CFR Apostolate Flyer

The Friary Flyer
Franciscan Friars of the Renewal
Fort Worth, Texas
We give and we receive
Volunteers and Associates of The Friars
January 2015
Vol. VII Issue I
wasted little time falling back in
the routine of greeting and mingling with old friends from St.
To all Lay Associates, Volunteers, benefactors and friends of the Friars. Blessings and
Grace for all throughout the New Year.
Lay Associates
Sister Gemma returned the following Wednesday and worked
with the volunteers at St. Benedict’s spreading her cheerful presence to newcomers and all who
knew her.
Having Sister back with us, if only
for a short time was a happy experience and will
be a cherished
memory. Any
time you’re in
town, Sister, we
have a place for
you at St. Benedict’s Mission.
Back at the Friary,
envelopes were
being stuffed with great efficiency. This crew of stuffers,
proficient in all aspects of folding, stamping, inserting and
envelope licking got the job done with time left over.
As we gathered for our November Lay Associates gettogether, those who were not able to attend in October,
were able to renew their pledge for another year. Following Mass, members scattered in four different directions.
Some went to Unity Park to mingle with our friends, some
went to the Mission for clean-up, some stayed behind at
the Friary to stuff envelopes and a few helped Brother
Thomas spruce up the grounds around the Friary.
We were all blessed by the presence of Sister Gemma
Maria, CFR, who just three years ago was a volunteer at St. Thank you “Stuffers” for all your hard work. Meanwhile
out in the back yard of the Friary, Brother Thomas and
Benedict’s Mission. Sister returned for her home visit affriends were snipping, clipping, sawing and hauling
ter her First Profession of Vows on December 8th. She
St. Benedict’s Mission
Helping those who cannot help themselves. The theme of
the Mission is to help the needy. This is done in many
ways throughout the days the Mission is open and manifests itself oftentimes in ways that cannot be seen.
Whenever an act of Charity is seen by those present at
the Mission, a lesson of kindness is witnessed and an impression is made on those who in turn can repeat the act.
overgrown flora, tidying up the premises while the
weather was still moderate for outdoor work. In the end,
all things were cut and trimmed, raked and swept, filled
and packed, “spruced up” and looking good. Brother Thomas is now a certified “outdoorsman” in the state of Texas
and qualified to work on overgrown property utilizing the
skills attained at the Friary. Nice work Brother.
In serving with love we receive joy.
The group that cleaned the Mission showed their creative
side in decorating the premises for the Christmas season.
A beautiful Nativity Set
was donated by a benefactor and displayed with
the tree to make a festive
scene and bringing the
Mission to life .
This little touch of Christmas is hopefully meaningful to the visitors that
frequent St. Benedict’s.
It might be the only celebration they receive this
time of year. We pray
that it is enough to bring
joy to their hearts and
last throughout the year.
Visitors to the Mission come in all sizes and their needs
vary in many ways. Some come in and are satisfied just to
get a good cup of coffee, while others are in need of
something more substantial.
Whatever the needs are, they
are met with a smile and served
with love. The faces of those
served reflect the appreciation
and some faces reflect chocolate. At the end of the day the
Friars always thank us for volunteering our service at the
Mission, however it is the volunteers who should thank the
Friars for the opportunity to
serve and receive all the benefits of joy. Thank you Good Friars for this opportunity.