willl discuss together "The Friend Everybody
Needs in 2015." It is my hope and prayer, that you
will seek this Friend in 2015, because we live in an
uncertain, fast moving and frequently troubled
world. I hope to see you at each service with a
Bible in your hand
nd so we can learn about this
wonderful friend.
Welcome Visitors! If you are visiting with us today,
we want you to know you are our honored guest. We
hope you find our worship uplifting and in
accordance with God’s word. Please fill out a
visitor’s card and place it in the collection plate.
A loaf of bread: All visitors are invited to take a loaf
of bread, made especially for you, as you leave the
auditorium. We hope you will enjoy the bread and
come back and visit us at every opportunity.
Hearing Assistance System: This facility is
equipped with a Hearing Assistance System. Please
ask one of our elders or Mike McKay for a receiver.
There is a Nursery available for your convenience. It
is located in the foyer.
A Man of Contrasts:
Savior and Friend
In one of my Bible classes on the Gospel of John,
we read about our Lord's wonderful entrance into
Jerusalem a week before His death. Being the Son of
God, and proving His claims of being the coming
Messiah by His many signs, wonders and miracles
(John 11), He could have entered into Jerusalem on a
mighty steed instead of a lowly donkey. Throughout
our Lord's ministry on this earth, He was a man of
striking contrasts. John's gospel demonstrates His
Church Family News
genuine humanity and His full deity (John 12:44-50).
Welcome Friends: No Welcome Friends today. Next In a commentary on the Gospel of John, the writer
Sunday will be group 2.
said this about Jesus:
Singing & Finger Food Fellowship is tonight.
Please be here for our singing service and stay for our
fellowship to recognize December and January
birthdays and anniversaries.
Harold Lamb passed away Nov.30. He and his wife
did a lot of mission work in their country of Guyana.
Harold was the driver for Sam Costa's mission team
in Guyana. Please remember his wife, Sandra, in
your prayers.
Thank You for all the cards, phone calls and lovely
flowers during the loss of my mom. It meant a lot to
us. In Christian love, Jim and Sue Allison
Thank you: There is a card from Ralph French on the
bulletin board thanking everyone in the congregation
for prayers and well wishes. He is asking for
continued prayers to help him keep going.
Ladies' Day Mount Dora Church of Christ, Jan.17th.
It is not too late to RSVP. Details on bulletin board
"Remain"is the theme for the Orange Ave. Ladies'
Day: March 7, 2015 See the bulletin board for details.
Annual Life Line Screening: Wildwood Church of
Christ, Monday Jan.26. Pre-registration is required.
Call 1-888-653-6450 "Early Detection is Key to
Prevention" Details on bulletin board
Wireless Internet Ids: Auditorium
Relevent 7
Sermons on church website:
"He, who is the Bread of Life, began His ministry
hungering. He, who is the Water of Life, ended His
ministry thirsting. Christ hungered as a man, yet fed
the hungry as God. He was weary, yet He is our rest.
He paid tribute, yet He is the King. He was called a
devil, but He cast out demons. He prayed, yet He
hears prayers. He wept, and He dries our tears. He
was sold for 30 pieces of silver, yet He redeems
sinners. He was hated for eating with sinners, yet He
wanted to be everyone's friend. He was led as a lamb
to the slaughter, yet He is the Good Shepherd. He
gave His life and, by dying, He destroyed death."
It's no wonder when you read the four Gospels, you
will find such contrasts in the life of One who was fully
God and fully man. It's amazing to think that the Lord
of this universe is not only our Savior, Kind and
Redeemer, but wants to be our friend now and in the
future. A scripture text for today is John 15:13-15.
~ David
Privileged to Serve
Prayer List
MaryLou Jordan is in Arbor Village for rehab.
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Bob Grove
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Bible Study
Jerry Adkins
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Lord’s Table
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Closing Prayer
Lock Building
Jean Fogle is doing better and getting stronger.
Guy Grove is in the Leesburg Hospital with diverticulitis.
Charles Wright is recovering from the flu but is still very weak.
Pam and Jonah Brown have been sick with bronchitis and Chad
was starting to get sick also.
Chad Brown
Jim Allison
Bill Howell/Lynn Martin
Guy Grove/Larry Hyder
Jimmy Glenn
Larry Hyder/Marvin Camp
Joel Prather/Keith Jones
Sunday Evening Services
Lead Singing
Bob Grove
Lead Prayer
Rusty Locke
Lord’s Table
Dwain Locke, Jr.
Closing Prayer
Rusty Locke
Wednesday Bible Class
Lead Singing
Rusty Mertz
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Marlin Kilpatrick
Closing Prayer
Keith Jones
Greeters & Meeters
January 4 Joel & Joyce Prather
11 Guy & Eugenia Grove
18 Debbie Baker/Ronnie Strickland
January 4 Lois Babbitt/Joan Strickland
11 Doug Andrews/Martha Polk
18 Ron & Carol Rollins
Communion for January - Barbara Howlett/
Ruth Sams
Janet Hyder came home from her trip over the holidays and has
been sick.
Linda Grove has been home sick.
This is cold and flu season…..health officials say the best way to
keep from getting and spreading germs is to wash your hands.
Sue Allison, Wayne Crenshaw, Tom Courtney, Sandra
Kilpatrick, Kevin Freeman, Dan Longellow, Marvin Camp,
Evelyn Jones, Shirley Threet, Jim Buck, Jean Button, Don Albert,
Asa Harris, Margaret Hubbs, Peggy Murphy, Charlotte Martin,
Jeanette Knotts, Freddie & Hilda Sandh, Marcil Tatum, Rob
Grove, Cecelia Strickland, John Stone's father, Donna Grove,
Samantha Perand-Joseph, Martha Todd.
Remember our Missionaries at home and abroad. They
continually need our support and prayers.
Pray for all the Military, especially those deployed.
Our Military:
Sarah Adcock - Army Savannah Adcock - Army
Garrett Blake Howell - Army
Aaron Myers - Marines
Logan Duff - Marines
Chance Strickland - Navy
Steven McKay - Air Force
Monthly Activities
Every Tuesday at 9am -TLC Tuesday Ladies
Chad’s Chatter
Care group, all ladies are invited and welcome to
send cards to the sick and those needing
The Apple Pie Ministry meets every Tuesday 13 Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one
at 8am in the fellowship hall.
thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to
what lies ahead, 14 I press on toward the goal for the prize of the
upward call of God in Christ Jesus.
Reida Glenn
DaNiese Threet
Mary Jane Wright
Dan Longfellow
Bob Tyer
Robert Yeager
Doug Andrews
Jimmy Glenn
Esther Adcock
Fred Casteel
Philippians 3:13-14 (ESV)
Parents and Youth: January 4th (today),
(today), right
after morning services please stay for
for a
minute to discuss some things about Lads to
Please let us know if we overlooked a birthday or
anniversary. Thank you
Weekly Record
The week of December 28, 2014
Budget 2014: $5856.00 Contributions: $5267
Budget 2015: $6307.00
Sunday Bible Class
Sunday AM Worship
Sunday PM Worship
Wednesday Bible Class
January 1010-12 is the Faulkner University trip
for 9 grade and up. Please sign up in the
youth room, if you are planning to attend.
Please sign up for CYC (Challenge Youth
Conference) February 2727-March 1.
1. This event
is for 9 grade and up. SignSign-up sheet is in the
youth room. I need to know who is planning
to attend, so I can make reservations and
register us all.
Lads to Leaders is coming up very quickly. If
you are involved in individual activities,
activities, please
be working on them. I also need to know who
is planning to attend the actual conference
April 5th weekend (Easter weekend). SignSign-up
sheet is in the youth room. Also, Bible Bowl
questions and answers are in the youth room
so you can be studying those
those on your own
when you have free time.